Breyer Horse Collecting: What’s In A Number?

August 31, 2015

If you have a Breyer horse, you’ve probably noticed that they are each assigned a number. While this might seem a little cryptic to the naked eye, these numbers can tell you a lot about a model. From when it was made to where you could purchase it, the number of a model holds many secrets in the Breyer world.

The number of the first Breyer released might surprise you, it wasn’t given the number 1 but instead the number 50. Western Horse carried this number with him until he was discontinued over forty years later. The earliest Breyer models carry numbers that are typically 1-2 digits and as long as that model was produced in that color, it’s number stayed with it. As the Breyer line grew 3 digit numbers were introduced and family sets were given consecutive numbers that helped collectors keep track of their families. Originally numbers used by dealers for identification and inventory, collectors found these numbers easy to use to keep track of their ever growing collections too!

As special runs came about model number began to expand. Today, special runs can be identified by their 5 to 6 digit numbers and regular run Breyers are able to be identified by numbers with 4 digits or less. By looking at the number of your model you can easily tell if it was a regular run or if it was a special run and with a little research it can tell you so much more!

Take a look over your models, what do their numbers tell you about them? Next time you order a model from Golden Oak Stables you might know a lot more about your new model by just taking a look at the number!


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Breyer Horses Activity: Horse Crazy Real Horse Activity Set

August 27, 2015

Horse lovers are always looking for a new way to express their love for horses. Many find that collecting and creating are two natural outlets for their love for horses. Collecting and creating go hand in hand and Breyer has a way of pairing both of these together in a way that collectors can enjoy no matter what their age!

The Horse Crazy Real Horse Activity Set is a fun way to combine your love for horses, your love for Breyers and a little creativity for a fun afternoon! The set starts off with eight crayons and six markers that are sure to get your creative juices flowing. From there you can use your creativity to color the four coloring sheets that show sketches of detailed and realistic horses.

Once your creative juices are flowing you can dive into the 30 page sketch pad and start creating your very own sketches! Breyer horses make excellent models to draw off of because of their realism and attention to detail! Using your favorite Breyer model as inspiration is sure to spark the creative bug in anyone.

The kit finishes up with a few fun accessories that are irresistible for anyone young or young at heart. A colorful horse pencil pouch will hold your creative supplies when you are done sketching and stickers and self inking stamps are the perfect ways to finish out your creative adventures.

Ready to get a little creative? Golden Oak Stables is ready to help you jump in!


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Breyer Horse Live Showing: Keeping Track Of Your Models

August 24, 2015

When you attend a live show the excitement of the day can get the best of anyone, even experienced showers. Keeping track of your models is important because as the day goes on, things can get chaotic without proper planning. With a few simple steps you can stay organized and keep track of your models on show day!

Most live showers will tell you, if you’re an OF Halter shower (Meaning showing original finish Breyers as they come direct from the factory), chances are, they’ll be more than one of any particular model on the table. Often times there are half a dozen or more! This can get confusing quickly, especially if they are close together or you have other classes going on at the same time. There’s hardly a show that goes by that a model doesn’t get picked up mistakenly.

When preparing for a show there’s a few things you can do to make sure you take home the right model at the end of the day. A list of show horses will help you keep inventory of your models so that you come home with everyone you brought. Making a list including what classes they are showing in will help you keep track of your horses as the day goes on. Before you leave for the day check your list against the models you are packing up to make sure everyone’s there.

What happens if you pick up someone else’s model? Or someone picks up yours? This can be remedied easily by letting the show holder know, these mistakes happen often. You can take an extra step and mark your tags in a unique way that will help you notice your models quickly or deter someone else from accidentally grabbing yours. Just make sure you follow the rules of the show when it comes to tagging!

As always, Golden Oak Stables helps you get ready in and out of the show ring, and with a little preparation your models will enjoy a fun show day along with you!


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Real Life Breyer Horses: Smokin’ Double Dutch At Breyerfest 2015

August 3, 2015

There’s so much to love about a little pony with a lot of power, and Smokin’ Double Dutch is a prime example of this! With fans all over the world, this little Quarter Pony has captured the excitement of Breyer collectors and was a welcome guest horse at Breyerfest 2015 where collectors and fans got to meet this incredible pony in person!

Smokin’ Double Dutch is the epitome of versatility performing in just about every discipline you can imagine. This talented pony shows all of his fans just what it means to excel across the board. She has earned the Quarter Pony overall high point, or reserve high point an astonishing 6 out of the last 8 years and has achieved the Quarter Pony Association first Supreme Champion honor for her titles in trail, halter, english, equitation and driving!

Fans got a chance to meet this incredible pony at Breyerfest 2015 and to get to see her strut her stuff and perform as a guest horse! Fans also could get their very own Smokin’ Double Dutch model signed at Breyerfest and see up close what makes an exceptional pony!


IMG_6865 IMG_6860 IMG_6862

This beautiful little mare may be on her way home, but you can still bring Smokin’ Double Dutch to your stable from Golden Oak Stables. Breyer, as always, brings the most incredible horses to collectors, both in person, and in model form!


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