Breyer Horse Events: 2012 Events at Golden Oak Stables

February 27, 2012

Golden Oak Stables is the hub for Breyer activity in New England! With a ton of events each year, Golden Oak Stables is the place to experience events that will teach you about horses and allow you to compete with other Breyer lovers in a fun enviroment.

First up on the Golden Oak Stables calendar is an all Novice/Youth show that is meant to show you just how model horse showing works! On March 24th collectors from all over will come to Concord New Hampshire to compete in a fun and fair environment at Spring Break Live! Novices and youths are welcome at this show that brings together friends new and old to compete. There are divisions for Halter, Collectibilty, Customs and Performance as well as Fun Classes that give you a chance to show just about any Breyer you have! Showers will compete for hundreds of ribbons and a ton of championships!

On April 14th Golden Oak Stables opens its doors for New England Spring Live an open NAN qualifying show. This means, any horse that places first or second is qualified to show at the North American Nationals in 2012 or 2013!

This full classlist features dozens of classes that will fill the day with fun and fierce competition! Performance, Original Finish Halter, Original Finish Collectiblity, Custom Halter and Custom Workmanship divisions will fill the day with enough competition to keep even the veteran shower enthused! The fun classes are creative and sure to bring out fun, interesting and funny entries for all to see!

You won’t want to miss the spring show season at Golden Oak Stables! There’s a show for any level of experience! Live Showing is a fun way to enjoy your models and with Golden Oak Stables you can enjoy the fun of a live show in a friendly, competitive environment!


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Breyer Horse New Releases: Canine Companions

February 23, 2012

If you’ve ever visited a barn you know that there’s always more than just horses hanging about. One of the most common companions for horses are dogs. Breyer and Golden Oak Stables bring you two sets for 2012 that not only will keep your horses company but also keep your puppies active and excited!

Horses and dogs have a long history together. From Dalmatians following fire wagons to Hounds helping on the hunt, dogs and horses have always been companions and co-workers. Today most dogs are companions and don’t tend to work as much as they did in the past, but this is the same for horses too!

One of the most popular dogs that you’ll find in barns is a Jack Russel Terrier. Breyer has brought their ever popular Jack Russel back for 2012 with every accessory that you could need to keep him happy and healthy! Known for their high energy, Jack Russels are small dogs with a lot of heart. The Dog House Gift Set features a bi-color brown and white Jack Russel that’s spunky and ready to keep up with the ponies. Not to be forgotten though are his fun accessories that make for a great time. A large red dog house can sit outside the barn for those chilly nights and a warm dog bed will help him snuggle right up. He also comes with a rope toy and a squeek toy that will keep his attention away from the horses, if even for a few minutes. We can’t forget about his bone, bowl, collar and leash though! These essentials give you everything you need to take care of this little fellow.

Another popular breed, also known for its energy is the Shetland Sheepdog. These herding dogs are popular for their obedience and ability to follow direction. If you’re ready to have a little fun with your Shetland Sheepdog the Dog Agility Set is the perfect way to! With 8 obstacles this set is hours of fun for those times your horses need a little break from work!

Dogs have always been the perfect companion for horses and humans, adopt a new puppy today and bring a little canine companion to your barn!


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Breyer Horse New Releases: War Horse

February 20, 2012

What began as a children’s novel has now taken the world by storm with the story of the bond between man and horse. War Horse has transcended from a novel to find its way to the stage and finally to Hollywood! New for 2012 Breyer and Golden Oak Stables bring the excitement of this amazing story to a model based on the story’s main character, Joey!

War Horse is the story of a young boy, Albert, and his horse, Joey, that face World War I. Joey is taken into the cavalry and Albert is heartbroken. Although Albert is still a young boy but sets out on a dangerous journey to bring his beloved Joey back home.

War Horse has taken the world by storm, the novel has found popularity the world over. It then found popularity as a play that lit up the stage. Finally it found its way to Hollywood where it was brought to the world!

Breyer brings a special gift set to you to celebrate the story and spirit of War Horse. New for 2012 the Breyer Classic War Horse Set is a fun set that celebrates both the wonderful novel that is War Horse but also Joey. Joey is a bay riding horse created on another classic literary icon’s mold, Black Beauty. This stunning Bay horse is a deep and shaded bay with a glorious amount of shading. His black mane and tail are just as deep and striking as his deep bay coloration and his white socks and blaze finish this beautiful horse.

It doesn’t stop there though, the Classic War Horse Set comes with a copy of the original War Horse novel so that you too can experience the story of Joey! Written by Michael Morpurgo this novel tells the original tale of Albert and Joey and the wonderful bond the two share.

A lovely story telling just how bonded man and horse can become, War Horse is a story that has touched the world with it’s beautiful story! Experience the story of War Horse today!

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Breyer Horse Accessories: How To Care For Tack

February 16, 2012

Your stable is full of horses and probably plenty of tack, but did you know that proper care of your Breyer tack can make it last for many years?

Breyer tack is often created out of very similar materials to real horse tack, making some of the most realistic tack you can imagine for your models! Before you start filling your tack room it’s important to take a few steps to make sure that it lasts for many years to come!

Proper storage and care is key when it comes to your tack collection. Storage in a cool, dry place is the best first line of defense against keeping your tack from getting damaged. Warm air and dampness can cause glue to come loose on your bridles and saddles, something no one wants in the show ring! But don’t let your tack get too cold or dry, that can cause leather to become dry and brittle. The best conditions are those which you are comfortable, storage in a basement or attic won’t preserve them as long as storage in a temperate location.

The other best line of defense is keeping your tack properly stored. Letting your tack get crumpled or bent will cause creases and bends that are difficult to remove. By hanging your bridles and letting your saddles sit on stands you preserve the shape of your tack!

Another thing to remember when it comes to tack is display. Many people like to display tack on their models. This is a great way of showing off your collection, but extended display can cause damage to both tack and models. When displaying your tack be sure to check every now and then to make sure that the color of the tack isn’t transferring to the model and that the tack isn’t becoming stiff or otherwise damaged.

Golden Oak Stables’ is ready to fill your tack room full of everything you need to have a stable of stars. From English to Western and everything in between you know right where to head to bring a champion to your stable!


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Breyer Horse New Releases: Hickstead

February 13, 2012

The equestrian world as a whole mourned the loss of one of the most prolific horses last November, Hickstead. Celebrating his life and legacy Breyer and Golden Oak Stables bring this super star equestrian to you where he can live on eternally!

Hickstead was a Dutch Warmblood known best for his Olympic performances but his abilities went beyond his trips to Beijing. His rider, Eric Lamaze is a Canadian equestrian that found a new lease on life aboard Hickstead. This pair began their journey into the history books in 2006 lighting up the Grand Prix scene. By 2008 they were in the Olympics and achieved the amazing feat of bringing home the gold metal in individual show jumping. 2010 brought The World Equestrian Games to North America where Hickstead rode four clear rounds and was named the best horse of his discipline.

Breyer honors this astonishing horse with a model that will help his legacy live on. This stunning dark bay warmblood has been recreated on the stoic and prideful Trakehner mold with a refreshed and re-sculpted tail new exclusively for Hickstead. Created in perfect portrait, Hickstead’s bright long blaze sits on his face and his two socks sit on his legs. His deep bay coat is an exact recreation of Hickstead‘s and his sweet expression is the final touch to recreate one of the world’s most prolific horses to ever live!

Hickstead comes complete with his own monogrammed stable blanket, a fitting tribute for a horse like him. His navy blanket has dark burgundy trim and a large white monogram reading “Hickstead” along the side.

A horse that truly was one of a kind, Hickstead has been an icon for the Equestrian world since taking the stage in 2006. We may have lost an astonishing horse last year, but he can live on through our collections and memories of his astonishing accomplishments. Truly an icon for not only Canada but for the rest of the world, Hickstead shows us just how incredible horses can truly be!


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Breyer Horse New Releases: Bull Inthe Heather

February 9, 2012

Along the rolling hills of the Kentucky bluegrass you can find thousands of Thoroughbreds as far as the eye can see. Within those hills is a special place that gives a home to unwanted Thoroughbreds where they can live the rest of their years in a happy and safe environment, Old Friends. Breyer and Golden Oak Stables bring you a model of the horse that helped form Old Friends and give a home to many unwanted Thoroughbreds. With Breyer and Golden Oak Stables you too can help save these Thoroughbreds!

Bull Inthe Heather is the most prolific son of Ferdinand, the 1986 Kentucky Derby winner, and helped to form Old Friends in 2001 when he was rescued from a slaughterhouse. Old Friends is a retirement home that saves Thoroughbreds from this fate so that they can live their lives with the care and love they deserve.

His racing career might not have matched up to his father’s but Bull Inthe Heather had a successful racing career of his own earning over half a million dollars and racing in 33 races. He stood stud for many years and then finally found his way to Old Friends where he lives today. A favorite of many visitors Bull Inthe Heather is a sweet and loving ambassador of the Thoroughbred breed, Old Friends, and shows the importance of caring for these amazing animals.

Breyer brings Bull Inthe Heather to collectors as a 5 inch resin model that stands proud as can be. Bull Inthe Heather has been created on a lovely and proud Thoroughbred model that stands proudly on a grass base. A smoky and sweet grey, Bull Inthe Heather‘s stunning coat color makes him stand out. Many Thoroughbreds are bay and chestnut and while grey isn’t rare, it’s still not something you see everyday!

You can help Old Friends to save more Thoroughbreds with Breyer, with each purchase of Bull Inthe Heather, Breyer will donate a portion to Old Friends! These stunning creatures enchant us with their personalities, athletic ability and beauty. Let’s help them live a long, happy, and healthy life together with Old Friends and Breyer!


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Breyer Horse New Releases: Padre

February 6, 2012

Taming a wild mustang for your own might seem like a fantasy but to thousands of horse owners this is a reality! Through the Bureau of Land Management’s yearly Mustang roundups and sales thousands of Mustangs are adopted all over the country and placed with horse owners. These Mustangs become amazing mounts and many go on to have very successful riding careers. Golden Oak Stables brings one of these success stories to you for 2012!

Padre is a stunning dun colored mustang who was adopted by at a Bureau of Land Management sale. Originally from Nevada, Padre found his home with owner Patti Gruber and quickly began training to become a dressage star! At his first show Patti showed him in the In-Hand class in which he qualified for the prestigious Dressage at Devon show! He was the first Mustang to show at Devon and proved just how much Mustangs can do by winning his class and winning Reserve Grand Champion Stallion! Padre has also been ranked nationally as the #14 breeding stallion! All of this from a wild mustang!

Padre can do more than perform though, he looks gorgeous as he does it! His deep dun coloring is bright and bold with a touch of red in his coat coloring. His mane and tail are a deep and dark black that shines in the sun. Light striped markings on his legs often referred to as “barring” are indicative of the dun coloration. On his face sits a sweet pairing of a tiny star and snip that are cute as can be! His two white socks are his final markings sitting on his back legs.

Showing the versatility of the American Mustang, Padre shows just what can be done with hard work and determination. He also shows just how much horses really can do and learn! These amazing creatures has always found a way to enchant and astound us, but the story of Padre shows just how much they really can do!


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Breyer Horse New Releases: Stablemate Mystery Foals

February 2, 2012

New for 2012 Breyer brings three new fun Stablemate sets to Golden Oak Stables. This year you can have the excitement that thousands do each year of welcoming a new foal into your stable!

Three sets of mares and stallions are ready to gallop into your stable with new foals on the way. The Stablemate Mystery Foals sets are a fun and exciting way to bring the joy and mystery of new foals to your stable!

Stablemates have always been a favorite among collectors. These three inch tall equines pack just as much detail as their traditional counterparts and are just as exciting! Their small size and affordable nature make them an easy to collect addition to your collection! With a myriad of molds and breeds there is a favorite for every collector, young and old alike! The Stablemate Mystery Foal Set is a fun twist on these easy and fun to collect miniatures!

Three sets of parents and three foals make up this nine piece set. A dapple grey draft mare and a spotted draft stallion make up the first pair. These two large horses are sure to bring some type of draft horse to your stable, but what will their foal look like?

The next pairing is a beautiful buckskin Peruvian Paso and a stunning bay Paint horse. These parents are sure to have a foal that is flashy, but the mystery still remains!

Lastly a black Paso Fino and a stunning rose grey Andalusian are ready to bring a new foal into the world. What will these two parents’ foal look like though? The possibilities are endless!

You won’t know what these fun foals look like until they are here, it’s a surprise, just like in real life. A fun way to bring the excitement of owning a real horse and bringing a new foal into the world, these fun sets are sure to become fast favorites among collectors!


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