Breyer Horse Showing: Judges Corner

December 19, 2011

Showing your Breyer horses can be equally fun and a little scary the first time because you might not know what to expect. Even after a few shows you might still be wondering, “Just what does the judge do?”. It can be a little foreign for anyone to see plastic horses winning ribbons, but you might be surprised at how its done!

Model horse showing is very close to real horse showing, with modifications made because they are plastic after all! The key elements to judging stay the same though. In Halter classes a judge is looking for the horse that best matches the breed standard set forward by the breed organization. In performance the judge is looking for the horse best performing the sport it is portraying. The one exception to the connection between real horse and model horse showing is in two divisions, Workmanship and Collectiblity. These are specific divisions that exist in the model horse hobby to reward horses that are created with great craftsmanship and those that are very rare and desirable.

Judges often will take a first look at the class and count the number of entries in the class when first approaching the table. From there the judge will begin to inspect each entry for their standard of what they feel should be winning the class. Many model horse judges are very talented and knowledgeable horse people and bring a great deal of knowledge to the show ring. Even then, many judges value things on different levels and any judge will agree that classes will place differently for any judge. There is no rule book, but that’s one of the most fun things, one day your horse might not place but the next show he might win a championship!

Judging is very subjective and each and every judge does have some personal preferences just like in real horse showing. If you ever have questions about your horse and its placings most judges welcome questions and are happy to explain why a horse placed where it did. It’s best to wait until after a class is finished to ask though. When a judge is judging her class try to not distract or speak to her. Save all questions until after the class.

No matter how you place, it’s always fun to get out to a live show. The next time you visit a Golden Oak Stables one you’ll have a better idea of just how and why your horse placed where it did. And if not? Don’t be afraid to ask!


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Breyer Horse Showing: What’s In a Show String

December 15, 2011

One of the many terms that gets used often in the model horse hobby is “Show String”. What exactly does that mean? A piece of string you use at a model horse show? Not quite, it’s the term used by many to describe the group of horses that they show on a regular basis!

A model horse show string can be any size and any combination of models that you’d like! You control everything in your show string, so its up to you! Most show strings will develop organically after a few shows but you can begin to create your own right now!

Picking your nicest models is the first step. Models free of rubs, scratches and paint flaws is the perfect place to start. Just like in real horse shows, models with rubs and dings won’t look as pretty in the show ring. You’ll want to check hooves and ears too because rubs can hide there very easily. Check your models for overspray paint around edges of the mane and tail as well. Lastly, try to remove any dust that may have settled onto your models. Just like mud on a real horse, dust can mark your horse down.

Choosing models that make good representations of their breeds is important too. Make sure that your horse can realistically come in the color it is. Example: Palomino Arabians do not exist and would have to be shown as a part-Arabian.

Most shows have class limits (The most common is 3 per class). This means, for one breed class, like Arabians, you can only enter three horses. So, if you’re a big Arabian fan and have five, only three can make it into your show string. The choice will be hard, but choose only your best for the day of the show!

After your first few shows you’ll develop your own show string easily. Models that often show well for you will probably be the first that you put in it. Your favorite horses, regardless if they show well or not, will probably end up there too. Don’t hesitate to let a favorite horse into your string, even if it doesn’t place! Showing is fun and bringing your favorite horses only makes it more fun!

Once you’ve got your show string you may want to create a special place in your collection for them. Perhaps a few shelves just for them. Be sure to keep them in good condition and away from any hazards while they aren’t at a show.

Just like a real horse, show horses need to be carefully cared for every day! So choose your horses wisely! Will your next horse from Golden Oak Stables make it into your show string? The choice is all yours!


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Breyer Horse New Releases: On The Ranch- Western Lifestyle Set

December 12, 2011

Home,  home on the range! Where the cows, horses and dogs play? On the ranch a special bond exists between man and his horse. A working relationship where both have mutual trust that works together to get just about every job done!

Breyer and Golden Oak Stables brings the spirit of the ranch to everyone’s stable with the new Classic Scale Western Lifestyle set! Ranch life has never been this much fun or so easy to bring home! Working on a cattle ranch is real life for many people throughout the country and world. Cattle farming is a tough job that requires determination, stamina and tenacity from both human and horse.

You can get a little idea of what its like to live on the ranch with this three piece set. The Western Lifestyle Set begins with a feisty and determined buckskin appaloosa horse of your very own. Shown in a cutting pose, this enthusiastic horse is ready to catch any cattle that might try to slip out of  the pack. The perfect image of the western horse, his fun blanket appaloosa pattern extends over his hips. A blaze and socks give him his final markings on this flashy but accomplished mount.

Always causing trouble, a red calf can be found in this set ready to cause trouble. Bolting to one side, our calf is making trouble for our horse and springing into action of his own. Don’t worry though, he won’t get far! A tri-colored herding dog is the final piece to this Western puzzle. No cowboy is complete without his horse, or his dog for that matter, and this energetic dog is the perfect one to take out on the trail. He’s sure to help when little calves like this one try to take themselves off the trail!

Our fun and playful set can also compete in cow cutting showing the deep bond they’ve grown together. You might also see the horse slipping into a barrel racing class or two! With a little creativity just about anything can be done with this fun set! The possibilities are only as endless as your imagination!


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Real Life Breyer Horses: Zenyatta and the Holidays

December 8, 2011

The great Zenyatta made her way into the hearts of millions with her lovely personality and amazing determination. Finishing her racing careers with an astonishing 19 out of 20 wins, this lady easily goes down in the history books! Originally bred in Kentucky, Zenyatta made her home in California and gained a huge group of fans there. Zenyatta raced near and far until her retirement in 2011 when she made her way to Kentucky for breeding at the famous Lane’s End farm. Zenyatta has been in Kentucky for one year this month and is expecting her first foal in the spring of 2012! It will be exciting to see what history that will make. This holiday Breyer brings you two ways to have the lovely Lady Z in to your home and collection and celebrate the spirit of the thoroughbred!

Zenyatta, the bold, dark bay mare who danced her way to the starting gate and ran her way to the winners circle has been immortalized in many ways, one of the most stunning is the traditional model that Breyer has created of her. Feisty and spirited, Zenyatta has been created on the Lonesome Glory mold. All of her markings have been expertly recreated in nearly identical fashion. A lovely traditional mold this large Lady Z is perfect for bringing that Thoroughbred spirit into your stable!

Golden Oak Stables also brings you a little Zenyatta to gallop through your holiday. Back by popular demand Breyer had re-released the Zenyatta ornament from 2011 giving you one last chance to deck the halls with Zenyatta! In full stride, Zenyatta and her jockey Mike Smith are shown in the approaching the starting gate or perhaps cooling down after yet another win. In her iconic teal and pink Zenyatta is the perfect touch to your tree and holiday! Her spirit is sure to bring energy wherever you choose to hang her!

This history making mare is one of the most iconic Thoroughbreds in recent history and a favorite beyond compare! Bringing an amazing horse like this into your stable or home doesn’t happen any day. Don’t miss your chance to make history with one of the fiercest mares the racing world has seen!


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Breyer Horse Holiday: Beautiful Breeds Mustang

December 5, 2011

Ninth in the series of lovely porcelain ornaments that celebrate the spirit of the horse, Breyer has brought the beauty of the horse and the amazing artistry of Breyer together for a keepsake that will live on beautifully on your Christmas tree and throughout the year in your collection!  The American Mustang!

The American Mustang is a wild and free horse that roams the western United States in herds numbering 33,000 by some estimates. Descendants of horses brought to the area from Spain, the wild mustang is actually a feral horse that has come to live out in the wild. Many of the modern wild mustangs have Spanish roots tracing them back hundreds of years. Every year hundreds of mustangs are rounded up for adoption in attempts to keep populations under control. Mustangs make great horses for just about any event you can imagine. Their hearty nature makes them an easy keeper and their versatility is being tested every day with mustangs taking over every discipline you can imagine!

Breyer’s lovely porcelain rendition of the American Mustang is created in a dynamic rearing pose showing the beauty and power of this amazing breed. The flashy coppery chestnut pinto is bright and shining as he rears up in all his wild beauty. His stark white markings are the perfect contrast to his beautifully shaded firey body color. Around his neck he wears a bright red ribbon tied with a large bow that flaps in the wind. His mane and tail are being blown by that same wind atop a tall plateau as he defends his herd. Truly a herd leader!

Always a favorite, the Beautiful Breeds series has brought some of the most beautiful breeds, sculptures and horses together for 9 years. Let Golden Oak Stables deck your tree this holiday season! Don’t miss this year’s ornament that’s full of the spirit of the Southwest, the horse and the spirit that both have!


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Breyer Horse Holiday: Holiday Horse 2011- Winter Belle

December 1, 2011

Trotting through the meadows into your stable is the 15th in a series of amazing holiday horses from Breyer! Winter Belle is a feminine and beautiful touch on winter beauty and unlike any other holiday horse before her!

This lovely bay mare has been created on the romantic and artistic Misty’s Twilight mold. Her lovely casual trot and full mane and tail give her a Romanesque feel and her deep bay color accents her mold in the perfect way! Rich and deep her bay coat shines through and her dark black mane and tail are simply elegant and lovely as can be.

Dressed to dash through the snow, Winter Belle is adorned in her holiday best! A bright golden bridle with bell and fur touches begin her tack. With a row of fur along the nose-band and bells along the brow-band it stands out in a beautiful way. Along her neck she jingles a collar of bells that ties with a big gold bow. Her red velvet holiday blanket is striking and festive in every imaginable way. Lined in faux shearling her blanket is sure to keep her warm on all those chilly mornings and nights. The red velvet that makes up the top layer is quilted in golden embroidery and accented along the edges with golden ribbon. A large wreath of festive holiday balls are draped across her back in matching shades of gold and red. There’s even some winter evergreen that is tucked into the wreath for the perfect winter feel. Along her legs she wears bands that are lined in shearling and created out of the same red velvet that adorns her back. On her leg bands are bells that will jingle as she heads over the river and through the woods!

A lovely feminine and festive addition to the Holiday Horse line, Winter Belle is the perfect way to celebrate the holiday season with Breyer and Golden Oak Stables.


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