Breyer Horse Collecting: What Are You Collecting Right Now?

September 29, 2016

There’s an infinite number of ways that a Breyer collection can be built. From beginning as playthings to gifts from loved ones and everything in between. Model Horse collections are as unique as their owners, but have you taken a moment to see just what direction you are taking your collection in?

Careful collecting, or curation, is always important when it comes to collecting. It’s good to take a moment every now and then to look over your collection, what you have in it, and what you are hoping to add to it. This will help your collection grow in a way that is best for you! Curation is one of the most important parts of collecting anything, and can lead to happiness and pride in your collection.

So, the question comes, what are you collecting right now? There’s a myriad of ways that this question can be answered, but start looking at patterns in your purchases and collection. You’ll probably notice that you purchase a certain type or size of model. Or maybe you love one kind of breed, or a certain color of horse? Even if you can’t find a pattern, chances are you’ll find horses at Golden Oak Stables that are similar to your collection, and your tastes.

Looking at how future purchases add into your collection is the first step in smart collecting, and being happy with your collection. When you add horses to your collection that you will love, your collection will have staying power and will bring you happiness! By choosing your next model with your collection in mind, you can add a lifelong member of your herd to your stable each time!


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Breyer Horse Accessories: Outfitting Your Models For Winter

September 26, 2016

Cooler air is blowing in and soon the leaves will be changing. As real horse owners gear up for winter, model horse collectors can gear up too!

One of the fun parts of Breyer collecting is the ability to live the life of real horses through you models. It’s easy to see why this would be fun, competitions, dream stables and not to mention the dream horses that can come to live in your stable. Horse ownership is multifaceted, and one of the parts of ownership is keeping a horse warm in winter!

Lucky for collectors, Golden Oak Stables has a full stock of every type of blanket that collectors could ask for in the their Tack Room! Blankets are great for play and display, especially in winter time when those chilly temperatures remind us all to snuggle up and keep warm.  Collectors also love blankets for keeping dust off of the backs of their models, just like real horse owners use them to keep horses clean. They can also be fun to collect, and come in all kinds of different styles and colors that can be chosen for your unique horses!

The fun of real horse ownership and collecting intersect all the time, but even the most basic of tasks can be fun with a little creativity, imagination and the right equipment!


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Breyer Horse Collecting: Fall Into Breyer Fun

September 22, 2016

Fall is here! Leaves will begin to turn, cool fall air is ushering in and Halloween is just around the corner? What does that mean for your Breyer collection? Here at Golden Oak Stables, fall is busy season for many reasons,  and all of them are important to collectors!

Fall is always a gentle reminder that the Holidays are on their way, and for Breyer collectors, that means the Breyer Holiday Collection! This year, like so many others before it, is full of everything you could wish for. The holiday horse is bound to delight as are the ornaments and other delights that will warm your collection even in the chilliest of winter weather.

New releases are also in store for collectors this fall. Mid year releases are often anticipated with baited breath by collectors, and this year there’s reason to be excited. Between a new fantasy unicorn, a famous drafter and a new stable that will have your classics clamoring for a spot, collectors will need to make room!

And of course, there’s the retired list! In just a few short months dozens of Breyers will be on their way to retirement, so don’t wait, the time is now to add these horses to your collection!

Fall gives every Breyer collector a reason to be excited. With so many new things in store, the hardest part is picking where to start!


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Breyer Horse Collecting: Starting A Wish List

September 19, 2016

The holidays are just around the corner and just about every Breyer collector has a few horses that they are hoping gallop their way into their stable. With that right around the corner, it’s the perfect time to start a wish list!

Friends and family may ask what you would like for a birthday or holiday, and having a list ready can make the both of you happy in the end! Knowing just what someone wants makes shopping easier, and receiving it all the more fun! It means that you probably won’t get two of a horse and that you’ll get ones that your stable has been anxious for. What could be better?

Starting a wish list is the easy part, and figuring out who is on it can be so much fun. You can even make a wish list of your very own at Golden Oak Stables!

Start with your most desired models, the ones your collection can’t live without. These should be the first ones you put on the list. From there, look over what fits in your collection and what you hope to add to it. You never know what might pique your interest, so be sure to look over all of the Breyers that are currently available.

Chances are, you’re already well on your way to a wish list already, so write it down, type it up or create it over at and pass it onto friends and family.


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Breyer Horse Accessories: Classic Hilltop Stable

September 15, 2016

Building your stable is one of the most exciting parts of collecting for many Breyer collectors. Classic collectors take note, a new stable is in town that is just as customizeable  as any part of your Breyer collection!

The Classic Hilltop Stable is the perfect blank canvas to start the stable of your dreams. This one stall barn is perfect on it’s own or combined to make a stable that only stops with your imagination. This single stall barn has an angled roof, a sliding door, and three windows. A true blank canvas, the Hilltop Stable is a lovely shade of natural wood that can be painted any color you desire or can be left in it’s beautiful light natural shade.

You can combine stalls to create a long row, leaving it open and airy, or the stall can be faced together, creating the look of an enclosed barn, complete with angled roof and aisle. The choice is yours!

No matter what your dreams are, you can get started with the Hilltop Stable. The barn of your dreams is just around the corner, and your classics are itching to get into the empty stalls. Which of your horses will be the first to be stabled at your Hilltop Stable?


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Breyer Horse Collecting: 2016 Retired List

September 12, 2016

It’s that time of the year again, the time when collectors get to see which Breyers are exiting Golden Oak Stables and are heading into retirement.

Each year, Breyer releases dozens of new models, and at the end of the year, some of the models from that year and previous years are retired to make way for even more new releases! This helps make the Breyer lineup ever changing and brings a fun collectible aspect to the hobby. Some models will end up being more difficult to find than others depending on how long they are made and how popular they are!

So, it’s a good time to take a look over the list and start making your own list of what your stable needs. These horses are only available while supplies last, and at the end of the year there won’t be any more made. Don’t delay, or you might miss your chance to bring the horse of your dreams into your stable!

4159 Horse Crazy Watercolor Painting
4190 Paint on Canvas 6 pc Asst.
926 Liver Chestnut Mustang
928 Chestnut Morgan
931 Bay Roan American Quarter Horse
932 Palomino Thoroughbred/Quarter Horse Cross
938 Chestnut Haflinger
939 Bay Arabian
61019 Doll & Accessories 6pc Asst (2 pcs of #61052, #61053, #61068)
61084 Arrival At The Barn
61087 A Champion is Born
61088 Butterfly Kisses
62021 Horse and Foal 6 pc Asst (2 pcs of #62041, #62042,#62043)
62041 Chestnut Semi-Leopard Appaloosa Stallion & Chestnut Blanket Appaloosa Foal
62042 Raven Black Morgan Mare & Red Bay Foal
62043 Bay Dartmoor Pony Mare & Light Bay Foal
62116 Harper – 2016 Horse of the Year –
66004 Classics Singles 12 pc Asst
6170 Canterwood Crest: Take the Reins – Charm
6171 Canterwood Crest: Chasing Blue – Aristocrat
6172 Canterwood Crest: Behind the Bit – Black Jack
4848 Unicorn Stick Horses 6pc Asst
5356 Truck & Gooseneck Trailer
5371 Horse Crazy 24 pc Asst
5412 Shadowbox
59208 Horse Crazy Barn
4194 Wind Dancers Watercolor Painting
4195 Wind Dancers Paint on Canvas 6 pc Asst
100116 Kona’s Treehouse Play Set
1711 Gentle Carousel Mini Therapy Horses Benefit Gift Set – Magic and Hamlet
9195 Camila – Springtime Filly
1438 Totilas
1707 Michael’s Jung’s Sam
1737 Dont Look Twice
1718 Harley D Zip
1740 Black Caviar and Foal
1743 Foiled Again – Standardbred
1738 Smokin Doubledutch
1766 NRHA Horse
9168 Shetland Pony
9170 Connemara Pony
9172 Welsh Cob
9169 Highland Pony
1723 Weathermont Ethan
1720 OT Sara Moniet
2062 Shipping Set
532 Ashley Junior Rider
2032 Dressage Arena
547 Limited Edition Eventing Rider
2052 Parade Saddle Set
2067 Ltd Ed Cross Country Jump
2065 Liverpool Jump
2055 Hunter Roll Top Jump
1732 Cow and Calf Set
1734 Deer Family
2048 Newmarket Blanket
2056 Breyer Model Pony Pouch – Denim and Diamonds
2066 Breyer Model Pony Pouch – Show Horses


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Real Life Breyer Horses: All About Draft Horses

September 8, 2016

The gentle giants of the horse world have always had a way of capturing the hearts of horse lovers. These beasts are far from what their size implies, and vary so much beyond just their size. Beloved by so many, it’s no surprise they are a favorite among Breyer collectors and horse lover alike!

Breyer’s first draft model came to collector’s hands over 50 years ago in the form of the beloved Clydesdale Stallion. This mold showcased the beauty and power of the majestic Clydesdale horse, and made draft fans of Breyer collectors. A Shire would follow after as well as a mare and foal for the Clydesdale Stallion. Collectors have made these favorites and the molds have seen dozens of colors and incarnations over the years, making them collector favorites.

Today there are a myriad of draft breeds have been brought to the Breyer stable. Percherons, Belgians, and Spotted Draft Horses are just the beginning of the wonderful breeds that have been brought to collectors through Breyer. Several more have been brought to Breyerfest as Celebration and Guest horses. Collectors have found them to be just as lovable as their real life counterparts, earning the title of gentle giants once again!

How many drafts are in your stable? Golden Oak Stables is ready to fill those stalls with a few gentle giants of your very own!


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Breyer Horse New Releases: Xavier

September 1, 2016

The mythical unicorn has been a beast of fascination for hundreds of years. Breyer collectors have been no stranger to this fascination, and unicorns have become a favorite for many collectors. Now, one of Breyer’s most favorite molds takes on a fantastical twist and is headed into Golden Oak Stables!

Xavier is the latest addition to the Breyer fantasy stable and is already causing excitement among collectors. Created on the fan favorite Wintersong mold, Xavier is a stocky draft horse with feathers and hair to spare! This gorgeous gentle giant is magical all on his own, even without his horn! Kathleen Moody is known for her sculptures with a touch of fantasy, and we have to say, this sculpture has never looked better

Xavier is a stunning shade of pearlescent purple that shimmers as the light hits his delicate dapples. Under that purple shimmer is a delicate shaded grey paint job that is offset with silver accents. His most showing silver accent is his large unicorn horn that spirals from the top of his head in delicate fashion!

If you are a draft fan, a fantasy fan or just a fan of anything new and beautiful from Breyer, Xavier is sure to be the next horse headed into your stable! Don’t wait, he’s sure to be a favorite for many years to come!



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