Breyer Horse New Releases: Paint Mare and Foal

January 31, 2012

Spring is almost here, just a few more weeks and the warm spring air will be slowly creeping back. Flowers will start to bloom and the days will get warmer and longer. Each spring welcomes another addition too, new foals! Golden Oak Stables brings you the sweetest pairing of mare and foal to bring a little bundle of joy to your stable!

New for 2012 is a beautiful paint mare and foal that stand out with their striking color and markings that match in the sweetest way. The Paint Horse is a popular breed that originated in the Western United States as a popular ranch horse. From the days of cowboys and ranchers to modern day horse folks, the Paint Horse has always been popular for it’s striking color and its ability to work hard on the ranch. The Paint Horse has excelled in many discipline and can be found in both Western and English events today.

New for 2012, the striking Overo Pinto Mare and Foal are a pairing out of any equestrian’s dream! This pair are beyond beautiful with their deep dun coats this mare and foal stand out in a stable. A dun coloration is distinguished by markings referred to as “Barring” on the legs and a dorsal stripe. These markings are often called “Primitive” as they occurred on wild horses.

Both the mare and foal carry Overo markings which are a type of pinto markings. These markings are best recognized for their jagged edges, large white splotches and because they do not cross over the back. Wide face markings and socks give these two horses the most beautiful final touches on a stunning set!

Looking to add a lovely mare and foal to your stable this spring? The Overo Pinto Mare and Foal are the perfect way to bring the fun and excitement of a new foal to your stable. Not only are they cute and sweet as can be, their fun and striking markings are stunning as can be! This beautiful mare and foal are sure to light up any stable they find their way to!


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Breyer Horse New Releases: Classics Pony Care Set

January 30, 2012

Nearly every little girl dreams of getting a pony at  some time in her life. That special friend that she can have forever is always at the top of any gift list and while we might all not be able to have a real pony of our own, we can certainly add the perfect pony to our Breyer herd with the Classics Pony Care Set.

Trotting into Golden Oak Stables is the perfect pony complete with everything you could need to care for it for a lifetime! This lovely red bay appaloosa pony is as adorable as she is sweet. Her spotted Appaloosa blanket markings sit on her hindquarters and a stunning black mane and tail give her brown coat a perfect pop! Two front white socks make her more adorable than words can ever describe!

Her faithful owner has red hair that nearly matches her pony and is long and held back with a headband. She matches her pony in another way too, her top and pony’s blanket both match! A bold teal pattern with bright blues, purples and pinks, create both their top and blanket with fun flower and ladybug designs. A pair of denim capris and white tennis shoes are her choice for the perfect casual day of play and care for her new pony.

Caring for her pony will be no issue with all of the accessories you might need! A yellow brush for grooming, spray bottle that will certainly come in handy, carrying box to bring it all in and out of the tack room and feed and a bucket all will find their place in caring for this beloved pony.

Hours of fun will go into caring for this new addition to the family. With everything you need to care for a sweet and stunningly beautiful pony, Classics Pony Care Set is the perfect way to bring a little bit of pony fun into your stable.

Always dreamed of your own pony? Don’t wait another day!


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Breyer Horse New Releases: Let’s Go Racing!

January 26, 2012

And they’re off! These famous words are music to any horse racing fan’s ears. Signifying the start of a horse race, these three words bring excitement to millions as the gates open and horses begin to race to the finish line!

Thoroughbred racing is a pastime for millions and going to the race track to see the horses race is one of the most exciting sports in the world! Thoroughbred racing began in Europe and found it’s way to America in the 1600’s. This longtime sport is an American past time that has grown to great popularity among the masses. Each year millions tune into watch the “Most Exciting Two Minutes In Sports”, The Kentucky Derby!

Golden Oak Stables brings you a fun set new for 2012 that brings the excitement of horse racing to your stable! Everything you need for your day at the races is included in the Let’s Go Racing set! A black Thoroughbred is this jockey’s faithful mount for bringing her over the finish line. Standing at a calm but alert stance, this thoroughbred shines with his bold black coat and one back snow white sock.

Our jockey is a lovely female rider who is dressed to the nines in purple, green and white racing silks. A bright and bold design covers her jacket and her helmet wears the same colors in perfect unison.

Matching silks for our faithful mount include face silks and matching saddle pad. His black racing bridle comes with a white rolled noseband and his racing saddle is made in a classic racing design. Racing saddles resemble a classic English saddle but are much smaller. This is so horses have less to carry as they bolt for the finish line!

The fun of this set doesn’t stop there though, a full color poster with racing information finishes out the set making it perfect for any racing enthusiast.

Imagine the fun you can have as you bring your winning Thoroughbred into the winners circle, and with Let’s Go Racing you have everything you need for a fantastic day at the races!


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Breyer Horse Gallery: Year Of The Dragon

January 23, 2012

This year, January 23rd marks the start of the Chinese New Year.  Breyer has chosen to celebrate the Year of the Dragon with a beautiful horse in the Breyer Gallery.

Chinese New Year is the most important holiday on the Chinese calendar and is celebrated all throughout the world. Celebrations are grand and festivals take place for nearly two weeks as this fantastic holiday is celebrated throughout the country and the world. The Chinese New Year traditions are based on bringing good fortune and banishing bad luck. The color red is thought to bring good luck as well as ward away bad luck and is commonly worn and used for decorations. The color gold is also often used and is also thought to bring wealth and good prosperity in the new year!

Golden Oak Stables brings the spirit of Chinese New Year to you with an astonishing addition to the Breyer Gallery. Year Of The Dragon is a fine bisque porcelain model created on the stunning and exuberant Esprit mold. Painted in a stunning gold coat, Year Of The Dragon stands out with his own wishes for good prosperity.

An extravagant and exceptionally detailed dragon dances across the torso of Year Of The Dragon in bold colors. The dragon is created in traditional Chinese style with perfect details throughout. Year Of The Dragon stands on a bright golden base that will shine anywhere he may be found. With his mane and tail blowing in the wind, this dynamic horse captures the spirit of this legendary animal and this much beloved holiday.

The dragon is known in Chinese mythology as a creature of great power and a sign of fortune. Bringing the spirit of this mythical creature and fantastic mythology to a stunning horse that will shine in your collection, Breyer celebrates Chinese New Year! Don’t miss the opportunity to celebrate this fun and festive holiday with a fantastic new addition to your collection!


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Breyer Horse New Releases: Twin Appaloosa Foals!

January 19, 2012

Known for their spotted coats, Appaloosas are a breed all their own! Golden Oak Stables brings not one, but two Appaloosa Foals to you from the Breyer 2012 Collection! These twin foals are a rare sight indeed and are just as adorable as they are rare!

Dating back to the 18th century, the Appaloosa is an American breed that developed in the Pacific Northwest from Native American horses. The Nez Perce people developed the Appaloosa from native wild horses and horses brought to the Americas by Spanish explorers. The breed developed into one of the most popular stock horses and most recognized as well! Known for its spotted pattern the Appaloosa is a versatile breed that competes in nearly every discipline you can imagine, even racing!

The spotting pattern on the appaloosa varies from a small or even no spot pattern to a leopard pattern that extends over the entire body! Appaloosas can be nearly every color of the equine rainbow on top of their stunning spotted patterns. It’s no question why these flashy horses would be popular mounts!

This year two twin Appaloosa Foals have entered the Breyer stable! These appaloosa foals bring a bright pop of color to your stable and their sweet expressions are too sweet for words! Standing is a flashy leopard appaloosa foal. Her chestnut coat is only visible through her spotted pattern and light color in her tail. Her sister is a baby bay beauty that expressed the blanket appaloosa pattern. Her spots, unlike her sister, extend only over her hindquarters and the rest of her body is a sweet baby bay.

These two sisters are just as sweet as can be, and with their fun and flashy coats they are sure to become fast favorites in any stable. But color isn’t everything, these fillies are great examples of this versatile and kind breed that has become a piece of American history!


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Breyer Horse New Releases: Gallery of Breeds Resins

January 16, 2012

Four new releases are at the top of many collector’s lists in the new year. When the word first got out that Breyer had four new models in a fun pocket size, collectors began to grow excited and now we can see why!

Straight to you, Golden Oak Stables brings four spectacular breeds from the Breyer Gallery. Each of these models stands at around Paddock Pal size, or 5 inches by 6 inches. Hand decorated each sits on a beautiful base that fits their breed perfectly!

The American Quarter Horse is a stunning Palomino who brings the spirit of the west and the ranch to your stable. Standing square he is the perfect calm and gentile mount for a day on the trail or a day in the show ring. His docile nature is second only to his beauty!

Racking into the ring the American Saddlebred is a breed all its own. With its high action gait this lovely liver chestnut is focused and precise as he preforms the famous American Saddlebred gait. His fiery mane is even braided and ready to take center ring!

The ancient and beloved Arabian comes to the gallery of breeds with his fascinating history and great beauty. Stunning in a light grey, he exhibits all of the classic Arabian characteristics including a dished face, high tail carriage and flared nostrils. He even stands on a base that is reminiscent of the deserts of Arabia!

From the Iberian peninsula comes the Andalusian, a breed that originated in the 15th century. This bay beauty shows the spirit of this fanciful breed with his leg high in the air and expressive face. His deep bay coat is solid with no socks or face markings and his black mane and tail shimmer in the sun.

Whether you choose one or all, the Gallery of Breeds Resins are truly a special and exciting line from Breyer and Golden Oak Stables. With their expressive sculptures, beautiful coat colorings and exciting breeds these are sure to become a collectors favorite for years to come!


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Breyer Horse New Releases: Pinto Prancer

January 12, 2012

Vintage is always in style, and Breyer vintage models are always a collectors dream! The beauty of a vintage model comes not only from its rarity but with its style from time gone by. As years pass Breyer has created new models, new techniques and new horses along the way, you can step back in time with Breyer and Golden Oak Stables with the vintage horse of your dreams!

Pinto Prancer is a lovely model that goes back to nearly the beginning of Breyer’s creation. Created in the 1950’s after the famous literary star Fury, Fury Prancer is a mold that was popular with his dynamic pose. He was often the mount of a famous cowboy or rider and came with his own saddle and molded on bridle. Prancer was produced in many different colors throughout the 50’s and 60’s but hasn’t seen much stable time in recent years. That is, until now!

New for 2012 Breyer brings us the iconic Prancer created in a perfectly retro 1950’s paint scheme! This deep caramel colored pinto is a stunning representation of the vintage “Honey Bay” coat color many collectors know and love so well. This color was popular in the 1950’s and 1960’s among Breyer’s and still is very popular among collectors today.

He is finished in a glossy coat which is also a vintage staple. Many Breyers created before 1970 came with a highly glossed coat. Breyer has since brought back glossies by popular demand, but these vintage beauties are still where it originated from and are still very popular for that glistening coat.

Prancer’s good looks don’t stop there. His deep mane and tail look perfect with his caramel coat color and large white pinto markings accent his coat. Breyer took it to the next level re-creating the original pinto markings that vintage collectors will recognize immediately! Four white socks and bright grey hooves finish off his perfectly vintage style.

Being re-created to a T isn’t easy and this guy’s style is beyond compare! But, if you think it stops there you’re wrong! Prancer comes in a vintage inspired box with graphics from the early days of Breyer.

Truly a collector’s piece, Prancer is sure to be a favorite among many! No vintage detail was too small to remember with this amazing guy. Bring a little vintage to your stable!

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