Breyer Horse New Releases: Pinto Prancer

Vintage is always in style, and Breyer vintage models are always a collectors dream! The beauty of a vintage model comes not only from its rarity but with its style from time gone by. As years pass Breyer has created new models, new techniques and new horses along the way, you can step back in time with Breyer and Golden Oak Stables with the vintage horse of your dreams!

Pinto Prancer is a lovely model that goes back to nearly the beginning of Breyer’s creation. Created in the 1950’s after the famous literary star Fury, Fury Prancer is a mold that was popular with his dynamic pose. He was often the mount of a famous cowboy or rider and came with his own saddle and molded on bridle. Prancer was produced in many different colors throughout the 50’s and 60’s but hasn’t seen much stable time in recent years. That is, until now!

New for 2012 Breyer brings us the iconic Prancer created in a perfectly retro 1950’s paint scheme! This deep caramel colored pinto is a stunning representation of the vintage “Honey Bay” coat color many collectors know and love so well. This color was popular in the 1950’s and 1960’s among Breyer’s and still is very popular among collectors today.

He is finished in a glossy coat which is also a vintage staple. Many Breyers created before 1970 came with a highly glossed coat. Breyer has since brought back glossies by popular demand, but these vintage beauties are still where it originated from and are still very popular for that glistening coat.

Prancer’s good looks don’t stop there. His deep mane and tail look perfect with his caramel coat color and large white pinto markings accent his coat. Breyer took it to the next level re-creating the original pinto markings that vintage collectors will recognize immediately! Four white socks and bright grey hooves finish off his perfectly vintage style.

Being re-created to a T isn’t easy and this guy’s style is beyond compare! But, if you think it stops there you’re wrong! Prancer comes in a vintage inspired box with graphics from the early days of Breyer.

Truly a collector’s piece, Prancer is sure to be a favorite among many! No vintage detail was too small to remember with this amazing guy. Bring a little vintage to your stable!

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