Breyer Horse Gallery: Year Of The Dragon

This year, January 23rd marks the start of the Chinese New Year.  Breyer has chosen to celebrate the Year of the Dragon with a beautiful horse in the Breyer Gallery.

Chinese New Year is the most important holiday on the Chinese calendar and is celebrated all throughout the world. Celebrations are grand and festivals take place for nearly two weeks as this fantastic holiday is celebrated throughout the country and the world. The Chinese New Year traditions are based on bringing good fortune and banishing bad luck. The color red is thought to bring good luck as well as ward away bad luck and is commonly worn and used for decorations. The color gold is also often used and is also thought to bring wealth and good prosperity in the new year!

Golden Oak Stables brings the spirit of Chinese New Year to you with an astonishing addition to the Breyer Gallery. Year Of The Dragon is a fine bisque porcelain model created on the stunning and exuberant Esprit mold. Painted in a stunning gold coat, Year Of The Dragon stands out with his own wishes for good prosperity.

An extravagant and exceptionally detailed dragon dances across the torso of Year Of The Dragon in bold colors. The dragon is created in traditional Chinese style with perfect details throughout. Year Of The Dragon stands on a bright golden base that will shine anywhere he may be found. With his mane and tail blowing in the wind, this dynamic horse captures the spirit of this legendary animal and this much beloved holiday.

The dragon is known in Chinese mythology as a creature of great power and a sign of fortune. Bringing the spirit of this mythical creature and fantastic mythology to a stunning horse that will shine in your collection, Breyer celebrates Chinese New Year! Don’t miss the opportunity to celebrate this fun and festive holiday with a fantastic new addition to your collection!


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