Breyer Horse New Releases: 2012 Sneak Peek!

Its only November but 2012 is slowly creeping nearer and Breyer has already released a few sneak peeks. Take a look as Golden Oak Stables gets us all excited for what’s to come!

Breyer is starting off with a bang bringing 1o all new classic scale horses to their lineup. These 1:12 scale horses are a fun and easy size to collect and have long been a favorite in the Breyer stable! New for 2012 are a Grey Selle Francais  mare, a Grullo Morgan, a striking Black Thoroughbred, a majestic Bay Arabian, a Chestnut Appaloosa, two Fun Foals in Chestnut and Bay Pinto, a Chestnut Haflinger, a Buckskin Pinto and finally a Silver Bay Mustang! With not only exciting new colors but new molds as well, you’ll be stuffing your stables before you know it!

A little more classic fun awaits you with the Western Lifestyle Set. Ready for some fun on the ranch? Your very own buckskin appaloosa cutting horse awaits! This action filled set is just itching to get out on the cattle trail! Included in the set are your very own calf in an action filled pose as well as a Border Collie to help keep your herd of cattle in line.

On the traditional scale of things there’s a brand new Truck and Trailer set to bring your horses to shows in style! The cherry red Dually Pickup shines with a logo emblazoned along each door and silver accents. The White Trailer sports the same logo and has room for two traditional horses. The truck and trailer both feature realistic details that resemble a real horse truck and trailer!

Last, but certainly not least, a little bit of fun awaits you with a pair of stablemate foals just jumping to play! The Frolicking Foals Pocket Barn is an adorable bright blue barn that houses two little rambunctious foals! A bay prancing foal and a palomino pinto galloping foal play throughout this playset. There’s even a set of yellow fencing to help keep them from getting out and into trouble!

No matter what your collection, 2012  will be an exciting year for any Breyer collector! Who know’s what else is in store at?


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