Breyer Horse New Releases: Classic Accessories For 2012!

Classic lovers can rejoice, Breyer and Golden Oak Stables are ready to fill out your stables and tack rooms with new horses and accessories for 2012!

Breyer already excited collectors in December with the announcement of new classic models! Each more exciting than the last, but who knew they had a little surprise up their sleeve? There’s more than new horses in the Classic stable for 2012, there’s a ton of new accessories that are fun and exciting as can be!

Starting out the lineup are two lovely riders that will have your horses working to their best in no time! Chelsea is an English show jumping rider dressed in a classic red show coat and brings her own English saddle, saddle pad and bridle! Kaitlyn is a blonde rodeo beauty that will have your horses racing around barrels and working those Western pleasure classes in no time! Her shimmering pink outfit will help her stand out in the show ring and her Western tack is ready for its time in the ring.

If you’re ready to bring a new competitor into your barn the Show Jumping Set is perfect! A lovely chestnut show jumper is ready to leap over the plank jump and comes with his own tack and tack box. Another fierce competitor is the striking palomino pinto Barrel Racer. She brings her own corral, barrel and tack to the ring as she fiercely rounds the barrels looking for the best time!

Looking to fill out your tack room? There are a myriad of new accessories that will keep your horses well outfitted and worked! You always need to keep your horses warm, and with not only a set of new classic blankets but also a set of classic shipping blankets you’re all set to keep your horses warm and protected! Western fans can have fun with this turquoise themed Western Accessories Kit. English riders can practice their competitive side with the English Jumping Accessory Kit, there’s even a blue ribbon and trophy to strive for!

The final new accessory for 2012 is probably the most important, a Corral! Set up your own paddocks and assure your models are safe at home on your ranch with new fencing!

No matter what your discipline, Classic collectors have plenty to get excited about! It’s a great year to be a Breyer collector!


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