Breyer Horse New Releases: Twin Appaloosa Foals!

Known for their spotted coats, Appaloosas are a breed all their own! Golden Oak Stables brings not one, but two Appaloosa Foals to you from the Breyer 2012 Collection! These twin foals are a rare sight indeed and are just as adorable as they are rare!

Dating back to the 18th century, the Appaloosa is an American breed that developed in the Pacific Northwest from Native American horses. The Nez Perce people developed the Appaloosa from native wild horses and horses brought to the Americas by Spanish explorers. The breed developed into one of the most popular stock horses and most recognized as well! Known for its spotted pattern the Appaloosa is a versatile breed that competes in nearly every discipline you can imagine, even racing!

The spotting pattern on the appaloosa varies from a small or even no spot pattern to a leopard pattern that extends over the entire body! Appaloosas can be nearly every color of the equine rainbow on top of their stunning spotted patterns. It’s no question why these flashy horses would be popular mounts!

This year two twin Appaloosa Foals have entered the Breyer stable! These appaloosa foals bring a bright pop of color to your stable and their sweet expressions are too sweet for words! Standing is a flashy leopard appaloosa foal. Her chestnut coat is only visible through her spotted pattern and light color in her tail. Her sister is a baby bay beauty that expressed the blanket appaloosa pattern. Her spots, unlike her sister, extend only over her hindquarters and the rest of her body is a sweet baby bay.

These two sisters are just as sweet as can be, and with their fun and flashy coats they are sure to become fast favorites in any stable. But color isn’t everything, these fillies are great examples of this versatile and kind breed that has become a piece of American history!


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