Breyer Horse Gallery: Royal Blood

April 29, 2013

There are three exciting new additions to Golden Oak Stables’  Breyer gallery this year, all of them celebrating artists that have celebrated the horse through their work. One of the most recognizable is that of George Stubbs’ famous work, Whistlejacket!

George Stubbs was an English painter in the seventeenth and eighteenth century that became famous for his paintings of horses. After studying in both England and Italy Stubbs focused his work on horse and found a place painting the beautiful horses of the English countryside and those of noble lords and ladies. One such instance is Whistlejacket. Whistlejacket was a race horse owned by the Marquess of Rockingham and was painted in 1762 by Stubbs. This stunning painting stands over 115 inches tall and 97 inches wide making it larger than life and stunning. Whistlejacket is portrayed half rearing and bright chestnut in color on a plain background leaving even more reason to fall in love with the beauty of the horse!

Breyer’s Whistlejacket is produced in the same rearing position that so many recognize so easily. Standing about five inches tall he has been sculpted with great detail and produced in a stunning resin that allows the sculpture to retain intricate details. His fiery chestnut coat has been recreated in stunning likeness with a bright mane and tail, shading throughout and two white socks on his hind feet. He’s been sculpted onto a grass base that resembles the English countryside where the real Whistlejacket would have lived out his years.

Bringing beauty art and the equine together, Whistlejacket is a reminder of the beauty of the horse. He also brings the beauty of the horse to the sport of horse racing and a bit of history along with him! It’s easy to see why this painting has been a favorite for horse lovers for two hundred and fifty years, and a model of him is sure to be just as popular with collectors!

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Real Life Breyer Horses: Rolex Three Day Event

April 25, 2013

This weekend competitors from all over the world come to the United States’ Kentucky Horse Park for what is the only four star eventing competition in the Western Hemisphere, the Rolex Three Day Event! Many great horses and riders have found their way to the Rolex Three Day during their careers. Many of the horses and riders have gone on to compete at the Olympics and all over the world because of their performance at the Rolex, and even a select few have become Breyer horses.

The Rolex Three Day Event is a competition that tests the variety and versatility of a horse and rider through three days of tough competition. The first test is a dressage test where horse and rider must perform a difficult and intricate set of movements that are scored on how exact and smoothly they are carried out. This tests the bond between horse and rider and the communication that the two of them share. Dressage is a sport that truly shows the finite and technical training of a horse.

The second day is a day of exhilarating Cross Country competition where riders race over natural terrain combined with jumps testing the horse and riders endurance. This difficult test brings the strongest and most enduring horses and riders to the top of the score boards at the end of day two. But don’t think it’s that simple, many horses and riders leave the competition at this stage because of the difficulty of the course. If you’ve made it past cross country day, it’s truly an accomplishment.

The third and final day is a day of exciting Show Jumping where riders and horses show their precision on a course of jumps that could rival the Olympics. Always difficult and exciting, the Show Jumping competition is the final stage in the Rolex Three Day Event and whoever comes out on top at the end of the day will go home the winner.

Showing the versatility of the horse and it’s rider through three days of competition, it’s no surprise that it’s a popular event throughout the world. Breyer lovers have been lucky enough to have several Rolex winners be available to their stable at one point, most recently Hedley Britannia. So keep your eyes on Kentucky this weekend, you never know who the next horse will be to gallop into Golden Oak Stables might be!

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Real Life Breyer Horses: All About Foals

April 22, 2013

Spring has sprung and for many this means the season of foals! These fun little bundles of joy can bring a smile to any horse lover’s face and excitement to any barn! How much do you know about foals?

Foals bring fun and excitement wherever they go with their adorable nature and curiosity, but there are a lot of things to know about foals. Most foals are born in the spring and at night because of the horse’s life in the wild as a prey animal. Horses need to be able to hide from predators making night a good time to foal and the warm spring weather helps for a baby to thrive. These characteristics have stuck with even domesticated horses and is still very common today. When a foal is first born it will almost always stand within an hour, this also goes back to being a prey animal and needing to get on the move again quick! From there a foal quickly learns how to nurse, walk, run and some even graze within the first two weeks!

By six months old a foal will be well on his way to becoming a full grown horse and will begin weaning from his mother. A foal can also be trained early on to do things like be lead on a halter, load into the trailer and even stand for a farrier! The most interesting part is because horses have such long memories, he’ll remember what he learns as a foal for the rest of his life, so training early is very important!

Breyer and Golden Oak Stables have a myriad of foals that you can bring into your stable. Famous foals like Zenyatta’s Colt Cozmic One and Misty with her foal Stormy to beautiful breeds like the Clydesdale and the Appaloosa.  There’s foals in every size too, from Traditional to Stablemate, the only question is, what kind of foal do you want in your stable? Be sure to pick carefully and train early, you never know who your next champion might be!


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Real Life Breyer Horses: Updates From A Few Of Breyer’s Leading Ladies

April 18, 2013

A few of Breyer’s leading ladies have been in the news lately for three exciting reasons! Golden Oak Stables always brings exciting horses to you, but these ladies have found their way into the hearts of horse lovers and Breyer collectors all over the world through their triumphs on the race track.

Retired Breyer portrait model Rachel Alexandra won her way into the record books with her amazing race record and her amazing tenacity. Two years ago she was retired to Stonestreet farm outside of Lexington Kentucky to start her life as a breeding mare. Last year she gave birth to a wonderful little colt out of Curlin and this year she followed with a beautiful filly from Bernadini. Not long after foaling it was found that she sustained an injury and needed surgery. Good news came this week when Stonestreet let Rachel fan’s all over know that she had been turned out for the first time since her surgery and was most definitely on the mend!

Zenyatta also made news this week with news of her first foal! Zenyatta’s first foal who was born last year was finally given a name. Her owners, the Moss family, had spent almost a year picking the perfect name for her first colt and it was announced this week that he would be known as Cozmic One! They also published a photo that has Coz looking a lot like his portrait Breyer model!

Lastly horse racing welcomes a new broodmare into the stable with the retirement of Black Caviar! This astonishing Australian mare retires with an amazing 25:0 record that is one of a kind! This amazing mare has taken Australia and the world by storm and there’s no telling what is in store for her or her future foals! Chances are, Black Caviar is only the start of something amazing!

With three exciting news bits from three of the most amazing females in racing, there’s no wonder why Breyer has chose to honor them! They are three amazing mares that are changing the world for the girls!


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Breyer Horse Accessories: Working Your Horses

April 15, 2013

There are dozens of different disciplines in the real horse world and hundreds of activities to do with your horse; creativity is really your only limitation! Breyer and Golden Oak Stables bring you realistic accessories for your Breyer so that you can use that same creativity with your models!

There are many popular activities for horses and one of the most exciting to both watch and participate in is that of show jumping! Jumps can range from around a foot tall to over six feet tall and the higher you get, the more exciting the competition! Breyer has a few jumps to update your schooling yard with so that you can get your horses in training for that big day. The Brick Wall Jump is a great representation of the same jumps you’ll see at any international competition. With brick pillars and a rail to add difficulty to the already difficult jump. The Show Jumping Oxer is a double jump with two sets of standards and poles sure to bring some fun to your stable. There’s also a fun Jumper Set with horses on either standard and a Brush Box jump!

You can start training your horses with fun accessories like a Cavetelli set that makes for good one on one work. You can also try your hand at Dressage, which enhances the relationship between horse and rider with a realistic Dressage Ring that will have you thinking of Devon! How about a Metal Livestock Corral that can be used for penning horses, or combine more than one set to make a round pen perfect for ground training!

That’s just the start of all the fun accessories from Breyer and Golden Oak Stables, there’s  tack for every discipline and everything you can imagine to care for your horses. So, what are you going to do with your Breyers today? How about learning about something new together?


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Breyer Horse New Releases: Ballou

April 11, 2013

The exciting sport of youth hunter jumper is a competitive one where some of the best equestrians are made! Under these riders are the mounts that lead them on their way to victory! These ponies are strong, talented and determined and often lead many riders into the winners circles in their careers. Breyer brings you just that kind of pony new for 2013 to lead the youth riders in your stable to the winners circle!

One of those famous little ponies is Ballou. Ballou is a 13 year old welsh pony that has found his way to the championship at the prestigious USEF Pony Finals not one, but two times! This little welsh pony not only stands out for his accomplishments but also for his striking color. He is a bright red chestnut roan with a blaze that can stop anyone in their tracks. This distinctive blaze has made everyone take notice to not only his accomplishments but simply how stunning he is too! Standing a bit over 12 hands high, Ballou qualifies in the Small Pony divisions for his riders. Ballou has been leading riders into the winners circle since 2007 and has taken the biggest title at the USEF Pony Finals twice, in 2007 and 2011. These victories made him a true legend in his sport and we can only await what the future brings!

Breyer has created a model celebrating Ballou in the perfect way only Breyer can! Created on the mold of another famous eventer, Newsworthy, Ballou is shown in the middle of a jump leading his rider safely over. His mane and tail are braided up and ready to go into the show ring for another round of competition. His striking chestnut color is created with deep and bright tones that will catch anyone’s eye and his mane and tail are bright and golden with shadings of their own! His well known blaze has been recreated in perfect detail without a detail missed and his two socks are there as well giving him the perfect final touch.

Always excited to bring  a small piece of the equestrian world to you, Breyer and Golden Oak Stables welcome Ballou!


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Real Life Breyer Horses: Zenyatta’s New Colt

April 8, 2013

This past week the world of racing welcomed a little colt that fans all over the world will be watching with baited breath. The big mare that could, Zenyatta, has made millions of fans in her time on the track, but now as a broodmare she’s making even more fans through her offspring!

Zenyatta took the world by storm with her amazing 19 out of 20 career wins. This big dark bay mare had a way of capturing the hearts of fans with her beautiful looks and her sweet and funny disposition! She was known by many for her dance that she would do on her way to the starting gate, something her competitors didn’t have! She was retired in the fall of 2010 and came to live in Lexington Kentucky at Lane’s End Farm. She was first bred to Bernadini in the spring of 2011 and in 2012 gave birth to her first colt! He was dark bay with a striking resemblance to his mother. She was then bred again last year to Tapit and just last week she gave birth to an other beautiful colt! Dubbed 13Z, this colt  has his mom’s striking white blaze but is a bold chestnut color! He’s been called “Leggy” and “Spunky” and is sure to follow in both his mother and brother’s footsteps!

You can have add a little bit of Zenyatta to your life with a Breyer model of not only her but her first colt as well from Golden Oak Stables! Zenyatta has been created in a spunky pose that perfectly sums up this big mare and her spunky personality. Every detail in this lovely mare can be found on her model, right down to her spots in the socks of her feet! Zenyatta’s Colt is the perfect portrait of her first foal. The resemblance to his mom is apparent on his model just like on the real him with his stunning dark bay coat. His own spunky personality comes out as he trots through a paddock playing with his mother!

The Zenyatta family is just starting and with two stunning colts who know’s what will be next. A filly? We’ll just have to wait and see!


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Breyer Events: Breyerfest 2013

April 4, 2013

Every year Lexington Kentucky makes way for the largest model horse event in the world, Breyerfest! Nearly ten thousand collectors come from all over the world to Lexington in late July for a weekend of model horse mania! This year, the event has a country western feel that is sure to excite Breyer lovers!

The Kentucky Horse Park has been the home of Breyerfest for over 20 years. Each year they open their doors for model horse collectors to come, visit the park and it’s horses and to experience the Kentucky bluegrass. Horses from all over the world reside on the park and hundreds of events take place there every year and Breyer collectors get to experience this for the three days of Breyerfest!

Breyer also has dozens of events that take place that weekend. Horse exhibitions from famous horses and their owners take place in the covered arena all weekend long and show the diversity and capability of the horse. There’s also tons of model horse workshops where collectors can learn new things about the hobby like customizing and fun crafts to do with their horses. Talented model horse hobbyists are also on hand to teach seminars on subjects like how to show your models and subjects like equine genetics!

One of the most exciting events are the model horse shows that are some of the largest in the nation! Here model horse showers compete to win ribbons and other wonderful prizes as well as bragging rights! There is a show on Thursday for only china or breakable models, Friday hosts the open nationals (NAN) qualifying show and Saturday is two shows in one for children and youths. These shows are some of the toughest in the world and it’s truly a point of pride to win any ribbon at these competitive shows!

Breyerfest is a destination that any model horse lover needs to get to some day but if you can’t make it this year remember the wonderful events at Golden Oak Stables throughout the year. There’s no excuse to not have a little bit of Breyer horse fun in your life!


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Breyer Horse New Releases: Classics Vet Care

April 1, 2013

One of the most important people in a horse or horse owners life is a trusted vet. Horses have a knack for getting themselves into trouble, and even if a horse isn’t a vet to call when a horse falls under the weather is one of the most important people to have on call is a vet! Now Golden Oak Stables brings you one to help out on your farm and keep your horses in tip top shape!

Just like a doctor for us, a veterinarian is a doctor for horses and other animals. Veterinarians go through many years of training to be able to care for our animals and are there to treat everything from a cut to the birth of a new foal.

You can bring home a Vet complete with some friends of her own with the Classics Vet Care set. This set includes everything your vet will need to keep your classics models healthy and happy! Dressed in blue medical scrubs, this six inch blonde doll is ready for whatever your barn can throw at her. Her hair is tied back in a pony tail making her ready for whatever the day will bring.

She brings along a few companions that will help liven up your barn as she works on your horses. A little black cat is the first companion she brings along. This cute solid black cat is the perfect barn cat to keep mice at bay. She also brings a cute tan terrier dog along with her. This sweet little dog is sure to keep you and your horses company. Last but certainly not least she brings a beautiful dark bay foal! He comes with his own red and white blanket and is sure to have everyone excited for a new baby in the barn. She also comes with a stethoscope, medical bag and a bucket to help her as she works.

Bringing fun and realism to your barn, the Classics Vet Care set is a neat way to bring the action of a real barn to yours!


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