Breyer Horse Collecting: Vintage Models

September 28, 2015

As many collectors know, there have been thousands of models created over the sixty five years that Breyer has been making model horses. Each year, Breyer releases dozens of new models and retires about the same number. These retired models become discontinued and vintage after a bit of time and become harder and harder to find as time goes on. These models become highly sought after by collectors, but have a lot of collecting potential!

Vintage means a lot of different things to different collectors, but models that have been discontinued for more than a few years are often thought of as vintage by many collectors. As time goes on, these models become more difficult to find and highly prized by collectors. If you take a look at your collection, chances are you have at least a few models that are vintage in there.

If you want to start collecting vintage models, you might not know where to start. You can find models in all kinds of places, from friends and family that had them when they were younger or antique stores and sales. If you’re looking for the most pristine vintage models though, Golden Oak Stables has an extensive line of Vintage models that are just waiting to be taken to their new stable! These true collectors pieces are like finding a needle in a haystack!

Whatever your collection is made of, a bit of vintage goodness is sure to bring a new life to your collection, even if the horse may be a bit older.


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Breyer Horse Collecting: Getting Involved

September 24, 2015

One of the best parts of collecting Breyer horses is that you have the chance to interact with them in so many different ways! There’s also the possibility to meet other collectors and all of the fun things that come along with connecting with others that have the same passion as you. Have you taken the time to try to get involved with the hobby?

One of the most common ways to get involved with your models and other collectors is through showing. Photo showing, or live showing are two ways that you can not only compete with your models, but also connect with other collectors. One step further is to find a way to help with live and photo shows. Volunteering to help is always deeply appreciated, and you’ll find that you’ll make plenty of new friends with just the offer of help. Holding your own shows is also a great way to meet other collectors and to help others have a fun time in the hobby.

You might be surprised to hear that getting creative with your models, through customizing, tack making and prop making is also a great way to get involved. Your own creative endeavors are a great way to open the door to talking with other collectors and meeting ones with similar interests to your own. You’ll also find many live and photo shows are anxious for help from talented artists, so don’t be afraid to reach out that way too!

You can always browse the Golden Oak Stables Stable News archives for ideas, but there really is no bad place to start getting involved. So start today, and find a whole new meaning to your collection!



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Breyer Horse Collecting: 2015 Retired List

September 21, 2015

It’s that time of year again! Collectors take notice, there’s only a few short months to add these models to your collection!

The retired list will come as no surprise to long time collectors, but each year there are retirements that surprise all of us. No matter what kind of collection you have, taking a look at the Retired list is a good idea. Once you’ve taken a good look over the list, act fast! Golden Oak Stables can help you add any models you have missed to your collection, but only while supplies last!

2015 Retired List

Horse Cruiser
Western Riding Accessories
English Jumping Accessories
“Peace, Love & Horses”
2015 Horse of the Year – Liam

Pippa Funnell’s Primmore’s Pride
Pippa Funnell’s Magic Spirit

Mini Whinnies Surprise 48 pc Display

Breyer Acres
Horse Crazy 4-Horse Gift Set
Cutting Horse
Show Jumping
Horse & Foal 8 pc Asst.

Hickstead – Olympic Show Jumper
Topsails Rein Maker
Grullo Pinto
Appaloosa Indian Pony
RCH Ventarrones – Peruvian Paso
GVF Sjokolade
Frankel – World’s Highest Rated Race Horse
RMP Muscial Ride Traditional Horse
Flexible – Show Jumper
AQHA 75th Anniversary Horse
Glitterati – 65th Anniversary Horse
Autism Benefit Model
Santiago – Ltd Ed Polo Pony
Jubilation – Mule Ltd Ed

Nico – Ltd Ed Polo Rider
Hereford Bull
Brick Wall Jump
Parade Saddle Set
Hunter Roll Top Jump
Hot Walker Ltd Ed
Livestock Feeder Ltd Ed
Metal Livestock Corral Ltd Ed
Western Riding Set
Polo Saddle Set Ltd Ed
Pack Saddle Ltd Ed
Traditional “Dually” Truck
Traditional Two-Horse Trailer
So don’t wait! Time is ticking on all of these models and if you’d like to add them to your collection, you need to act now!


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Breyer Horse Stablemates: Deluxe Stable Set

September 17, 2015

Creating your own stable and farm is one of many ways you can enjoy your Breyer collection, and for many years collectors have been using their creativity to create elaborate scenes. Golden Oak Stables brings you a set for your Stablemates that will have you well on your way to building your own Stablemate world!

The new Deluxe Stable Set brings your Stablemates a set unlike anything ever before. This red barn is the ultimate accessory for any stablemate lover and the perfect way to start, or continue your Stablemate world! This amazing barn is new for fall 2015 and brings the excitement of having your own stable to your collection.

It’s flip top design is unique and gives you access to all parts of the barn. Seven stalls, each with realistic sliding doors, are the perfect home for your prized Stablemates. Next to the stalls is the perfect spot to store equipment, which the stable is loaded with! Fencing, hay bales, a water trough and more are all included! There’s even a red roan pony and a grey Peruvian Paso to get your stable started with a few equine super stars!

Bringing a whole new level to the Stablemate collector world, the Deluxe Stable Set is the ultimate Stablemate accessory. Which of your Stablemates will have the honor of boarding there?


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Breyer Horse New Releases: Holiday 2015

September 14, 2015

The weather is getting colder and for many thoughts of fall are in the air, but for Breyer collectors, something else always seems to come into minds around this time of year, the Breyer Holiday Collection!

This year, a special grey horse heralds the start of the holiday season for Breyer collectors as the 2015 Holiday Horse. Peppermint Kisses is a beautiful grey stallion that is decked out in his holiday best to help collectors celebrate the hobby this holiday season. Collectors can have even more fun decorating their tree with a Peppermint Kisses Stirrup Ornament that features this year’s holiday horse scaled down to a micro scale.

Speaking of ornaments, collectors have a wide range of them to choose from this year, each of them being as special as the one before. The Artist Series continues this year with the works of Kristina Lucas-Francis on a lovely glass ornament. The Beautiful Breeds Series adds a Thoroughbred to its ranks and the Carousel Series adds Winter Winds to it as well. Santa comes to town in both English and Western ornaments to deck the tree and there’s even a nod to the Royal Canadian Mounted Police! Collectors can decorate even further with the My First Pony Snowglobe, which captures every little girl’s holiday dreams!

Golden Oak Stables has everything you’ll need to bring the Breyer spirit to your holiday. Where will you begin?


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Breyer Horse New Releases: Best Of British

September 10, 2015

Galloping in from the British Isles, a new slew of horses are ready to join the already popular Best Of British Breeds series!

The new Best Of British Breeds Series is an already popular series both in the United States and across the pond in the United Kingdom and around the world! This series of native British breeds have brought a whole new set of breeds to horse lovers and brought a whole new set of horse lovers to these amazing breeds! Breyer collectors can now learn all about these amazing breeds with models of their own!

New for mid-year 2015, collectors can add several new breeds to their collection. The Highland Pony is a sweet dun pony with a native feel. This spirited breed of ponies is known for it’s dun coat color, in which he’s been created in! The Irish Draught horse is another horse that is sure to amaze. This beautiful liver chestnut beauty is known for it’s stocky build and versatile abilities. Last but perhaps the most well recognized is an English Shire that comes with a Corgi, just like the Queen herself owns! This black Shire is what many recognize when they think of the breed and his little Corgi friend is a lovely addition to any stable!

Golden Oak Stables brings you the Best Of British with these unique and beautiful models that are ready to gallop into your stable today!


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Real Life Breyer Horses: American Pharoah

September 3, 2015

Horse lovers around the world have fallen in love with a bay stallion with a lot of heart. In just a few short months a horse has taken the world by storm and made a household name for himself all while making his way in to the history books! Now, Golden Oak Stables brings collectors everything they have been wishing for!

Just a few short months ago, American Pharoah was a relative unknown, an early favorite for the Kentucky Derby, but still not much different than any of the three year old horses that showed up to race that day. With expert training behind him and a pedigree that caught more than a few fans attention, American Pharoah was an early favorite, but he would come to surprise even his biggest early fans.

With his first win in the Kentucky Derby, chatter of a Triple Crown started, and with a win in the Preakness is grew until he came around the stretch at the Belmont with little effort to win the first Triple Crown in nearly four decades!

Breyer collectors instantly hoped for a model of this amazing horse, a way to celebrate the first Triple Crown winner since the 1970’s, and now, Breyer has answered!

Created on the Ruffian mold, American Pharoah comes to collectors in a fully stretched gallop, headed towards the finish. His deep bay color is recognizable to all and his specially created base commemorates this very special occasion!


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