Breyer Horse New Releases: Best Of British

Galloping in from the British Isles, a new slew of horses are ready to join the already popular Best Of British Breeds series!

The new Best Of British Breeds Series is an already popular series both in the United States and across the pond in the United Kingdom and around the world! This series of native British breeds have brought a whole new set of breeds to horse lovers and brought a whole new set of horse lovers to these amazing breeds! Breyer collectors can now learn all about these amazing breeds with models of their own!

New for mid-year 2015, collectors can add several new breeds to their collection. The Highland Pony is a sweet dun pony with a native feel. This spirited breed of ponies is known for it’s dun coat color, in which he’s been created in! The Irish Draught horse is another horse that is sure to amaze. This beautiful liver chestnut beauty is known for it’s stocky build and versatile abilities. Last but perhaps the most well recognized is an English Shire that comes with a Corgi, just like the Queen herself owns! This black Shire is what many recognize when they think of the breed and his little Corgi friend is a lovely addition to any stable!

Golden Oak Stables brings you the Best Of British with these unique and beautiful models that are ready to gallop into your stable today!


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