Breyer Horse Stablemates: Deluxe Stable Set

Creating your own stable and farm is one of many ways you can enjoy your Breyer collection, and for many years collectors have been using their creativity to create elaborate scenes. Golden Oak Stables brings you a set for your Stablemates that will have you well on your way to building your own Stablemate world!

The new Deluxe Stable Set brings your Stablemates a set unlike anything ever before. This red barn is the ultimate accessory for any stablemate lover and the perfect way to start, or continue your Stablemate world! This amazing barn is new for fall 2015 and brings the excitement of having your own stable to your collection.

It’s flip top design is unique and gives you access to all parts of the barn. Seven stalls, each with realistic sliding doors, are the perfect home for your prized Stablemates. Next to the stalls is the perfect spot to store equipment, which the stable is loaded with! Fencing, hay bales, a water trough and more are all included! There’s even a red roan pony and a grey Peruvian Paso to get your stable started with a few equine super stars!

Bringing a whole new level to the Stablemate collector world, the Deluxe Stable Set is the ultimate Stablemate accessory. Which of your Stablemates will have the honor of boarding there?


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