Breyer Horse Collecting: Getting Involved

One of the best parts of collecting Breyer horses is that you have the chance to interact with them in so many different ways! There’s also the possibility to meet other collectors and all of the fun things that come along with connecting with others that have the same passion as you. Have you taken the time to try to get involved with the hobby?

One of the most common ways to get involved with your models and other collectors is through showing. Photo showing, or live showing are two ways that you can not only compete with your models, but also connect with other collectors. One step further is to find a way to help with live and photo shows. Volunteering to help is always deeply appreciated, and you’ll find that you’ll make plenty of new friends with just the offer of help. Holding your own shows is also a great way to meet other collectors and to help others have a fun time in the hobby.

You might be surprised to hear that getting creative with your models, through customizing, tack making and prop making is also a great way to get involved. Your own creative endeavors are a great way to open the door to talking with other collectors and meeting ones with similar interests to your own. You’ll also find many live and photo shows are anxious for help from talented artists, so don’t be afraid to reach out that way too!

You can always browse the Golden Oak Stables Stable News archives for ideas, but there really is no bad place to start getting involved. So start today, and find a whole new meaning to your collection!



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