Golden Oak Stables Contest 2011: Breyer Horse Monthly Video Challenge!

January 10, 2011

Youtube has become one of the fastest growing social networking sites for Breyer horse collectors in the past two years. It hosts thousands of creative videos by just as many creative individuals! It’s a wonderfully exciting and fun way to share your love for Breyer and now Golden Oak Stables is hosting a monthly Video Challenge for you to share your love for your models with all of us!

Videos on youtube range from the informative to the dramatic! Some users create elaborate storylines for their models where the horses come to life and act out extensive scenarios. Others simply show videos of their collections for all to see! Some share opinions and reviews of their new models and others share information, creating instructional videos to help others learn!

The possibilities are endless with this new type of social media for Breyers and Golden Oak Stables encourages you to enter their montly video challenge. You can bring home a Golden Oak Stables gift certificate by creating a video about your models! With 5 different categories, you can let your mind go wild!

Golden Oak Stables 2011 Monthly Video Challenge*
Exclusively for the friends of Golden Oak Stables and those that Love Breyer Horses.

Summary of Challenge (No purchase or payment of any kind is necessary to enter or win this challenge)

Create a short video about Breyer Horses
You must have a YouTube Account.
Videos can be any style: fiction or documentary, animated or live action.
Videos must be no longer than three minutes.
Music is not allowed unless it is your own original work.
Videos must be in English or have English subtitles.
Videos must be an original work.
Videos must be created after January 1, 2011.
Videos must be posted and then submitted to Golden Oak Stables Video Challenge at: no later than Midnight January 31, 2011.

Winners will be announced via email and the Stable News no later than the 15th of the following month.

One Prize will be awarded per month. Entries can include any or all of the following:
1) Creativity – Use your imagination to innovate something that is new.
2) Reality – Use actual events or facts in a simulation.
3) Informational – Use your knowledge to provide instruction.
4) Choreography – Use your artistic talents.
5) Videography – Use your skills to provide an organized production.

Visit Golden Oak Stables today to read all about the video challenge, and get your camera dusted off and start working on your video! You have 12 chances to win this year, so don’t delay!


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Breyer Horse Contest Time! Halloween Photo Contest!

August 30, 2010

As fall rolls in Breyer has rolled out a stunning Test Model that will be awarded to the top prize!

The adorable Halloween Pony Gift Set is the perfect addition to just about any collection, this adorable blue roan pony is the absolute pinnacle of sweetness. Dressed in a ghost costume she is frighteningly ready for a barn costume contest, or better yet, a Breyer contest. With her faithful witch companion dressed to the nines in orange, green and black she is ready to lead her pony right into the winner’s circle.

Breyer has comprised a great contest that puts this set in center stage! Breyer is asking you to create a Halloween scene using the Halloween Pony Gift Set and your own imagination to come up with a photograph that will scare the horseshoes off of anyone! Bats, pumpkins, spooky trees, nothing is off limits when it comes to your creativity!

The prize is an amazing Legionaro mold done in a test run color similar to a previous Halloween Horse “Merry Widow”. This one of a kind model will be given away to the winner and two runners up will win this year’s Dealer Special Run “Bats in the Belfry”!

From Breyer:

Win a Test Model in our Spooktacular Scene Contest

We have a frighteningly fabulous test model of the 2003 Halloween Horse, Merry Widow, to give away to one lucky winner! Done in sparkly metallic black paint on Legionario (mold #68), “Merry Widower” features a spooky spider and spider web pattern, perfect for Halloween! Entering is fun and easy! Just purchase the Halloween Pony Gift Set (#1427), create a spooky Halloween scene and send us a picture of your creation. With our rider doll masquerading as a witch and her playful blue roan pony posing as a ghost, a spooky scene should be a piece of cake…or at least pumpkin pie!

Restrictions, terms and conditions apply. Click here for complete details.

So spook on over to Golden Oak Stables to pick up your Halloween Pony Set and then dust off your camera and get started! Time’s ticking away!


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Announcing The Golden Oak Stables Breyer Horse Video Challenge!

August 26, 2010

One of the hottest new trends in the Breyer horse hobby is Youtube! Creating videos of your collection is quickly becoming the fastest growing activity to do with your Breyer Horse collection.

From simple “Collection” videos where a user will record her entire collection for others to see, to elaborate productions starring their favorite models, the variety of subjects and genres are varied and wide! If you type in the words “Breyer Horses” in Youtube you will get over 5000 videos from hundreds of different users.

Golden Oak Stables is proud to announce the Golden Oak Stables Video Challenge! With six different prize categories that have wonderful prizes, you’d be silly not to enter.

The six different categories are:
1) Creativity – Use your imagination to innovate something that is new.
2) Reality – Use actual events or facts in a simulation.
3) Informational – Use your knowledge to provide instruction.
4) Choreography – Use your artistic talents.
5) Videography – Use your skills to provide an organized production.
6) Golden Oak Stables “I Love Breyer Horses” Video Challenge Award – To be awarded to the best over-all video.

Winners will be announced on October 23rd, 2010 around noontime and entries must be submitted by October 17th, 2010.

Entries can be any subject, let your creativity run wild and create a video that will stand out in a crowd! Your video can be fiction or documentary, and live action or animated, the most important factor is that you are as creative as possible!

Winners in categories 1-5 will win a $50 Golden Oak Stables gift certificate, and the winner in category 6 will win a $100 Golden Oak Stables gift certificate!

So pull your camera out and get those creative juices flowing to create a video for the Golden Oak Stables Video Challenge. Take a moment to join the Golden Oak Stables Youtube Page to keep up with the contest as it grows closer to the deadline.

Full rules can be read on the Golden Oak Stables Video Challenge page.

We can’t wait to see what you come up with! Enter today!


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