Breyer Horse Events: A Fall Of Fun At Golden Oak Stables

September 6, 2012

For years Golden Oak Stables has brought collectors together to celebrate their love for Breyer horses with other collectors through shows and events. This fall, two events finish off a year of of Breyer horse fun in a way you’ll never forget!

First up is Golden Oak Stables End of Summer Cool Down rolling into Golden Oak Stables on September 15th! Breyer horse lovers will get the opportunity to not only show their best to compete for that coveted blue ribbon but can also spend the day participating in fun events!

The day starts off bright and early with a youth/intermediate horse show where entrants can bring their models and compete against one another in dozens of classes! There are dozens of chances for a blue ribbon of your own!

Golden Oak Stables has a special event planned for the day as well, Author Jessie Haas will be on hand to sign copies of her new Breyer book and model Chico’s Crossing! This is your opportunity to meet the person behind the pen of one of Breyer’s newest models and most exciting stories!

The fall will round out with a Youth/Novice show on October 13th. This is the perfect way for someone who is new to jump in to live showing! If you’ve never shown before, this is your chance to give it a try in a friendly environment that’s meant for learning!

Each Golden Oak Stables event is also paired with a Breyer Fun Day with activities for everyone! Drawing, shopping games and Stablemate Painting are ways for everyone to get involved in the Breyer fun!

If you’re ready to jump into showing or just looking for a fun way to spend the day, visit Golden Oak Stables this fall! There’s no better place to be if you love Breyer horses!


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Breyer Horse Events: New England Fall Live Is Almost Here!

October 3, 2011

Cool air is blowing in and holidays will be slowly approaching but you have one more chance this year to get out to Golden Oak Stables to show off your models and compete with others for top honors!

New England Fall Live celebrates its third year and as the only all Breyer show in New England its the perfect chance to bring your Breyer collection out to show how versatile and wonderful Breyer horses really are! Performance classes are always popular and there’s a myriad of them! Use your creativity to bring a realistic scene to the show ring! English , Western, Harness and Costume, they are all there for you to enter as well as an “Other Performance” class that always gets creative!

The custom classes are sure to be filled with astonishing creations from entrants and artists alike and the extensive classlist gives you specialized classes to enter your customs in, so bring one and all! Another great part is that there will be two judges for the Custom division! One judge will be judging on Breed standards and another will be judging on Workmanship. A Workmanship judge evaluates horses on a different set of standards as the breed judge and will place the horses based on how well done the customization, paint and prepping was done on the model, not how realistic or well the horse fits the breed. It makes classes very interesting and rewards horses on two completely separate levels!

In the Original Finish classes, which tend to be the largest, you’ll see new and old alike showing Breyer’s wide range of horses from the past 60 years! Part of the most interesting part is that, like custom, there will be a second judge that evaluates the Original Finish Classes. The Collectibility judge will also be judging on a different set of criteria that ranks models by how rare and desirable they are! So, while a horse might not be the most realistic, it might just be the rarest and end up with that coveted blue ribbon!

All the classes are NAN Qualifying meaning that any horse that places 1st or 2nd is qualified for the North American Nationals in 2012 and 2013! Don’t miss your chance to compete with the best of the best and spend a wonderful day of fun with Golden Oak Stables!


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Breyer Horse Events: New England Fall Live

September 1, 2011

The third annual New England Fall Live is galloping into Golden Oak Stables on October 22nd 2011, to finish off a year of exceptional events!

The finale to a year of amazing events, New England Fall Live is an open, NAN Qualifying, show that will bring stiff and fun competition to New Hampshire! Being an Open, NAN qualifying show means that any horse that places first or second will be eligible to enter the North American Nationals show in either 2012 or 2013! The pinnacle of model horse shows, the North American Nationals is an event not to be missed and your horses could earn the chance to be there!

New England Fall Live has a full classlist with dozens of classes and hundreds of NAN cards to be awarded as well as hundreds of ribbons and dozens of beautiful rosettes to be given for champions in any number of divisions. There are tons of awards to go around for everyone.

NEFL is a Breyer only show giving you the chance to show off your wonderful and lovely Breyer horses in a setting where they can compete with their own. Focusing on the amazing versatility, craftsmanship and rarity of the Breyer Horse, Golden Oak Stables is proud to call NEFL one of the only “Breyer Only” shows in the nation.

Your Breyer horses can show in any of five divisions, Performance, Original Finish Halter, Original Finish Collectiblity, Custom Halter and Custom Workmanship. There are even fun classes like the Collectors Class where you  can bring out a theme collection of horses to show off and silly classes like “Miss Congeniality” where ugly is beautiful!

No matter what your preference is, there’s a class for you. This finale of the year is never to be missed and always full of fun! You can celebrate the beauty of the Breyer horse with a wonderful day at Golden Oak Stables! Don’t miss your chance at hundreds of prizes as well as a day of friends and fun!


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Breyer Horse Events: Golden Oak Stables Summer Break Live

August 11, 2011

Don’t miss out! August 27th 2011 novices from all over New England and beyond will come to Golden Oak Stables to finish out the novice show year!

The final leg in the 2011 Golden Oak Stables Novice Series, Summer Break Live is your chance to get int the action in a fun, friendly and educational way! Linda Carrier, a long time model horse hobbyist is hosting and bringing her extensive knowledge to attendees. Golden Oak Stables novice shows are unlike any in the nation and some of the largest shows too. Classes and divisions that mimic an open show help novices get a “feel” for the open show scene and also improve their skills .

Each and every division is a great way to learn not only more about your horses but also about real horses. Halter requires breed research to choose the right breed for your Breyer Horse as entrants are asked to name a breed for their horse. Some showers take extensive time to choose breeds for their models which can often pay off with blue ribbons. Collectibility is an original finish division that showcases rare and vintage models and showers are expected to research their model to tell a judge why its “Special”. There are hundreds of thousands of tid-bits in Breyer history over the past 60 plus years so a good collectiblity entry will explain everything a shower can find about the model. Custom classes are the classes for creativity to shine, especially in the Entrant Custom classes where only work by the owner may be shown. The art of customizing is a difficult one to master and it can take years to perfect but Golden Oak Stables provides a level playing field for customizers. Last but certainly not least is the Performance division which is in one phrase “Detail Driven”. Learning about the real sport which you are exhibiting is the most important thing in performance where entrants re-create simple to elaborate scenes depicting a real horse activity. It can range from a simple Western Pleasure class all the way up to an elaborate Scene Class!

A fun and educational experience for all, Golden Oak Stables novice shows are the perfect way to begin or continue your time in the model horse world. Don’t fret more experienced showers, New England Fall Live is right around the corner to finish off the year with a bang!


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Breyer Events: Golden Oak Stables Saddle-Up For Spring 2011

January 31, 2011

The time has come and warm weather is in the minds of many and the first Golden Oak Stables model horse show for the year is quickly approaching! In less than 8 weeks Golden Oak Stables will open their doors again for Saddle-Up For Spring. The first of the year in what is sure to be another successful show season filled with 5 events!

Have you been thinking about trying model horse showing? Are you in the New England area? Saddle-Up for Spring is your chance! On March 26th Golden Oak Stables will be home to their one of a kind shows that cater to new and budding hobbyists! Golden Oak Stables’ Novice shows are specially created to give those new to the hobby or showing all the information needed to have a great time! The shows are full of fun classes and divisions that mimic a large scale open show, so they are perfect for learning everything you can about model horse showing!

The judges are always happy to answer questions too and give you feedback on what you did well or could do better next time, because there’s always room for improvement and the only way to do better next time is to know what needs changed.

There’s a myriad of classes that will fill the day and fun activities for the whole family! A Breyer Fun Day will also take place along with all the shopping you can imagine from Golden Oak Stables. Lunch and snacks are even provided  to keep you full and energized all day long!

So what are you waiting for? Pack up your ponies and head on our to Golden Oak Stables for Saddle-Up For Spring 2011, its an experience you won’t soon forget!

Click here for more information on Saddle-Up For Spring and other Golden Oak Stables Events!







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Breyer Horse Events: 2011-A Year of Events!

January 3, 2011

The clock has struck midnight and 2011 has officially begun! The holidays are over as is the stress that goes with it! All that is left are bright thoughts of the new year! If you have been waiting for a model horse event, this is your year!

Breyer started the new year off with a surprise in the November/December issue of Just About Horses. Fourth in the line of very exclusive, special events, The Sunshine Celebration is a three day event hosted in the wonderful state of Florida on April 1st-3rd! Attendance is strictly limited to 200 attendees that must enter through a random draw in Just About Horses, so act fast! Attendees will gain exclusive access to some of the most fascinating and exclusive horse farms of the Ocala, Florida area as well as an exclusive Special Run and the opportunity to purchase other Special Runs! How fun!

Can’t make it to Florida? Golden Oak Stables has a calendar packed full of events in New Hampshire!

Event Schedule – Golden Oak Stables
March 26, 2011: Saddle Up for Spring Youth/Novice Model Horse Show
April 30, 2011: Open Model Horse Show
June 25, 2011: Workshops
August 27, 2011: Youth/Novice Model Horse Show
October 22, 2011: New England Fall Live Model Horse Show

If you are in the New England area, there is an event for you! From youth and novice shows that are perfect for newer hobbyists to open shows and even a workshop day, there’s something for everyone! So get on out to a Golden Oak Stables event and see what everyone is talking about!

The warm Kentucky summer welcomes, as always, the largest Breyer event of the year, Breyerfest! The theme this year is Fairytales and its sure to please with its fanciful theme! From July 15th to 17th Lexington, KY will be turned into the Breyer Horse capital of the world and thousands will flock to this wonderful city to see not only plastic horses, but real ones as well! It is an event not to be missed!

If you are near any of these events, they are events not to miss! Capturing every facet of the hobby, 2011 is a bright year already with numerous events that will enchant, educate and entertain!


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Announcing The Golden Oak Stables Breyer Horse Video Challenge!

August 26, 2010

One of the hottest new trends in the Breyer horse hobby is Youtube! Creating videos of your collection is quickly becoming the fastest growing activity to do with your Breyer Horse collection.

From simple “Collection” videos where a user will record her entire collection for others to see, to elaborate productions starring their favorite models, the variety of subjects and genres are varied and wide! If you type in the words “Breyer Horses” in Youtube you will get over 5000 videos from hundreds of different users.

Golden Oak Stables is proud to announce the Golden Oak Stables Video Challenge! With six different prize categories that have wonderful prizes, you’d be silly not to enter.

The six different categories are:
1) Creativity – Use your imagination to innovate something that is new.
2) Reality – Use actual events or facts in a simulation.
3) Informational – Use your knowledge to provide instruction.
4) Choreography – Use your artistic talents.
5) Videography – Use your skills to provide an organized production.
6) Golden Oak Stables “I Love Breyer Horses” Video Challenge Award – To be awarded to the best over-all video.

Winners will be announced on October 23rd, 2010 around noontime and entries must be submitted by October 17th, 2010.

Entries can be any subject, let your creativity run wild and create a video that will stand out in a crowd! Your video can be fiction or documentary, and live action or animated, the most important factor is that you are as creative as possible!

Winners in categories 1-5 will win a $50 Golden Oak Stables gift certificate, and the winner in category 6 will win a $100 Golden Oak Stables gift certificate!

So pull your camera out and get those creative juices flowing to create a video for the Golden Oak Stables Video Challenge. Take a moment to join the Golden Oak Stables Youtube Page to keep up with the contest as it grows closer to the deadline.

Full rules can be read on the Golden Oak Stables Video Challenge page.

We can’t wait to see what you come up with! Enter today!


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