Breyer Horse New Releases: All The Sides Of Camilla

June 30, 2014

A new foal has come into Golden Oak Stables and is creating quite the stir as she does. Never has a foal with her stature been introduced into the Breyer world and as she makes her way in, collectors are clamoring to get their hands on all three of her!

Camilla is a lovely little foal that is the first in a series of 1/6 scale foals. This means that this beautiful girl stands nearly as tall as a Traditional sized adult! Her large size allows for detail that is out of this world and is already taking collectors by storm! This adorable little filly was sculpted by one of the hobby’s favorite artists, Kitty Cantrell and was first released as an artist resin. In 2014 Breyer brought the sculpture to collectors in her now well known plastic form.

What’s fun about Camilla isn’t just her size, but the fact that she comes in three very distinct variations, all very much different from the next. Camilla A is the first, and the most extensively marked of all of them. Her coat is a stunning shade of baby red dun with delicate leg striping and shading. Her coat is covered with an extensive pinto pattern and four high white leg markings that make her very flashy. Camilla B is next and still brings her beautiful coloring, shading and details but this time with a few well placed pinto markings and high whites. Camilla C is the understated beauty of the group. She is the only one that doesn’t carry body pinto markings, instead she has high whites and a wide blaze and a body that is shaded ever so delicately into the perfect red dun.

So, which Camilla do you like best? They’re all different, so we won’t tell if your collection needs them all!

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Real Life Breyer Horses: What’s Your Discipline?

June 26, 2014

Horses live all over the world, and have for thousands of years. Because of this, horses have had thousands of different jobs to help their riders and to show their abilities. Golden Oak Stables wants to know, what’s your discipline?

Most riding is put in a few different categories, the most popular types being English and Western riding. English riding developed in Europe and stretches across disciplines from classical dressage to show jumping. Riders practice horse racing and endurance riding in modified English saddles that are built for speed and to be lightweight. The English saddle is also used in the Eventing world where competitors show off their skills in dressage, cross country and show jumping. Western riding developed in the Americas with the help of the Spanish conquistadors. This riding style has evolved around working land and livestock. Riders also compete in sports like barrel racing, reining and cow cutting using the Western saddle. Some trail riders prefer the use of a Western saddle and even more use it as their daily riding saddle. That’s only the beginning though. Other disciplines include sports like vaulting, saddleseat riding, showmanship, costume classes and more!

Breyer collectors have the chance to live in a world where all of these different disciplines are at your fingertips, and with some creativity you can experience this world all on your own. With horses that span the gamut of different horse breeds and tack that helps get you well on your way, collectors can experience so much more than many riders will ever get a chance to!

Feel proud as a Breyer collector, and know that you can experience the world of horses in your very own hands. What is your favorite disciple? And which do you want to try next?

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Breyer Horse Stablemates: Building A Stablemate World

June 23, 2014

Collectors from all over the world have fallen in love with Stablemates. These tiny horses might be small in size, but are easy to collect and beautiful as can be! It’s no question to why they’re so popular, and now, you can build a whole world around them!

Breyer created the Stablemate collection in 1975 with twelve models and has since added dozens upon dozens of more horses to the line. Standing about three inches tall, Stablemates are 1/32 in scale. This combined with their traditional sized detail makes them easy and so fun to collect! Over the years Breyer has created an entire world for Stablemates, and Golden Oak Stables brings you everything you’ll need to create a world of your own!

The natural place to start is with the Little Red Stable, this classically styled barn features a barn, hay loft, tack room and even accessories like fencing and a jump to get your stable started. If you’re a little more fanciful, the Color Crazy Barn is a great place to go to bring a big punch of color to your Stablemates. Another important building in any horse loving town is the Riding Academy. Here riders and their horses can touch up their skills and show their talents. Every horse owner needs to keep the local vet on call in case of an emergency, and the Animal Hospital is a great place to keep in your town. Keeping your horses and other animals in tip top shape will be easy with it nearby. One accessory every horse owner needs is a Truck and Trailer of their own! From horse shows to trail rides, being able to take your horse with you is an important part of horse ownership, and a fun way for collectors to accessorize!

That’s only  the start though, there’s a myriad of playsets and accessories to add to your Stablemate world and to help you create the collection of your dreams! Where will you start?

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Breyer Horse Activities: Breyer Activity Books

June 19, 2014

It may seem like you’re too old to have a little fun from time to time some days, but the truth is, both the young and young at heart both need to find a little time for fun in their lives. Breyer has long brought fun into the world for Breyer collectors in so many different way, and now, with Golden Oak Stables, you can have a little fun doing something so simple but oh so fun!

Breyer always brings us the most beautiful horse models and accessories, but also bring lovely books and activity kits to keep our creative juices going. One of the more fun additions to the lines are the coloring books. Most of us wouldn’t admit it in public, but who can really resist the draw of a coloring book, or sharing that with a younger person? Now, you can have a little fun along with Breyer as you indulge your younger side.

With four different coloring books, the hardest thing to do is to choose one to start with. You can start with Pupmpernickle who is headed out to the country fair and get a fun story along with coloring. Or what about the Stablemates? Stablemates are one of the most popular Breyer lines and you can travel along with them on activities through this 64 page book. H is for Horse is an activity and coloring book with stickers to help you learn and explore all about the horse. Collectors can have a blast coloring their favorite models into the horses of their dreams in the original Breyer Coloring Book. It’s filled to the brim with the models you know and love, just waiting for your artistic expertise!

So go ahead, indulge yourself in a little childhood fun with Breyer, we won’t tell! There’s no shame when they are truly fun for all ages!

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Breyer Horse Collecting: Summer Reading With Breyer

June 16, 2014

Summer is here and those warm, quiet sunny afternoons may be starting to get a little boring. Spending time outside and by the pool is on most people’s minds, but why not bring your Breyer collection along and spend that time with horses as well?

Breyer has for many years created models of horses that have galloped across the pages of our favorite books to life. From classics like Misty and Stormy, to the fanciful Wind Dancers, there’s been a place in the Breyer world for literature for many, many years. The connection between horses and literature is one that is long standing and has made imaginations run wild.

Owning a horse is a dream for many young boys and girls, and just like Breyer horses, the stories of horses and the adventures surrounding them have captured the imaginations of children for hundreds of years. So many of us have grown up reading the story of Misty and Stormy, or The Black Stallion and can relate to the adventures they experienced.

These stories have created a whole world of horses for millions, and as always, Breyer has brought the stories of these amazing horses to collectors all over the world. You can share your summer with four special horses and their stories and experience their worlds for yourself.  You can read the stories of Take the Reins, Primmore’s Pride,  The Spirit Horse, and Chasing Blue from famous equestrian Pippa Funnell. She takes readers through life in the barn and through the lives of four different horses as they learn and grow together.

Ready for a little summer reading by the pool? Let Golden Oak Stables help. The hardest question is which story to start with!

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Breyer Horse Collecting: Mid-Year Collecting Check In

June 12, 2014

Its halfway through another whirlwind year with Breyer and as many collectors are gearing up for a busy summer with their models, it’s a good time to check in with your collection and see what goals you still have left and plan out what’s left for the rest of your year as a Breyer collector!

Most collectors have a list of horses they would like to add to their collection as the year goes on and horses make their way into the Breyer lineup, and hopefully into collections. It’s important as a collector to keep track of this list so that you can keep an accurate list of what you’d like to add to your collection. At the beginning, middle and end of each year, Golden Oak Stables brings you Breyer’s newest releases, and sometimes there’s even a few extras as the year goes on. With so many exciting choices it can be overwhelming, but a list can help! Ranking horses you’d like to add to your collection can help you to keep your wants and needs straight and help your collection grow! If you don’t have a list, or it hasn’t been updated in a long time, now is a good time to take a look at what you’d like to add to your collection, especially with so many exciting mid-year releases!

This time is also a good time to look at your model horse goals for the year and see how far you’ve come. This can be anything y ou enjoy doing with your horses, live showing, customizing, tack making, or whatever your heart desires! What do you like doing with your horses? Have you set any goals for yourself for the year? It’s not too late!

It’s only June, and it might be half-way through the year, but there’s still plenty of time left in 2014 to not only add some lovely horses to your collection, but to also set some goals and achieve them! What are your collection goals?

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Real Life Breyer Horses: The End Of The Triple Crown Trail 2014

June 9, 2014

Fans from all over the world packed Belmont Park on Saturday to get a glimpse at what could be history in the making. The trail of the Triple Crown has been chased for almost forty years and Saturday brought the day of reckoning for 11 horses, one who was fighting for a chance in the history books.

Saturday, June 7th 2014 marked the running of the Blemont Stakes, the last race that stood between California Chrome and making history. The world tuned in as the day grew closer to post time and fans packed the stands of Belmont Park chanting the name “California Chrome” from the moment he stepped out onto the track. This firey Chestnut colt had caught everyone’s eye by winning the first two jewels in the Triple Crown, the Kentucky Derby and Preakness, with ease. This little powerhouse colt had taken the racing industry and the world by storm.

As the race started California Chrome had a good position near the middle of the pack for the long and tedious mile and half trip around Belmont Park. He held steady as front runners kept pace for the field. In the last stretch California Chrome fought through the pack, as front runner Commissioner held strong and Tonalist made his way to the front. California Chrome fought hard, but finished nose to nose for fourth place in a very tight finish. It wouldn’t be until after the race that we would find out that California Chrome had suffered a cut leaving the starting gate, had that not happened, who knows what the history books would say.

Many were disappointed by California Chrome’s loss, and having to wait at least another year to see a Triple Crown chance.  California Chrome’s owners have said that they plan to keep him racing as a four year old, and who knows what could happen next for him. Maybe a trip to the Breeders Cup? He’s certainly proven his abilities! As always, Golden Oak Stables will keep you in the know for all of your real and Breyer horse news!

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Real Life Breyer Horses: Triple Crown Possibilities

June 5, 2014

Horse racing fans all over the world have been caught up in the excitement that has followed the Kentucky Derby. The winner, California Chrome, not only won the Kentucky Derby, but also the Preakness and has ignited a fire that many racing fans have forgotten for many years. This Saturday, he goes up against some of his strongest competitors to see if he can write his name in the history books as the first winner of the Triple Crown in almost forty years!

California Chrome isn’t the typical Thoroughbred race horse, he was bred out a mare that was thought to have little chance and owned by virtual unknowns in the horse racing world. No big name stables or fancy pedigrees here, just a good, solid horse that has proven himself! This chestnut colt has a strong way about him and a solid style on the track that has held up in two of the most competitive races on the planet. There’s only one more left before his name makes it’s way into the history books

The Belmont has long been the hardest jewel in the Triple Crown to achieve. It’s 1.5 mile length is the longest of all three races and with the experience that many of these horses have gained by racing in either the Kentucky Derby or the Preakness, they’re all in prime shape for the long trip down the track.  Since 1978, when Affirmed won the last Triple Crown, 12 horses have come very close to this feat by winning both the Kentucky Derby and the Preakness, but none have yet to win the illustrious title of Triple Crown Winner!

Will history be made on Saturday? Will horse racing crown the first Triple Crown winner in almost 40 years? We’ll all just have to wait and see! Golden Oak Stables will bring you the full recap, and until then, keep your eye on the finish line!
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Breyer Horse New Releases: Ella Color Changing Suprise

June 2, 2014

Breyer collectors run the gamut of ages, from the very young to the very old. Breyer and Golden Oak Stables bring you a lovely new addition to the Breyer lineup that is perfect for the young and young at heart!

All collectors start somewhere, and for Breyer collectors there’s so many places to start, some collectors start as adults and find it easy to start collecting Traditional size horses right away, but what about collectors that start very young? There’s a horse for that!

Ella Color Changing Surprise is a horse that brings not only the beauty of the Breyer horse to the forefront, but also a ton of fun along! Ella is a lovely purple and white pinto horse that stands about 9 inches tall. This fanciful girl has a mane and tail that matches her bright coat color in a variegated purple and white color. Ella comes with a big surprise in store, she changes color when she goes into the water! Both her body and her mane and tail change color and when she dries, she comes back to her original color!

She comes with her own blanket in beautiful bright shades of blue and green that’s even monogrammed with an “E” for Ella! Her blanket can help dry her off after her transformations and will keep her warm and cozy at night too! She also comes with a brush and a fancy atomizer spray bottle to transform her coat at your leisure!

Young or old, if you’re looking to have a little bit of fun with your models and want to bring a little fantasy to it as well, Ella Color Changing Surprise is a fun way to bring both to your collection!

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