Breyer Horse New Releases: Horse Crazy Colorful Breeds Paint Set

May 29, 2014

Summer is just around the corner and Golden Oak Stables brings you the perfect way to spend a lazy summer afternoon, with a lovely set to use your creativity and add a few horses to your collection!

New for Summer 2014, Breyer has created a fun set that will have your creativity flowing as you create new horses to your collection! Customizing has long been a favorite activity for collectors, using paints and other mediums to make their horses unique to only them. Collectors have long used their creativity to bring the horses of their dreams to life by repainting their Breyer models!

The Horse Crazy Colorful Breeds Paint Set is a lovely way for you to give customizing a shot, or just a fun way to spend a lazy summer afternoon. This fun set starts off with five horses that are prepped and ready to paint right out of the box. A Tennessee Walker, a Friesian, an Arabian, an Andalusian and a foal are all you need to get started and to have a diverse herd that anyone could fall in love with. They come together with paints that will start you on your customizing journey, as well as a paint brush and instruction booklet to get you started. The fun doesn’t stop there though, once you’ve painted up all of your horses, there’s a sheet of fun pop-out accessories that need your finishing touch! Once those have been finished, let your imagination run wild!

Creativity is one of the most incredible things about the model horse hobby, seeing collectors create amazing works of art is something that all collectors love. Now you can create your own works of art and let your creativity shine bright! Which one will you paint first?

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Breyer Horse Mid Year Release: Camila

May 26, 2014

Each spring, Breyer releases new releases into the stable that can make a collector’s heart go aflutter. This spring, a new kind of horse is making her way into Golden Oak Stables and is causing a lot of excitement as she wobbles her way in.

For over sixty years, the largest Breyer horse that has been available has been the Traditional Scale, standing at about 10 inches tall, or 1/9 scale. The Traditional scale models have long been the most popular and the most collected of the Breyer collection. This spring a new little girl is making her way in, and along with her sweet nature and lovely looks come a size like no other, 1/6 scale!

Camila is a lovely little foal that stands just about as big as a Traditional scale adult at 10 inches tall at her ear tips. Her stunning size is already creating a stir among collectors as she is the first model to be introduced by Breyer in this scale! Her large scale allows for details beyond compare, including a sculpture that is detailed beyond compare. This little wobbly filly is still trying to get her bearings on her long legs and looks adorable as can be as she tries. A stunning paint job complements her in a perfect shade of red dun pinto that is light and delicate like her foal coat would be in real life. To top it all off, she’s been painted with a coat of gloss, giving her the perfect finishing touch!

This lovely and large filly is sure to catch attention as she frolics around the pasture, a beautiful paint job and a stunning sculpture is everything you could ask for. Are you ready to make room on your shelf for this lovely little lady? Camila is excited to make her debut among collectors as the first 1/6 scale horse in the Breyer lineup!

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Real Life Breyer Horses: Remembering On Memorial Day

May 22, 2014

Memorial Day is a day when Americans remember the members of the Armed Forces that have given the ultimate sacrifice to give us the freedom we have. This weekend of remembrance is filled with thoughts of those who have given their lives to make our country what it is today, and with those thoughts are stories of bravery and valor in times of great fear. There is one soldier that is often forgotten about though, the horse.

Horses have been a part of military armies for thousands of years, the faithful companions of humans found a very real role on the battlefront in times of war as men needed their horses to travel and to fight. The role of the horse in the military is a long one, almost 5000 years, and takes many paths. The first instance of horses being used in battle was in Sumatra between 4000 and 3000 B.C., where they were ridden. Since then, horses have taken roles beyond mounts, they have served as transportation, used for bringing supplies, vehicles and even artillery. Horses have found their way onto the main lines of battle too, many many times, and many have bravely given their lives.

By World War 1, many horses had found their way off the battlefield, but in the United States there still is a small presence of equine officers in service. One of the most famous is that of the mare Sergeant Reckless, who was given her own Breyer model and is a favorite at Golden Oak Stables! She served along with her company in the Korean War and was granted many honors for her service!

Many more horses have given their lives and still continue to give their lives in service for this country and others. Take a moment to remember them along with all of the other men and women who have given their lives this Memorial Day weekend.

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Real Life Breyer Horses: California Chrome Takes The Preakness!

May 19, 2014

In front of a huge crowd in Maryland on May 17 2014, California Chrome marked another notch into his history book as he rode to the winners circle in the 2014 Preakness Stakes! This incredible chestnut horse is on fire and gaining fans wherever he goes!

Horse racing fans from all over the world have become caught up in Californa Chrome fever! The story of this incredible little colt starts with humble beginnings and unlikely partners. In the sport of horse racing, big names rule most of of the big horses, stables and races, when California Chrome broke onto the scene it made quite the stir! His owners, the Coburns and the Martins, are two families that are virtually unknown to racing fans and certainly not among racing elite. Their unlikely wins have made them quick favorites with their “everyday” working attitude and down home style.

California Chrome rode his victory at the Kentucky Derby to Maryland on Saturday for the 139th running of the Preakness Stakes, the second jewel in the Triple Crown. Millions of people watched from all over the world as this stunning chestnut gelding galloped his way to the front of the pack and kept his lead all the way across the finish line!

His win has reignited the thought of a Triple Crown and the possibility that California Chrome might be the one horse since 1978 that can do it! He tries again in three weeks at the Belmont, the final race in the Triple Crown series. Many horses have tried, and many have failed since 1978, will California Chrome be the one who can do it? Will he make his way into the history books and break an almost forty year drought? Stay tuned to Golden Oak Stables and Stable News to find out!

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Breyer Horse Collecting: Where Did You Get Started?

May 15, 2014

All collections start somewhere, just like all collectors do, and each story is more different than the last. No matter if you have 1 or 100 horses from Golden Oak Stables,  Breyer collectors all start somewhere and many of them have stories that start in similar places, as different as they might be!

Almost every Breyer collector is a horse lover, and for so many, that love of horses starts young. Breyers have for many years been a way for young people to learn about horses and experience them when they don’t have the chance to have a real one of their own. Many collections have been started with carpet herds galloping around corrals acting out a horse lover’s stories and dreams. Breyers are able to bring fantasy to life with champion horses, famous race horses and even that beloved backyard trail horse. This makes fulfilling the fantasy of a horse lover an easy experience and one that so many of us can relate to.

Some collectors start off to simply capture their love for horses in a way that can live with them in their home and line their shelves. Horse lovers all over the world bring Breyers into their home to bring the beauty of the horse into their every day life! Being surrounded by some of the most beautiful horses in the world is a fantasy of any horse lover, and Breyers are an easy way to do that!

There are even some collectors that collect Breyers because they are unable to be around real horses for many reasons, medical, location or otherwise. These horse lovers find a very special connection between their Breyer horses and their love for horses. Being a horse lover and being unable to be around horses is something none of us would wish upon anyone, but with Breyer there’s a way to make that a lot easier.

How did you start collecting? What made you pick up your first Breyer horse?

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Real Life Breyer Horses: Saying Goodbye to SBH Phoenix

May 12, 2014

Horse lovers all over the world got the sad news a few weeks ago that one of the Clydesdale world’s premier stallions had left the world. Breyer fans had only a short time to get to know this stallion, join us at Golden Oak Stables in remembering him.

SBH Phoenix was a stunning bay roan Clydesdale stallion that was introduced into the Breyer lineup with a model of his very own in early 2014. This stunning horse had earned himself 25 championships and reserve championships at some of the world’s largest horse shows including the World Clydesdale Show and the US Nationals.  Phoenix had just celebrated his sixteenth birthday in March and in those sixteen years he made a huge mark on the Clydesdale breed. He was three time All American and All Canadian winner and had sired multiple All American and All Canadian winners as well!

Phoenix’s fans were far and wide throughout the world and with the excitement of his portrait also came the excitement of his appearance at Breyerfest, that we sadly will not be able to experience. We will have to remember Phoenix through his offspring, memory and his Breyer model. In his sixteen years of life, Phoenix has made a huge impact on the Clydesdale breed with not only his accomplishments, but also his offspring. He has produced 19 All American and All Canadian champions through his offspring that will leave his legacy strong.

Remember this amazing horse with us and celebrate the amazing life he led. We will mess Phoenix, but his incredible life lives strong through what he has left the earth with!

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Breyer Horse Stablemates: Cutting Horse Set

May 8, 2014

Ready to head out to the ranch and mount up for a day of hard work? There’s a new little Stablemate set that’s galloped into Golden Oak Stables that can take you onto the ranch and onto the back of a ranch horse for a day of amazing equestrian fun!

In the forty years since the Stablemates have made their way into the world of Breyer collectors, these little 1/32  scale horses that have captured the imaginations of horse lovers! Standing just about 3 inches tall, Stablemates are just as packed with detail as the larger scales in the Breyer stable. With dozens of different molds that span the spectrum of horse breeds, Stablemates are fun little horses that are packed full of detail and fun.

The Cutting Horse Set is a lovely set that brings the excitement of ranch work to you! Cow cutting has long been a way of life for ranchers, using their horses to control their herds of cows on the ranch and while moving them from pasture to pasture. Horses that have been trained to cut cows are talented and smart horses that use swift movements to stop a calf in it’s tracks before it strays from the herd.

This fun set includes your very own bay cutting horse with beautiful high white markings and a bold blaze. He’s on the trail of a black and white calf that is feeling frisky and headed away from the herd at a swift pace. A cowboy and western tack help the horse with his job and four pieces of fence make the perfect corral to herd the calf into.

Mount up and head on out to the ranch with a fun set that you can use to manage your ranch with or just have a blast playing with!

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Real Life Breyer Horses: California Chrome Wins The Run For The Roses

May 5, 2014

Saturday, nineteen horses made their way to Churchill Downs in Louisville Kentucky for a chance to win the most prestigious race in the world, the Kentucky Derby. The weather was perfect, and the track was fast and what played out put a horse in the winner’s circle that is sure to make history with his fascinating story.

California Chrome may have been the favorite going into the race, but he certainly didn’t start that way. His owners started their journey with California Chrome in a way that isn’t common in the horse racing industry, with a modest investment of $10,000. With his owner’s retirements on the line, California Chrome had a lot to prove in the run for the roses. No California bred Thoroughbred has won the Derby since 1962 and with such a modest start in life, it was hard to believe this little chestnut colt was the favorite in the most prestigious horse race in the world.

As the race started it became apparent that California Chrome had a good hold on position with Victor Espinoza as his jockey. He pushed his way through the small crowd in front of him to win by just over a length in 2:03.66 and put his name in the record books for eternity! California Chrome now makes his way to the Preakness and then onto the Belmont for the other two legs in the Triple Crown.

Will California Chrome be the first Triple Crown winner in 35 years? We’ll all just have to wait and see, Golden Oak Stables will bring you all the news!

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Real Life Breyer Horses: Kentucky Derby 2014

May 1, 2014

2014 marks the 140th annual running of the most elite Thoroughbred horse race in the world, the Kentucky Derby. The twin spires of Churchill Downs open to the world to watch the world’s most promising three year old race horses compete in a 1 1/4 mile long race to come across the finish line first. This year, like all others, rivalries run deep and talent runs high as horses, trainers, owners and jockeys all are anxious to have their chance at the run for the roses.

Promising Thoroughbreds from all around the world have made their way to Louisville Kentucky to race this Saturday in the Kentucky Derby. Twenty one horses make up the pack of contenders that will all be vying for the blanket of roses and the first jewel in the Triple Crown. Familiar trainers such as Todd Pletcher, Mike Maker and Bob Baffert all have horses entered into the most prestigious race of the year. Favorite jockeys Calvin Borel, John Velazquez and Mike Smith will all be atop mounts hoping to make their way into the winners circle again!

The favorites for the 2014 race include California Chrome, Hoppertunity and Wicked Strong. These wonderful horses have all trained hard and are chomping at the bit to make their way into the history books as the winner of the 140th Kentucky Derby! There’s no telling who will win though, the Kentucky Derby has long been a race where even a long shot has a chance, so there’s no telling!

Horse lovers don’t have to get to the Kentucky Derby to live the life of a famous jockey or trainer, Golden Oak Stables brings you a world of famous race horses. From Secretariat to Zenyatta, you can bring a race horse home to your stable to race proudly for you!

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