Breyer Horse Stablemates: Cutting Horse Set

Ready to head out to the ranch and mount up for a day of hard work? There’s a new little Stablemate set that’s galloped into Golden Oak Stables that can take you onto the ranch and onto the back of a ranch horse for a day of amazing equestrian fun!

In the forty years since the Stablemates have made their way into the world of Breyer collectors, these little 1/32  scale horses that have captured the imaginations of horse lovers! Standing just about 3 inches tall, Stablemates are just as packed with detail as the larger scales in the Breyer stable. With dozens of different molds that span the spectrum of horse breeds, Stablemates are fun little horses that are packed full of detail and fun.

The Cutting Horse Set is a lovely set that brings the excitement of ranch work to you! Cow cutting has long been a way of life for ranchers, using their horses to control their herds of cows on the ranch and while moving them from pasture to pasture. Horses that have been trained to cut cows are talented and smart horses that use swift movements to stop a calf in it’s tracks before it strays from the herd.

This fun set includes your very own bay cutting horse with beautiful high white markings and a bold blaze. He’s on the trail of a black and white calf that is feeling frisky and headed away from the herd at a swift pace. A cowboy and western tack help the horse with his job and four pieces of fence make the perfect corral to herd the calf into.

Mount up and head on out to the ranch with a fun set that you can use to manage your ranch with or just have a blast playing with!

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