Breyer Horse Collecting: Where Did You Get Started?

All collections start somewhere, just like all collectors do, and each story is more different than the last. No matter if you have 1 or 100 horses from Golden Oak Stables,  Breyer collectors all start somewhere and many of them have stories that start in similar places, as different as they might be!

Almost every Breyer collector is a horse lover, and for so many, that love of horses starts young. Breyers have for many years been a way for young people to learn about horses and experience them when they don’t have the chance to have a real one of their own. Many collections have been started with carpet herds galloping around corrals acting out a horse lover’s stories and dreams. Breyers are able to bring fantasy to life with champion horses, famous race horses and even that beloved backyard trail horse. This makes fulfilling the fantasy of a horse lover an easy experience and one that so many of us can relate to.

Some collectors start off to simply capture their love for horses in a way that can live with them in their home and line their shelves. Horse lovers all over the world bring Breyers into their home to bring the beauty of the horse into their every day life! Being surrounded by some of the most beautiful horses in the world is a fantasy of any horse lover, and Breyers are an easy way to do that!

There are even some collectors that collect Breyers because they are unable to be around real horses for many reasons, medical, location or otherwise. These horse lovers find a very special connection between their Breyer horses and their love for horses. Being a horse lover and being unable to be around horses is something none of us would wish upon anyone, but with Breyer there’s a way to make that a lot easier.

How did you start collecting? What made you pick up your first Breyer horse?

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