Breyer Horse New Releases: Horse Crazy Colorful Breeds Paint Set

Summer is just around the corner and Golden Oak Stables brings you the perfect way to spend a lazy summer afternoon, with a lovely set to use your creativity and add a few horses to your collection!

New for Summer 2014, Breyer has created a fun set that will have your creativity flowing as you create new horses to your collection! Customizing has long been a favorite activity for collectors, using paints and other mediums to make their horses unique to only them. Collectors have long used their creativity to bring the horses of their dreams to life by repainting their Breyer models!

The Horse Crazy Colorful Breeds Paint Set is a lovely way for you to give customizing a shot, or just a fun way to spend a lazy summer afternoon. This fun set starts off with five horses that are prepped and ready to paint right out of the box. A Tennessee Walker, a Friesian, an Arabian, an Andalusian and a foal are all you need to get started and to have a diverse herd that anyone could fall in love with. They come together with paints that will start you on your customizing journey, as well as a paint brush and instruction booklet to get you started. The fun doesn’t stop there though, once you’ve painted up all of your horses, there’s a sheet of fun pop-out accessories that need your finishing touch! Once those have been finished, let your imagination run wild!

Creativity is one of the most incredible things about the model horse hobby, seeing collectors create amazing works of art is something that all collectors love. Now you can create your own works of art and let your creativity shine bright! Which one will you paint first?

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