Breyer Horse New Releases: Classics Sport Horse Family

February 28, 2013

A versatile breed type and a favorite among many for all types of riding, the Sport Horse can excel in many different types of competition as well as being a great riding horse. Golden Oak Stables brings you a new Breyer set of Sport Horses that will have your stable jumping for joy!

The term “Sport Horse” typically refers to a group of horses such as Warmbloods and Thoroughbreds that are known for their English equestrian abilities. Most Sport Horses originated in Europe and have slowly found their way all over the world. Sport horses are probably best know for their competing in show jumping, cross country and hunter jumper events. Sport Horses can also compete in other events too and let’s not forget Thoroughbred race horses!

Breyer has brought collectors a new set for 2013 that will have everyone excited to welcome this family to their barn, the Sport Horse Family! A buckskin mare begins this lovely family, with her creamy color and dark mane and tail she’s a stunning example of a buckskin. Her coat color and sweet expression make her truly stand out in a pasture. Her stallion is a lovely dark bay stallion with a short sock on one leg and a blaze. He is a fit and strong horse that looks ready to get right into a show ring. Their foal is a lovely golden bay colt that is full of energy. With one little star he’s just cuter than can be!

This family doesn’t come to your stable empty handed, they bring with them accessories to help you make room for three new horses! Included is fencing so you can graze them, and a bucket, apples and hay bale so that you can feed them as well!

Bringing a few new horses into your stable is a celebration to say the least, and these three beautiful Sport Horses are no exception!

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Breyer Horse New Releases: Chalkboard Horse

February 25, 2013

With a fun new creative twist, Breyer brings a horse to the 2013 lineup that will have everyone excited to get a little creative! Breyer has long embraced the creativity of collectors but now with  a fun new horse, you can get creative in just a few minutes!

New for 2013 the Breyer Chalkboard Horse is a neat twist on what is a very creative hobby. The model horse hobby has long been full of artists that use their love for horses to create lovely work. Painters, customizers, tack makers and more have shown their creativity through the hobby. Many artists learned to draw and paint horses from looking at their Breyers, but now, you can draw on your Breyer for the first time!

Painted with a special black paint that works just like a school blackboard we all remember so well, the Chalkboard Horse can be decorated an endless amount of times. This beautiful Morgan horse may be painted all black, but he’s still beautiful as can be with a flowing mane and tail.

Your creativity can run wild drawing with chalk all over him! He’s great for doodling but can also be used for games, place settings at a party or for decorations or centerpieces! He’s also great for drawing and practicing drawing horse markings on. Anything is possible with this fun guy!

Then when you’re done use the eraser or a damp cloth and he’s back to a blank slate that’s waiting for you again! You can decorate and decorate to your heart’s content and still never get done drawing new designs with four different colors of chalk.

Bringing a fun new way to get creative with your Breyer horses, Golden Oak Stables brings you the Chalkboard Horse. Sure to find fun wherever he goes, you’ll too have a blast doodling for hours on this fun and beautiful horse!

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Breyer Horse Showing: At The Show

February 21, 2013

Breyer Horse shows are the pinnacle of collecting for many model horse collectors. The ability to exhibit your collection is something that many dream of and to bring home prizes for your horses is an incredible experience. If it’s your first time at a show though, you might be a little overwhelmed or nervous, here’s what you can expect.

When you think of a model horse show, you might be confused as to how something like that might work. The easiest way to think of it is to think of a real horse show, and scale it down. Instead of stabling areas, each exhibitor will have a table of their own to set up at and to “stable” their horses at for the day. Your table will be your home base where you can get all of your horses onto your table and get them ready to go into the show ring.

The show hall will also have a few empty tables that will be set up, most commonly in the middle of all the exhibitor’s tables. These are the show rings. Just like at a real horse show, you’ll bring your models to the show ring when their class is called for judging. Your horses will be asked to come to the ring when the class is called, so listen carefully. Normally it will be announced a few times and then the class will be closed. The judge will then judge the class and once they are done an announcement will be made and you can find out how your horse did! If there’s a ribbon next to or under your horse, he placed!

At the show you might find yourself needing help with a question or two, you’ll find that most model horse hobbyists are very friendly, so don’t be afraid to chat! There are people at the show though that you’ll want to make note of, first is the show holder and show sponsor. These are the people that have organized the entire event and put in dozens of hours to make the show possible. They will be the best people to ask about rules questions or questions about the local area. There will also be one or more judges, these are experts in the model horse hobby and are kind enough to share their knowledge with others. Feel free to ask questions but only after a class has been judged!

With so much going on, a show might sound overwhelming, but it’s very easy to fall into place when you arrive, so don’t be scared and give it a shot! Golden Oak Stables is the perfect place to give showing a shot and with a Novice/Youth Show coming up, what more could you ask for?

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Breyer Horse Showing: Getting Ready For Show Day

February 18, 2013

Just like real horse shows, Breyer horse showers need to make sure they have all the supplies they need on the day of the show! Packing for a show can help you prepare for the show and save time and stress on show day. With a few easy tips you can put together your perfect show kit and be well on your way to the winners circle.

The most important thing to bring to a show is yourself and your horses. Your horses will require a tag or a card at the show for identification so be sure to make these before you pack and bring extra blank ones because chances are, one will go missing along the way. When you are packing your horses it’s also a good idea to make a list of all the horses you are bringing so that you can make sure they all get there, get into their classes and then get home at the end of the day.

Packing a show first aid kit is also a good idea. Think of anything you might need through the course of the day and pack it into a small bag. Things you might want to think about bringing are, a brush for dusting, a few pens and pencils, a note pad, sticky wax and tweezers if you show performance and acrylic paints for touching up rubs. That’s not all you can bring though! Pack whatever you think you might be able to use at the show and over time you’ll create your perfect show kit!

Lastly you’ll want to bring things that you need for a whole day out. Eat well and drink enough water throughout the day so that you’ll have the energy to compete with your horses. It’s also a good idea to wear comfortable clothing and shoes as you’ll probably end up spending a lot of time walking and enjoying all the beautiful horses!

No matter what, you’ll have a wonderful time at any Breyer Horse show. If you’re ready to get your feet wet, check out Golden Oak Stables’ Live Shows coming up for the year, there’s no better place to start!

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Breyer Horse Classics: American Quarter Horse

February 14, 2013

One of the most iconic breeds of America is that of the American Quarter Horse. Known by many for it’s ranch work but the Quarter Horse has found it’s way into many different jobs in it’s nearly 200 year history! With Golden Oak Stables, you can celebrate the breed with a new classic Quarter Horse in your stable!

The American Quarter Horse is a breed that grew right along with America. This breed may be known for making it’s way west with settlers and moved it’s way west, but the Quarter Horse get’s it’s name from somewhere you’d never expect! Named for being able to run a quarter mile at exciting speeds, the Quarter Horse was first formed from breeding Native American horses with English Thoroughbreds. As America grew west they took their trusty Quarter Horses to them to the uncharted western United States and  the Quarter Horse quickly became the all around ranch horse that every cowboy needed! The Quarter Horse has hundreds of years of history working cattle and doing ranch work, making it the top choice for Western work today. The Quarter Horse is also a fierce competitor in other disciplines as well and can compete in just about anything you can imagine! From show jumping to driving the Quarter Horse is truly a versatile horse with so much to share with the world!

New for 2013, Breyer brings you a lovely Classics Quarter Horse that will have you making room at your barn. This stunning bay roan stallion has a beautiful coloration of a dark bay coat with white hairs that are beginning to peek out giving him his roan coloration. He stands square and proud with a lovely mane and tail. This stunning little horse is full of everything you’d ever want or expect out of a Quarter Horse and represents the breed in the most exacting of ways!

Ready to bring a little bit of  western excitement to your stable? How about a lovely little Quarter Horse? He’s sure to liven things up! ~Stacy Email Stacy:

Model Horse Showing: Preparing For A Show

February 11, 2013

Model horse showing is an activity that can help you not only enjoy your collection but also get the experience of showing a real horse. Model horse shows provide the opportunity to bring your Breyer models out for a day of friendly competition to compete against one another for ribbons, rosettes and often more! Showing can be very rewarding but in order to show you need to get your model horses ready much like you’d get a real horse ready for a show!

One of the main things judges look for in a model horse is condition. Your models need to be in tip top shape to bring home that coveted blue ribbon. When you are choosing your models take a look for any rubs, paint imperfections and other marks no matter how small! Some of these can be fixed easily with a bit of acrylic paint if you are feeling ambitious! Acrylic paint will wash off with water but still be very careful if you choose to do this. Models with noticeable rubs and marks should probably be best left at home but use your best judgement! Sometimes an  exceptional model can still win if it has a small imperfection or two.

You’ll also need to make sure your horses are clean of dust and dirt. Some models can be dusted with a soft brush to remove the dust, but if it is dirty or the dust is hard to remove a light bath is best. You can use tepid water and a soft cloth to clean your models. Be careful not to rub too hard or to let your models soak too long, you could damage them. Then let them dry fully before packing them.

Last but certainly not least you’ll need to make sure your horses are properly marked for a show. Many shows us a tag system where a tag with a small string is attached to the leg of your horse and information including things like the horses name, breed and gender as well as your name are written. Some shows us a system with index cards  where the same information is written out. Take a look at the show packet of your specific show for full instructions.

If you’re ready to get your feet wet, Golden Oak Stables has two shows already planned for 2013. So dust off those horses and start getting ready, competition is right around the corner!


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Breyer Horse Classics: Show Grooming Kit

February 7, 2013

It may still be chilly out but show season isn’t too far away! Horse owners can start planning for the new season of competitions and so can Breyer collectors! Golden Oak Stables brings you a fun way to get your classics ready for a day of competition with a fun new kit that will have you feeling like you’re right in the middle of the fun of show day!

Competing with your horses has been a pastime for hundreds of years. Since the nearly the dawn of eternity man has competed with his faithful horse by his side to prove who was the best at one sport or another. Today horses compete in a wide myriad of disciplines. Some of the more popular sports are horse racing, show jumping, cross country, western reining and cow cutting. All of these showcase the beauty and skill of a horse through a difficult trial!

Getting ready for a horse show is often an ordeal involving prep and packing and at the show a great deal of preparing as well. Now Breyer brings you a set for your Classics horses that will have you ready to compete for that coveted blue ribbon!

The Show Grooming Kit includes all the staples you’ll need for a successful show day. Starting with a tack trunk you can pack all of your essentials away in one place making everything easy to find! You’ll also get a grooming bag, feed bucket, treat bucket and last but certainly not least a tub of glitter paint to make your horse sparkle!

Ready to help you bring horse horses together for a day of competition, the Show Grooming Kit is a surefire way to keep your horses in tip top shape for show day! With a little creativity and planning your horses can be on their way to the winners circle for a blue ribbon of their own!


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Breyer Horse New Releases: Grullo Pinto

February 4, 2013

New for 2013, a collector favorite is on his way back in a new and striking color! Golden Oak Stables brings you a stunning new horse for your stables that is sure to catch the attention of any horse lover!

Created on the Ethereal mold, the Grullo Pinto is a stunning horse that will have anyone captured with his beauty. First released as the Ethereal mold celebrating the elements of the world. This spirited horse found a quick group of beloved collectors and has been popular ever since. Sculpted by Kathleen Moody this stunning stallion is spirited and dynamic with a fanciful mane and tail and a prancing pose.

The Grullo Pinto is a striking color combination on this beautiful mold that will have collectors excited for this lovely new horse to gallop into their stables. Painted in the stunning grullo paint color this horse will catch eyes wherever he goes! Grullo is a shade of dun that is best recognized for it’s grey/tan/mouse color along with primitive markings such as leg barring and a dorsal stripe. This color is often traced to primitive Spanish horses and horses of the American west! Today the grullo can be found in many breeds and is often seen in the American Mustang.

Breyer’s new Grullo Pinto takes this stunning coat color to another level with beautiful pinto markings throughout. With a wide face marking, a white sock and large white pinto markings on his neck and body he’s stunning and beautiful! There’s no mistaking the beauty of a horse like this and with his lovely mold combined with his stunning paint job there’s no question as to who will become a quick favorite in your stable!

Always bringing beauty together with the equine form, Breyer brings another stunning horse to you new for 2013 and ready to spice up a stall in your stable!


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