Breyer Horse New Releases: Chalkboard Horse

With a fun new creative twist, Breyer brings a horse to the 2013 lineup that will have everyone excited to get a little creative! Breyer has long embraced the creativity of collectors but now with  a fun new horse, you can get creative in just a few minutes!

New for 2013 the Breyer Chalkboard Horse is a neat twist on what is a very creative hobby. The model horse hobby has long been full of artists that use their love for horses to create lovely work. Painters, customizers, tack makers and more have shown their creativity through the hobby. Many artists learned to draw and paint horses from looking at their Breyers, but now, you can draw on your Breyer for the first time!

Painted with a special black paint that works just like a school blackboard we all remember so well, the Chalkboard Horse can be decorated an endless amount of times. This beautiful Morgan horse may be painted all black, but he’s still beautiful as can be with a flowing mane and tail.

Your creativity can run wild drawing with chalk all over him! He’s great for doodling but can also be used for games, place settings at a party or for decorations or centerpieces! He’s also great for drawing and practicing drawing horse markings on. Anything is possible with this fun guy!

Then when you’re done use the eraser or a damp cloth and he’s back to a blank slate that’s waiting for you again! You can decorate and decorate to your heart’s content and still never get done drawing new designs with four different colors of chalk.

Bringing a fun new way to get creative with your Breyer horses, Golden Oak Stables brings you the Chalkboard Horse. Sure to find fun wherever he goes, you’ll too have a blast doodling for hours on this fun and beautiful horse!

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