Breyer Horse Classics: The Perfect Pony

April 10, 2017

Ponies have a reputation for being full of attitude with cuteness to spare. These perky, but tiny, members of the equine family are beloved by so many and unique as any other type of horse. Golden Oak Stables has a plethora of ponies, and a new sweet one that is irresistibly cute!

The Classic line is the second largest line in the Breyer stable and known for it’s horses that showcase many special breeds and types of horses and ponies. One of the newest sculptures, sculpted by the beloved artist Brigitte Eberl, is new for 2017 in a color that is unique and beautiful all in one.

Bay Pinto Pony may sound a little generic for a name, but she certainly is nothing but. This sweet girl walks calmly with a delicate expression to her that will make any heart flutter. Her long mane and tail are details that help give this marvelous mare a personality unique to only her. Her coat is a deep and delicately shaded bay with bright red highlights that shimmer as she moves. Large white patches, or pinto markings, make her one of a kind, and even more eye catching!

Every stable need a few ponies in it, and Golden Oak Stables has found the perfect one to fill any vacancy that might lay within your stable walls.


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Breyer Horse New Releases: Heroes of the West

February 6, 2017

New releases are always exciting, there’s no question about that. Classics collectors have a lot to be excited about this year with so many new releases, but there’s a new set that brings three of the newest molds in new beautiful colors, together in one set!

Heroes Of The West comes to Golden Oak Stables, new for 2017. This exciting set celebrates the horses that made the west, and does so with new models that are beautiful as ever. The set starts with a stunning and proud light grey stallion tacked up in a black western saddle and bridle. This lovely stallion stands square and tall, just waiting to ride off and chase some cattle. A grulla mare joins him, with a soft flowing mane and tail and wide blaze on her face. Her delicately shaded coat makes her so lovely and beautiful, to go along with her playful pose. Finishing the family off, a little black foal trots along gently with his fuzzy foal coat; truly the perfect picture of a sweet young foal!

Along with this wonderful family comes a corral, water barrel and bucket to help you contain and care for them! These accessories are perfect to start or add to your classics collection, because every horse needs them!

Ready to saddle up and hit the trail? This lovely little family is just waiting to come home with you, and bring a bit of the West with them!


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Breyer Horse New Releases: Bella Horse Of The Year

January 30, 2017

For five years now, Breyer has brought us a new classic scale sculpture to serve as horse of the year. These models have become collectible and anticipated by collectors, with much excitement for each every year! 2017 is no exception, and a few and feisty new horse is already galloping into Golden Oak Stables.

The Horse Of The Year Bella is a classic scale model that has been eagerly anticipated all around! Bella has come to us in the form of a beautiful buckskin Appendix Quarter Horse. The Appendix Quarter Horse is a beloved breed, that is a straight cross between a Thoroughbred and Quarter Horse, bringing the best of both breeds together. These horses can still be registered as Quarter Horses and maintain many of the characteristics of both Quarter Horses and Thoroughbreds!

Bella has been sculpted in a full gallop, with her head down in strong focus as she heads towards whatever is catching her eye. A wide blaze and pink nose give her face a flashy look and striking contrast to her metallic, deeply shaded, buckskin coat. Gentle shadings fade into dark points on the mane, tail and legs, where on two of her legs, white socks sit!

This feisty little lady is a fun new sculpture that is unlike any before her. Let her gallop on into your stable today!


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Breyer Horse Accessories: Classic Hilltop Stable

September 15, 2016

Building your stable is one of the most exciting parts of collecting for many Breyer collectors. Classic collectors take note, a new stable is in town that is just as customizeable  as any part of your Breyer collection!

The Classic Hilltop Stable is the perfect blank canvas to start the stable of your dreams. This one stall barn is perfect on it’s own or combined to make a stable that only stops with your imagination. This single stall barn has an angled roof, a sliding door, and three windows. A true blank canvas, the Hilltop Stable is a lovely shade of natural wood that can be painted any color you desire or can be left in it’s beautiful light natural shade.

You can combine stalls to create a long row, leaving it open and airy, or the stall can be faced together, creating the look of an enclosed barn, complete with angled roof and aisle. The choice is yours!

No matter what your dreams are, you can get started with the Hilltop Stable. The barn of your dreams is just around the corner, and your classics are itching to get into the empty stalls. Which of your horses will be the first to be stabled at your Hilltop Stable?


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Breyer Horse Classics: West Wind Stable

May 31, 2016

Classic scale Breyer horses are the smaller counterparts to the Traditional line, but pack as much detail, depth and variety as Traditional models. Now, you can add a stable to your collection that has all of those things and more!

Standing approximately 6 inches tall, Classics are 1/12 scale horses that are just as interesting and detailed as the Traditional scale horses we all know and love. This scale was introduced in 1975 and has found a following among collectors that is just as strong as any others.  The first releases in the Classics collection were limited to just a few breeds, but in the time since the lineup has grown to include a myriad of breeds!

The West Wind Stable is a perfect addition to your collection and as the first Classic scale wooden stable, it ups the ante of any collection! This real hard wood stable is created out of a beautiful light colored wood. It’s three stalls are the perfect place for your Classics to take up residence and rest when they aren’t working and training. The windows and doors all open and shut for a fun experience, just like a real barn!

Are your Classics out in the cold? The West Wind Stable is the perfect way for you to bring them in, and bring some fun to your collection!


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Breyer Horse New Releases: Rock and Roll Forever

February 11, 2016

Breyer decorators are collected and loved by so many. Their bold colors and fanciful designs make them both exciting and beautiful. New for 2016, there’s a Classic galloping into Golden Oak Stables that takes it to another level!

Decorator is a term used by collectors to describe Breyer models that are not realistic in color. These horses, painted with decorative finishes, can be a myriad of colors, from bright and bold, to faux woodgrain, to antiqued finishes. These models have a huge following among collectors, and since many are limited in release, highly prized for their rarity.

Rock and Roll Forever is the third release in a line of decorator Classics, but the first to feature a stunning clear plastic body! Created on a galloping Quarter Horse, this spunky stallion is full of spirit just like his rock and roll theme. His light purple plastic gives him the ultimate illusion of art and makes him appear delicate and beautiful. Across his body, a scrolled design with a guitar in the center flanks his side and delicate shading throughout his body makes him shimmer and shine in the most special of ways!

Have room on your shelf for a little decorator? He’s the perfect way to start a decorator collection, or to add to!



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Breyer Horse New Releases: Horse Of The Year Harper

January 11, 2016

Classics are the second largest size in the Breyer stable and are fun to collect for collectors young and old.  These horses stand approximately 6 inches tall and are just as collectible as their traditional counterparts. For the past three years, Breyer has released a new classic mold as the Horse Of The Year, and adding to the fourth in the series, Harper will be arriving at Golden Oak Stables soon!

Sculpted by the ever talented Sommer Prosser, Harper is an exciting new sculpture that has collectors anxiously awaiting her arrival. This spunky paint mare is alert and bright eyed as she scampers along. Her perked ears give her a bright and focused expression and her fun pose makes display ideas endless!

Harper has a bold dark bay and white tobiano pattern that is flashy and beautiful all in one. Her long mane and tail are sculpted flowing and free. She could be a myriad of different breeds from a pony cross, to a more delicate paint horse and more!

Harper will only be available for 2016 and is a limited edition. This first release of an exciting new sculpture is sure to be popular and is already garnering attention wherever she is mentioned! So don’t miss your chance to add Harper to your collection. This is a little Classic with a lot of personality!


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Breyer Horse Classics: Black Caviar and Her First Foal

November 9, 2015

In America we have racing super stars like American Pharoah and Zenyatta. In Australia, where racing is just as popular and stars of their own have started to take the world stage. One of these race horses is Black Caviar, a mare that has made a name of herself for an amazing record that will surprise and excite any racing fan.

This stunning Australian bred mare was foaled in August of 2006. Unlike the northern hemisphere where all Thoroughbreds are given the birth date of January 1st, in the southern hemisphere they are all given a birth date of August 1st. Unusually large in her field, this 16.2 hand tall mare has been taking Australia by storm for the past three racing seasons. This dark bay mare finished off her career with a perfect 25 and 0 record, an unbelievable feat to say the least.

She retired in 2013 to begin her career as a broodmare where she has produced two foals, a filly and a colt. Golden Oak Stables brings you a Classic scale portrait of this beautiful mare and one of her foals! Your Classics collection will jump for joy with the addition of this deep bay championship mare and her bay foal. Black Caviar and her Foal are painted to perfection and showcase the beauty of this amazing horse.

There aren’t many mares like Black Caviar and there aren’t many Breyers like her either! Add this special mare and foal to your collection before it’s too late!



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Breyer Horses Classics: Dun Quarter Horse

June 18, 2015

One of the most influential and popular breeds in not only America but the world is that of the American Quarter Horse. This uniquely American breed brings versatility and stamina to every ring it enters. At Golden Oak Stables, a little Classics version of this breed is sure to impress!

The American Quarter Horse is known for not only it’s popularity but also it’s versatility under the saddle. This astonishing breed can trace back to the beginnings of our country but was formally founded in the late 1800’s with the first sires including Steel Dust and Shiloh. From there the breed developed into a working cattle breed that helped to found the western states of the United States! Without this breed, our country would be distinctively different to say the least!

Today you can find Quarter Horses all over the world and competing in far more than just cattle work. The American Quarter Horse is known for it’s fast speed, gaining it’s name for running a quarter mile with speeds up to 55 mph! They are also known for their work in English and Western pleasure, show jumping, and as schooling horses!

The Classics Dun Quarter Horse is a lovely light dun incarnation of the popular breed created on the classic Quarter Horse mare. This lovely little lady shows her stuff in a soft loping gait and her calm expression is sure to give her rider confidence. Her light powdery dun coat is eye catching and beautiful and her dark points give her the perfect contrast.

Want to hit the trail? Or maybe just the schooling arena? The American Quarter Horse is the perfect mount!


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Breyer Horses Classics: Canterwood Crest Behind the Bit, Black Jack

May 25, 2015

The horses and riders of Canterwood Crest have captured the hearts of Breyer collectors and horse lovers all over. Now, new for mid-year 2015, you can gallop off with Golden Oak Stables on the third adventure!

Readers have followed Sasha on her journeys on the Canterwood Crest team and her trials and tribulations along the way. Finding a place at on an elite riding team is on thing, and excelling is another! Now, Sasha must find her way through the semester with her worst enemy, Heather, and all of the difficulties that come along with working with someone you can’t get along with. When she is accepted into a prestigious riding clinic, the world gets very interesting for Sasha!

Breyer has created a third model in the Canterwood Crest series to accompany the third installment of the book in the form of Black Jack. Black Jack, Callie’s horse, is a stunning solid black horse that stands proud and excited with his head held high. His name perfectly sums up his stunning looks with a coat of deep black coloring that shines in the sun. He stands proud and ready to get started in the arena and get down to some real schooling with his rider!

You can saddle up today and head over to Canterwood Crest for an experience of your very own. It’s never been so easy to jump into a good book and into the saddle!


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