Breyer Horse New Releases: Grullo Pinto

February 4, 2013

New for 2013, a collector favorite is on his way back in a new and striking color! Golden Oak Stables brings you a stunning new horse for your stables that is sure to catch the attention of any horse lover!

Created on the Ethereal mold, the Grullo Pinto is a stunning horse that will have anyone captured with his beauty. First released as the Ethereal mold celebrating the elements of the world. This spirited horse found a quick group of beloved collectors and has been popular ever since. Sculpted by Kathleen Moody this stunning stallion is spirited and dynamic with a fanciful mane and tail and a prancing pose.

The Grullo Pinto is a striking color combination on this beautiful mold that will have collectors excited for this lovely new horse to gallop into their stables. Painted in the stunning grullo paint color this horse will catch eyes wherever he goes! Grullo is a shade of dun that is best recognized for it’s grey/tan/mouse color along with primitive markings such as leg barring and a dorsal stripe. This color is often traced to primitive Spanish horses and horses of the American west! Today the grullo can be found in many breeds and is often seen in the American Mustang.

Breyer’s new Grullo Pinto takes this stunning coat color to another level with beautiful pinto markings throughout. With a wide face marking, a white sock and large white pinto markings on his neck and body he’s stunning and beautiful! There’s no mistaking the beauty of a horse like this and with his lovely mold combined with his stunning paint job there’s no question as to who will become a quick favorite in your stable!

Always bringing beauty together with the equine form, Breyer brings another stunning horse to you new for 2013 and ready to spice up a stall in your stable!


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