Breyer Horse Events: Breyerfest Live 2016

July 28, 2016

One of the most exciting parts of Breyerfest is the competition that comes with the model horse shows that come along with it. This year was especially special with the North American Nationals happening in Lexington, which meant, the competition at other shows were even more fierce!

The largest show in the world, Breyerfest Live took place on the first day of Breyerfest and it was not only an opportunity to compete but to also see models that you may have only heard about in rumors! The rarest of the rare, the most elusive customs and the most impressive original finish models all came to compete in Lexington for a chance in the winner’s circle.

This show is unlike so many others, and actually operates like six shows in one with all of the different divisions and classes. There were hundreds of classes that over six thousand horses competed in for a chance at the elusive blue ribbon. There is no doubt about it, this is some of the most competitive competition in the world!

So sit back with Golden Oak Stables and enjoy just a few of the many impressive scenes from Breyerfest Live 2016













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Breyer Horse Events: Scenes From Around Breyerfest 2016

July 25, 2016

The heat was hot in Lexington Kentucky both temperature wise and with the fun that Breyerfest Carnival brought! The crowds were thick and the horses were beautiful and impressive all around. So sit back with Golden Oak Stables and enjoy some scenes from around Breyerfest 2016!


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Breyer Horse Events: Scenes From NAN 2016

July 21, 2016

The North American Nationals is in its final day and as competition wraps up, take a minute to look through some photos of the first two days. Competition has been fierce and each class has been filled to the brim with amazing horses that will take anyone’s breath away. The top tens and national champions that have been awarded are well earned and will be remembered for years to come! Come along with Golden Oak Stables to the North American Nationals 2016!
















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Breyer Horse Events: The Biggest Week In Model Horses!

July 18, 2016

It’s that time of year, the most exciting for model horse fans around the world, Breyerfest is here! But what makes this week even more exciting is the North American Nationals is coming to Lexington too, making it an incredible week full of model horse fun!

Once a year the North American Model Horse Showers Association holds a show to name the national champions in model horse showing. This year, the show comes to Lexington Kentucky in the days leading up to Breyerfest. For three days, thousands of horses will compete for hundreds of top tens, champions and reserve champions under the most experienced judges in the world. There’s also a yearly meeting that will announce the winner of the Member Show Of The Year and the newly elected members of the Board Of Directors!

Friday begins Breyerfest proper, and this year a Carnivale theme is getting everyone excited for the Olympics and Brazil! With a brand new sculpture for the celebration model, three model horse shows, contests and more, it’s no surprise that tickets for the weekend have sold out! There’s seminars, workshops, pony rides and that doesn’t even begin to consider the amazing Kentucky Horse Park itself! It’s a horse lover’s paradise!

Lexington is the place to be this week, but Golden Oak Stables will be taking you there from the comfort of your home. So sit back, relax and come to Kentucky with us!



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Breyer Horse Events: BreyerWest and BreyerFest

March 17, 2016

Breyer events are one of the most special parts of collecting Breyer horses. Getting the chance to meet other collectors and participating in model horse shows, workshops and seminars are all exciting for any collector. This year, Breyer brings it’s events to both sides of the country, for the first time in many years!

This weekend a special event is coming to Albany Oregon, BreyerWest! For the first time ever BreyerWest is being held in the Pacific Northwest and collectors are giddy with excitement! Held in conjunction with the Northwest Horse Fair, this event is filled with the most prestigious of hobbyists that will be sharing their knowledge through seminars, workshops and judging two model horse shows! If you are in the area, this event is not to be missed!

Of course, Breyerfest is gearing up for it’s well known July date at the Kentucky Horse Park. This year celebrates Carnival and Brazil in honor of the Olympic games that are quickly approaching. Model horse shows, an evening horse gala, seminars, celebrity horses and more are all on the ticket, as they are every year. There’s still plenty of time to plan a trip to Lexington for this year’s festivities!

Even if you can’t attend, Golden Oak Stables will keep you in the know with the latest news, events and releases! So stay tuned!


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Real Life Breyer Horses: Smokin’ Double Dutch At Breyerfest 2015

August 3, 2015

There’s so much to love about a little pony with a lot of power, and Smokin’ Double Dutch is a prime example of this! With fans all over the world, this little Quarter Pony has captured the excitement of Breyer collectors and was a welcome guest horse at Breyerfest 2015 where collectors and fans got to meet this incredible pony in person!

Smokin’ Double Dutch is the epitome of versatility performing in just about every discipline you can imagine. This talented pony shows all of his fans just what it means to excel across the board. She has earned the Quarter Pony overall high point, or reserve high point an astonishing 6 out of the last 8 years and has achieved the Quarter Pony Association first Supreme Champion honor for her titles in trail, halter, english, equitation and driving!

Fans got a chance to meet this incredible pony at Breyerfest 2015 and to get to see her strut her stuff and perform as a guest horse! Fans also could get their very own Smokin’ Double Dutch model signed at Breyerfest and see up close what makes an exceptional pony!


IMG_6865 IMG_6860 IMG_6862

This beautiful little mare may be on her way home, but you can still bring Smokin’ Double Dutch to your stable from Golden Oak Stables. Breyer, as always, brings the most incredible horses to collectors, both in person, and in model form!


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Breyer Horse Events: Preparing For Live Show Season

May 7, 2015

Show season is in full swing for both real and model horses all over the world! Horse lovers from all over celebrate the warm spring and summer weather by competing with their faithful companions and collections in competitions that stretch far and wide. Veteran and novice live showers can both benefit from a little preparation going into show season and can reap the benefits of that preparation too!

Live showing has been a staple of the model horse hobby since the 1970’s and while a lot has changed over those years, much more hasn’t. These gatherings are places to meet with other collectors and compete with your horses. You can often buy, sell and trade at these events too and even just visit to look at the beautiful horses and competition.

Another thing hasn’t changed is the level of time and care so many put into their live show string. A little preparation can prepare you for an entire year of showing! A good first place to start is to look over your collection and decide who you would like to show for the upcoming year. Making a plan will help you pack effectively and to not overwhelm yourself with too many horses at the show. Picking your very best models, or even your newest models are often popular choices, but sometimes bringing old favorites out can be a fun experience as well.

Once you have your horses picked, giving them a good bath and checking them for any damage will help them to look their best, even if you don’t have a show for a few weeks. Be sure to dust your horses before packing and always before placing them on the table.

If you know what shows you’ll be attending, or if your area uses a tag system, you can prepare your tags or note cards for your upcoming shows. Many shows use the same formats, so you may only need to make one set of tags for your horses for the entire year! Be sure to read the instructions fully for each show you plan on attending to be sure!

That’s just the start, packing a live show emergency kit, starting a record keeping journal and making contact with other collectors in your area will all make your live show experience something to remember and also so much less stressful. What tips do you have to be prepared when the time comes for a live show?


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Real Life Breyer Horses: Rolex Three Day Event

April 23, 2015

The Kentucky Horse Park is beloved by so many Breyer collectors of it’s yearly pilgrimage of collectors all over the world of Breyerfest. There’s another pilgrimage of sort that brings horse lovers of all types to the Kentucky Horse Park a little earlier in the year. One that brings people from all over the world to watch and participate in another kind of horse fan together, the Rolex Three Day Event.

The Rolex Three Day Event, or RK3DE is the pinnacle of eventing for ┬ánot only North America but also for the Western Hemisphere! Being the only four star event in either, the RK3DE has a following unlike no other and is beloved by horse lovers all over the world. The event as many know it started unofficially in 1978, when the United States won the right to host the eventing world championships under Bruce Davidson’s masterful ride at Burghley in 1974. Four years later the first world class three day event came to the recently opened Kentucky Horse Park and competitors from all over followed. In the years following it developed into a yearly world class event, finally becoming a four star event in 1998.

Today the Rolex Three Day Event is the largest event held at the Kentucky Horse Park, Breyerfest falls a very close second, and people travel from far and wide to be a part of it. Watching world class athletes compete in such an up close and personal level is something that hardly any other event or venue can provide for just about any horse fan. Visitors get to experience Olympic level competition up close and personal, and see their favorite athletes in person!

Do you have any eventers in your stable? What models from Golden Oak Stables do you think stand a chance at the winner’s circle at the Rolex Three Day Event?


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Breyer Horse Events: Breyerfest 2014 Scenes From Around The Event

July 17, 2014

Breyerfest 2014 has made it’s mark and come and gone for the year. With memories that will last a lifetime and experiences unlike any other, this year was unique and memorable for all. Take a moment and spend some time at the Kentucky Horse Park and Breyerfest with Golden Oak Stables.




Breyerfest 2014 Auction Models


Early Morning Bath



A champion grazing at the Hall of Champions



Guest Horse Stabling.





Champagne Run Horse Trials Taking Place At The Park



A lovely Saddlebred.



Catching a moment to graze.





A mother and foal showing what is amazing about the Miniature Horse.



Silent auction items.





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Breyer Horse Events: Breyerfest 2014 Recap

July 14, 2014

Breyerfest 2014 celebrated the 25th anniversary of Breyerfest in grand style with horses from all over the country and attendees from all over the world! The Silver Jubilee lived up to it’s name and Breyer collectors will all agree, this is a Breyerfest that will be remembered for many, many years to come!

Friday morning started bright and early for many Breyerfest attendees at both the open live model horse show and to get into Breyerfest! Lines started forming early in the morning for Breyerfest attendees and even hours before the gates opened stretched throughout the parking lot! Attendance was the highest it’s ever been, with over 10,000 attendees, and the enthusiasm was contagious from so many collectors that were attending for their first time.

Many collectors were excited to meet the celebration horse Gooitzen fan Teakesyl, a stunning Friesian ridden by the famous star Carson Kressley. These two were the stars of the show each time they entered the arena to show off their amazing partnership. Each autograph session for the pair was sold out with fans jumping at the bit to meet both Gooitzen and Carson!

Setting another record, the Breyerfest Children and Youth show sold out with the highest attendance ever, almost 200 competitors between both shows. This show is a popular one for young collectors all over the world with a chance to show off their horses and their creativity!

Saturday night welcomed the famous Tommy Turvey and The Gala Of Royal Horses to the Alltech Arena for a show unlike any Breyer has done before. The entertainers performed a specially designed show only for Breyerfest attendees that brought together trick riding and the amazing abilities of the amazing breeds of The Gala Of Royal Horses.

Sunday, as it often is, was a quieter day to round out the weekend with your last chance to see performers, meet the guest horses and to enjoy the Kentucky Horse Park. With a quiet goodbye Breyerfest bid goodbye to all of it’s attendees and welcomed them again for 2015.

There’s much more coming from Golden Oak Stables and Stable News. Stay tuned in the coming weeks for more from Breyerfest, including more about the guest horses and events that took place!

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