Breyer Horse Classics: Show Grooming Kit

It may still be chilly out but show season isn’t too far away! Horse owners can start planning for the new season of competitions and so can Breyer collectors! Golden Oak Stables brings you a fun way to get your classics ready for a day of competition with a fun new kit that will have you feeling like you’re right in the middle of the fun of show day!

Competing with your horses has been a pastime for hundreds of years. Since the nearly the dawn of eternity man has competed with his faithful horse by his side to prove who was the best at one sport or another. Today horses compete in a wide myriad of disciplines. Some of the more popular sports are horse racing, show jumping, cross country, western reining and cow cutting. All of these showcase the beauty and skill of a horse through a difficult trial!

Getting ready for a horse show is often an ordeal involving prep and packing and at the show a great deal of preparing as well. Now Breyer brings you a set for your Classics horses that will have you ready to compete for that coveted blue ribbon!

The Show Grooming Kit includes all the staples you’ll need for a successful show day. Starting with a tack trunk you can pack all of your essentials away in one place making everything easy to find! You’ll also get a grooming bag, feed bucket, treat bucket and last but certainly not least a tub of glitter paint to make your horse sparkle!

Ready to help you bring horse horses together for a day of competition, the Show Grooming Kit is a surefire way to keep your horses in tip top shape for show day! With a little creativity and planning your horses can be on their way to the winners circle for a blue ribbon of their own!


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