Breyer Horse New Releases: Classics Sport Horse Family

A versatile breed type and a favorite among many for all types of riding, the Sport Horse can excel in many different types of competition as well as being a great riding horse. Golden Oak Stables brings you a new Breyer set of Sport Horses that will have your stable jumping for joy!

The term “Sport Horse” typically refers to a group of horses such as Warmbloods and Thoroughbreds that are known for their English equestrian abilities. Most Sport Horses originated in Europe and have slowly found their way all over the world. Sport horses are probably best know for their competing in show jumping, cross country and hunter jumper events. Sport Horses can also compete in other events too and let’s not forget Thoroughbred race horses!

Breyer has brought collectors a new set for 2013 that will have everyone excited to welcome this family to their barn, the Sport Horse Family! A buckskin mare begins this lovely family, with her creamy color and dark mane and tail she’s a stunning example of a buckskin. Her coat color and sweet expression make her truly stand out in a pasture. Her stallion is a lovely dark bay stallion with a short sock on one leg and a blaze. He is a fit and strong horse that looks ready to get right into a show ring. Their foal is a lovely golden bay colt that is full of energy. With one little star he’s just cuter than can be!

This family doesn’t come to your stable empty handed, they bring with them accessories to help you make room for three new horses! Included is fencing so you can graze them, and a bucket, apples and hay bale so that you can feed them as well!

Bringing a few new horses into your stable is a celebration to say the least, and these three beautiful Sport Horses are no exception!

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