Model Horse Showing: Preparing For A Show

February 11, 2013

Model horse showing is an activity that can help you not only enjoy your collection but also get the experience of showing a real horse. Model horse shows provide the opportunity to bring your Breyer models out for a day of friendly competition to compete against one another for ribbons, rosettes and often more! Showing can be very rewarding but in order to show you need to get your model horses ready much like you’d get a real horse ready for a show!

One of the main things judges look for in a model horse is condition. Your models need to be in tip top shape to bring home that coveted blue ribbon. When you are choosing your models take a look for any rubs, paint imperfections and other marks no matter how small! Some of these can be fixed easily with a bit of acrylic paint if you are feeling ambitious! Acrylic paint will wash off with water but still be very careful if you choose to do this. Models with noticeable rubs and marks should probably be best left at home but use your best judgement! Sometimes an  exceptional model can still win if it has a small imperfection or two.

You’ll also need to make sure your horses are clean of dust and dirt. Some models can be dusted with a soft brush to remove the dust, but if it is dirty or the dust is hard to remove a light bath is best. You can use tepid water and a soft cloth to clean your models. Be careful not to rub too hard or to let your models soak too long, you could damage them. Then let them dry fully before packing them.

Last but certainly not least you’ll need to make sure your horses are properly marked for a show. Many shows us a tag system where a tag with a small string is attached to the leg of your horse and information including things like the horses name, breed and gender as well as your name are written. Some shows us a system with index cards  where the same information is written out. Take a look at the show packet of your specific show for full instructions.

If you’re ready to get your feet wet, Golden Oak Stables has two shows already planned for 2013. So dust off those horses and start getting ready, competition is right around the corner!


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