Breyer Horse Classics: West Wind Stable

May 31, 2016

Classic scale Breyer horses are the smaller counterparts to the Traditional line, but pack as much detail, depth and variety as Traditional models. Now, you can add a stable to your collection that has all of those things and more!

Standing approximately 6 inches tall, Classics are 1/12 scale horses that are just as interesting and detailed as the Traditional scale horses we all know and love. This scale was introduced in 1975 and has found a following among collectors that is just as strong as any others.  The first releases in the Classics collection were limited to just a few breeds, but in the time since the lineup has grown to include a myriad of breeds!

The West Wind Stable is a perfect addition to your collection and as the first Classic scale wooden stable, it ups the ante of any collection! This real hard wood stable is created out of a beautiful light colored wood. It’s three stalls are the perfect place for your Classics to take up residence and rest when they aren’t working and training. The windows and doors all open and shut for a fun experience, just like a real barn!

Are your Classics out in the cold? The West Wind Stable is the perfect way for you to bring them in, and bring some fun to your collection!


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Breyer Horse Collecting: Mid Year Collection Check Up

May 26, 2016

It’s half way through the year and the perfect time for all collectors to take a look at their collections. With a few simple steps you can have a well curated collection that will have you brimming with pride!

This time of year is a great time to start looking around at your wish list and seeing what you may have been able to check off of it. Take a look at horses you’ve added to your collection and mark them off, and then look at your list and decide if there are any horses that can be taken off, and ones that need to be added. If you don’t have a wish list, this is the perfect time to create one! Sit down and start a list of all the horses you’d like to add to your collection, Golden Oak Stables is always there to help!

It’s also a good time to take down all of your horses and dust them and give them a bath if they seem more than a little dusty. A quick bath in warm water with a little soap will shine your original finish models right up. But be careful! Customized models and models that are not plastic aren’t safe to put in water, so save the bath only for your original finish Breyers.

While you have your Breyers down, why not start a collection list? A collection list can help you keep track of your collection and keep it in the best shape possible. When you know what you have, you can better care for it. Listing the horse’s name, mold, where you purchased it, awards won and any other important information will make your collection even easier to maintain.

So, there you have it! A few quick and simple ways to get your collection in tip top shape. With a little care, your collection can be incredible!



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Breyer Horse New Releases: Hickory Hills Wall Street

May 23, 2016

Breyer is of course known for their model horses, but a few special donkeys and other equines have been lucky enough to have the honor of becoming Breyers of their own.

Becoming a Breyer model is a huge honor only bestowed on the most elite of equine superstars. Even more rare is the honor of a donkey being honored with their own Breyer model. Hickory Hills Wall Street is just that donkey! This miniature donkey stallion stands just 30.5 inches tall, but has more wins than donkeys twice his size! In just a short career, he has earned five first place finishes, three Grand Champion titles and a best of breed!

Breyer has chosen the beloved Brighty mold to celebrate Hickory Hills Wall Street. Shown in a sitting position, the Brighty mold has long been a favorite of collectors for it’s adorable look and sweet expression. His red dun coat makes him unique to so many other donkeys. With primitive markings and delicate shading over it’s textured coat, he’s unique as he his adorable!

Do you have a little room in your collection for a little donkey? He’s sure to lighten up your collection with his fun and unique nature!



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Real Life Breyer Horses: Completing Your American Pharoah Collection

May 19, 2016

American Pharoah has gone down in history as one of the most impressive race horses in history, with his incredible Triple Crown win and taking the Grand Slam of Horse Racing, he has etched his place in history. Now, with Golden Oak Stables, you can bring an American Pharoah collection home in so many different ways!

The American Pharoah Collection starts off with a Traditional model that fans of any sort will fall in love with. This stately model is a perfect portrait of the champion down to his shortened tail. A black base proclaiming him and his title make him amazing for display for years to come. The American Pharoah Classic is the next size in the collection and brings the champion to a new form. He wears a blue and yellow stable blanket matching his stable colors.

Collectors can add an American Pharoah Ornament to their collections that they can display year round. Showing the champion racing over the finish line, he brings a new face to the champion and to the lineup. The American Pharoah Stablemate is the smallest in the collection and is perfect for any collector. His exacting details have been brought to 1/32 scale as only Breyer can do.

Last and most certainly not least is the American Pharoah Resin, which is exquisitely detailed showing the moment a champion was made! A lifelong collectible that will appreciate in any collection, it is the pinnacle of the American Pharoah Collection!

Bring a champion home today, in one or all of his many forms!


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Breyer Horse Accessories: Turn Out Set

May 16, 2016

With spring in full force, everyone seems to be enjoying the warmer weather. Horses, riders and everyone in between use spring as a chance to get outside and shake off those winter blues. Your Breyer horses also need a little help to start off spring the right way, and with a little preparation, everyone will be happily springing into the warm weather!

Spring brings many things with it, flowers, baby birds, longer sunny days but it also brings a little pest for horses and riders alike, insects! Horses that are out to pasture spend a lot of time with these little pests and as the day gets warmer and longer these can become a real problem.

You can help get your Breyers ready for this warm, but pest filled season with a Turn Out Set all their own. The set starts off witha  fly sheet for your horse to wear that will help keep their coat protected with it’s lightweight mesh. A bottle of fly spray and a horse fly give you a chance to take care of the problem all on your own. To keep your horse amused out in the pasture a horse ball and salt lick complete the set and look just like the real thing!

Golden Oak Stables can help your horses get ready for just about anything, all you need to add is your collection!



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Real Life Breyer Horses: Nyquist Wins The Kentucky Derby!

May 9, 2016

The first Saturday in May has come and gone and with it a new champion has been crowned. The illustrious Kentucky Derby has once again excited the masses with the most exciting two minutes in sports, and of course, the winner already has everyone’s hearts hoping for history to be made one again.

The 142nd Kentucky Derby truly brought horses from near and far to compete in one of the most prestigious races in the world. The three year olds that came to Churchill Downs to try their luck at the Kentucky Derby hailed from as far as Japan and had raced all over the world before coming to Kentucky.

With clear skies and good track conditions the race began with a strong showing from the entire field. As the final stretch came into view the favorite, Nyquist, came out from the pack and pulled ahead to win.

With the Preakness already in their sights, Nyquist and his owner, trainer and jockey are hopeful that he will go on to make history just like American Pharoah, by winning the Triple Crown. Horse racing fans are excited too, and hopeful that history can be made two years in a row.

Golden Oak Stables congratulates Nyquist on his incredible win! Stay tuned to Stable News for his journey towards the Triple Crown!


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Real Life Breyer Horses: Kentucky Derby 142

May 5, 2016

The first Saturday in May is upon us and with that wonderful day comes the annual running of the Kentucky Derby. Churchill Downs in Louisville Kentucky plays host to one of the most famous races in the world. Horse lovers from all over the world are en route to Kentucky for this momentous day where history will once again be made.

Many racing fans are still riding the excitement of last year’s amazing Triple Crown win by the amazing American Pharaoh, but this year’s field is getting people just as excited for the possibilities! Nyquest is the early favorite and has created a lot of buzz around him already. With 3-1 odds, he is by far the favorite and breaks from the lucky number 13 slot. Exaggerator, Mohayman and Brody’s Cause are all close behind him as they surely will be come Saturday.

Another exciting development is the four grey horses in the field. Grey horses are fairly common in horse racing, but four of them in the Kentucky Derby isn’t something you see every day. Bays and chestnuts normally make up the Kentucky Derby field, so there’s no question that many eyes will be on the grey horses that are racing for the roses.

Who’s your favorite to win? We’ll all be watching with baited breath, but if there’s anything that we’ve learned from horse racing history, it’s anyone’s race and Golden Oak Stables will keep you in the know!



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Real Life Breyer Horses: Rolex Three Day Winner!

May 2, 2016

The 2016 Rolex Three Day Event is in the books and as in past years, this year was filled with ups, downs and everything in between. The competition was fierce and at the end of competition Sunday, it was clear how talented the horses and riders of the weekend were!

Competition started Thursday and Friday with dressage tests that challenged riders and their horses in a precise and challenging test. Nearly 90 riders took to the dressage ring to strut their stuff in a difficult test that brought out the best in each horse and rider team. Favorite Michael Jung Fischerrocana FST finished in first place following the dressage tests with Allison Springer and Arthur in second going into Cross Country.

Cross Country day brought a wet and messy course that made the course all the more difficult, especially as the day went on. Marilyn Little and RF Demeter, who finished in third place after Dressage, were eliminated on the Cross Country course and Allison Springer and Arthur ended up in 20th place with their disappointing run on the Cross Country course. This shook things up going into Show Jumping and opened up the field.

Michael Jung and Fischerrocana FST were still the favorites in first place going into the Show Jumping phase. Favorites like Phillip Dutton and Boyd Martin were sitting at the top of the leaderboard along with Lauren Kieffer, Sinead Halpin and Maya Black. The tightly timed course proved difficult for many riders and when rain storms popped up near the end of the day, competition got truly interesting as favorites faltered!  Michael Jung proved an immovable force as he finished in first place securing his second win at Rolex. Lauren Kieffer on Veronica came in behind him in second place and Maya Black and Doesn’t Play Fair rounded out the top three.

Golden Oak Stables has all the makings for you to live your own Rolex dream. From horses to riders and everything in between, there’s nothing stopping you!


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