Breyer Horse New Releases: Hickory Hills Wall Street

Breyer is of course known for their model horses, but a few special donkeys and other equines have been lucky enough to have the honor of becoming Breyers of their own.

Becoming a Breyer model is a huge honor only bestowed on the most elite of equine superstars. Even more rare is the honor of a donkey being honored with their own Breyer model. Hickory Hills Wall Street is just that donkey! This miniature donkey stallion stands just 30.5 inches tall, but has more wins than donkeys twice his size! In just a short career, he has earned five first place finishes, three Grand Champion titles and a best of breed!

Breyer has chosen the beloved Brighty mold to celebrate Hickory Hills Wall Street. Shown in a sitting position, the Brighty mold has long been a favorite of collectors for it’s adorable look and sweet expression. His red dun coat makes him unique to so many other donkeys. With primitive markings and delicate shading over it’s textured coat, he’s unique as he his adorable!

Do you have a little room in your collection for a little donkey? He’s sure to lighten up your collection with his fun and unique nature!



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