Breyer Horse Accessories: English Tack

October 31, 2011

Are you ready to hit the Rolex Three Day event? Maybe the star in your barn is a pony club champion? Maybe an introductory jumping lesson? No matter what your pick, there’s a special saddle for you! Breyer has recreated a huge variety of tack in miniature scale for your stable, here’s a look at some English tack.

Many riders use what’s called an English All Purpose saddle. This saddle does exactly what it says, its good for all different types of English events. This versatile saddle can easily be used for just about any lower level competition and transfers well between disciplines. Breyer’s All Purpose saddle is the Devon English Hunt Seat Saddle. Pair it with the English Hunter Jumper Bridle and you can ride the day away! If you’re ready to compete on the three day circuit, the English Riding Accessories Set has all the little touches you need to keep your horse safe and competitive!

Dressage is a favorite activity for many riders. From the lowest levels to the highest this sport teaches communication and workmanship. The Dressage saddle is typically black an features longer panels than an All Purpose saddle. The Breyer Dressage Saddle is created out of a gorgeous black leather with a seat perfect for any rider! The Dressage Bridle features accurate touches like matching black leather and white accents along the browband and noseband.

If you’re looking for something a little more casual, why not try a fun all purpose set? Breyer’s English Riding Set comes in a fun tan and burgundy color and has accessories abound! Just about anything you could need comes ready for you to use! If you’re a little more funky, why not tack up with the Hot Colors Riding Set? Bright yellow and blue give this set a fun touch and accessories make it easy to do just about anything!

No matter what your discipline, there’s a tack set for you as well as tons of accessories. From jumps to barns, feed sets to tack, Golden Oak Stables has every little thing you could need to outfit all of the stars in your barn!


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Breyer Horse Collecting: 2011 Retired List

October 27, 2011

2011 is drawing to a close and Breyer has released their retired list! You only have till the end of the year to get your hands on these, so take a look and make sure you aren’t going to miss out!

1316 Tahoma
1350 Benefit Model (Breast Cancer)
1368 Twilight
1387 Pony Picnic Playset
1424 Pony Pep Rally Playset
1425 Baxter
1426 Chili
706 S Justadream‐Arabian
715 Bet Yer Blue Boons
1151 Isadora‐Cruce ‐ Mustang from Return to Freedom
1360 Buck ‐ Bonanza
1429 Rachel Alexandra
1453 Chub ‐ Bonanza
1466 Headley Britannia ‐ Eventing Superstar
1460 Weather Girl ‐ 2011 Treasure Hunt Series
1479 Renaissance Horse & Rider Set
2612 Traditional Truck
2613 Traditional Trailer
1382 Breyer Trail Class Acces. Kit
2011 Stone Wall Jump
2015 Cross Country Jump
2475 Foal Blankets 3‐piece Assortment
2800 WEATHERBEETA® 2800 Weatherbeeta® TakaTM FreestyleTM Blanket
7627 Breyer Caveletti Set ‐ Updated Image
5976 Stablemates 4 Pc. Horse Collection
5907 Stablemates Singles 24 Pc. Assortment
611 Chestnut Appaloosa
612 Dark Bay Hanoverian
613 Dapple Grey Mustang
614 Grey Pinto Pintabian
615 Dapple Chestnut Thoroughbred
616 Palomino Appendix Quarter Horse
617 Buckskin Morgan
618 Red Roan Sabino Arabian
619 Dun Quarter Horse & Chestnut Appaloosa Foals
4821 Butterscotch
4822 S’more
4823 Pepper
31002 Horse Play
4858 Plush Beanie 18‐Pc Counter Display (6 each of three styles) Styles not sold
5500 Stablemates The Saddle Club™ 4 Horse Set
5501 Stablemates “Jump Off” Carole and Starlight Play Set
5502 Stablemates “Jumping to Conclusions” Lisa and Prancer Play Set
5503 Stablemates “Found Horse” Stevie and Belle Play Set
61101 Classics Stevie & Belle Gift Set
61102 Classics Lisa & Prancer Gift Set
61103 Classics Carole & Starlight Gift Set
720211 Pony Gals Micro Mini Show Horses
720212 Pony Gals Micro Mini Pleasure Horses
720213 Pony Gals Micro Mini Horses Wild Horses
720249 Friendship Barn
7073 Pony Gals 12 pc Asst
7074 Jasmine
7075 Dixie
7076 Chloe

So don’t delay! Ride on over to Golden Oak Stables! You won’t want to miss any of these amazing horses or new ones that are sure to fill the stable for 2012!


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Breyer Horse New Releases: Theodore Roosevelt’s Little Texas

October 24, 2011

Galloping into Golden Oak Stables from the Wild West, Little Texas is a horse that made his way into the history books for helping one of the United States Presidents to make history of his own!

Little Texas rode the cavalry charge under Theodore Roosevelt in the Spanish American War. Showing a lot of courage for a little horse, Little Texas’s legacy lives on through his courage and bravery. Leading the charge in one of the most dangerous and fiercest battles of the entire war, The Battle of San Juan Hill, this chestnut gelding showed bravery beyond compare. The First U.S. Volunteer Calvary, nick named The Rough Riders, rode to the front of The Battle of San Juan Hill with Roosevelt and Little Texas making history forever!

Theodore Roosevelt gave Texas a fitting and happy retirement at his estate on Long Island where he lived with a menagerie of other animals and was doted on by his children. One of Roosevelt’s most beloved mounts, Little Texas was buried there and the grave can still be found today.

Bringing history to your stable, Breyer has created a stunning recreation of this little pony with a lot of courage. Created on the Flash mold, Little Texas is a sport type pony might not be as big as a horse, but his courage is certainly just as big. The stunning dark, firey chestnut color shines with amazing shading and a firey mane and tail. His three socks show bright and white with shell colored hooves and a confident and brave attitude bring him right to the forefront of battle!

You might not be ready for battle, but Little Texas can sure bring a lot of heart in a little horse! Stunning as he is brave, he’ll light up your stable. This patriotic hero stands out in a stable full of stars. A little bit of courage and history can go a long way!

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Breyer Horse Collecting: Marking the Mold

October 20, 2011

For nearly 60 years now, Breyer has been creating model horses for horse lovers around the world! One of the easiest ways to recognize a Breyer is by its iconic mold mark that generally sits on the leg of the horse. There are a myriad of different mold marks you might find on your horses, here’s a few of them you might find in your collection.

The oldest Breyer mark is over 50 years old and has appeared ever since! This round mark features a large C and states “Breyer Molding Company”. It can generally be found in the inner leg of traditional and classic scale molds that are earlier than 1990.

In the 1990’s Breyer started using a new mold mark. This is a two line mark that sits in the inner leg of traditional models that reads “Breyer Reeves” and can be found on many molds created in the 1990’s.

In early 2000 a new round Breyer stamp began appearing. Much like the earlier round stamp, this one is created in a similar vein but reads “Breyer Reeves” with a copywrite C. It comes in a larger size that can be found on traditionals and a smaller one that can be found on classics.

Stablemates have special stamps that can be found on the stomach of their molds. Most Stablemates carry a stamp that states “Breyer Reeves” and may or may not carry the year that the mold was first produced.

So next time you get a new Breyer from Golden Oak Stables, take a second to check out what mark it has! You’ll never look at your models quite the same!


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Real Life Breyer Horses: Breed Types

October 17, 2011

Golden Oak Stables brings dozens of different breeds from the Breyer stable to your’s. With hundreds of breeds of horses ranging from the very small to the very large and everything in between, there’s a horse that can do just about anything! Just like other animals, the breeds of horses have been broken down into subgroups. These subgroups match horses that are similar in type and job into more manageable groups.

In the model horse hobby, breed types are often broken down for a myriad of reasons like collection management or showing!

Here’s a typical breakdown of breeds and some examples. There are hundreds more breeds that will go into these categories, these are just a few examples:

Light Breeds- Arabians, Part Arabians, Nationals Show Horses

Gaited Breeds- American Saddlebreds, Missouri Fox Trotter, Tennessee Walking Horse

Spanish Breeds- Peruvian Paso, Lusitano, Andalusian

Sport Breeds- Thoroughbred, Hanovarian, Warmblood

Stock Breeds- Quarter Horse, Paint Horse, Appaloosa

Draft Breeds- Clydesdale, Shire, Percheron

Pony Breeds- Shetland Pony, Welsh Pony

Other/Exotic Breeds- Donkey, Zebra, Przewalski

Taking a deeper look into each subgroup, you can see the similarities in the breeds. The job of a horse is often determine by his region and horses still often carry characteristics that were bred into them for their job, sometimes hundreds of years ago! Horses that evolved on the Arabian peninsula are hearty and can withstand long periods without water. Looking at another type of horse will show you a completely different picture though. Stock breeds that developed in the American West are stout and perfect for long hours of trail and cow work.

Learning about the different types of breeds can help you determine what direction your collection has taken as well. Whether you are thinking about it or not, your collection will often end up with similar horses in your stable. When you collect what you love, you’re bound to end up with your favorite type of horse filling your collection!

When you look at the hundreds of different horse breeds that might fill your stable, it can be overwhelming . When you divide them up its much easier to see the variety of breeds that gallop across the world!


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Real Life Breyer Horses: Enchanted Forest Wins USEF Pony Finals!

October 13, 2011

Most famous horses in the Breyer stable are given the honor of being a Breyer horse once they have had an amazing life and career. Enchanted Forest is a hunter pony that is no exception but this astonishing pony just keeps winning, even at 16 years old!

On August 11th 2011 Enchanted Forest competed at the Kentucky Horse Park in the USEF Pony Finals which brings the best pony riders from around the country to Lexington to compete! Forest competed in the Medium Pony Hunter Division with his rider Maddy Darst and over 100 other ponies. The two found their way to the winners circle with the highest scores in the Medium Pony Hunter Division, Forest’s second time!

This 16 year old New Forest pony stands about 13.2 hands tall making him the perfect hunter pony. New Forest ponies are popular for hunter events both here and in the United Kingdom where they are originally from. He has already been to the winners circle once before at the USEF Pony Finals in the same division with rider Lillie Keenan in 2007.

Breyer created Enchanted Forest after his amazing win with Lillie but he continues to heat up the arena! This famous hunter pony was created on the Breyer Newsworthy mold, a famous hunter pony as well. Forest’s stunningly detailed dappled bay paint job has already made him a favorite among collectors. He’s also been a popular model because of his dynamic position, in mid jump. He’s the perfect mount for your younger Breyer doll doing hunter, jumper or anything creative you can think up! Just think of how much this little jumper pony will light up your stable.

Enchanted Forest has his mane and tail braided in perfect hunter fashion. Three socks and a star accent his striking bay dappled coat as do detailed hooves and a strikingly concentrated determination in his eyes!

Still lighting up the world’s stage, Enchanted Forest also lights up the Breyer and Golden Oak Stables show ring and can for many years to come! This special pony is sure to carry many more riders through the ring both real and model horse!


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Breyer Horse Collecting: Keeping Your Models Clean

October 10, 2011

Just like a real horse, all Breyers get a little dirty from time to time. Breyers are very durable but properly caring for them, including washing them when they get dusty or dirty, can help preserve them for decades longer!

All Breyers are going to get dusty no matter how careful you are. Dust can be very easy and yet still very difficult to remove. Sometimes a very soft clean brush can get all of the dust off a model and leave it just as it left the box! Other times dust can settle in spots that are difficult to get to like in between ears, inside of a detailed mane or in nostrils. Smaller scale models can be difficult to dust as well. These little spots can be eliminated with a quick bath in luke warm water. Its important to remember that almost all Breyers have a hole in the edge of their mouth or nose so that the plastic can breathe. If you submerge your horse it may get water inside of it. A little shouldn’t hurt but be careful not to let a great deal of water get in your horse.

Dust finds its way to almost every Breyer, but what if your model went out and rolled in the mud or got something else a little more difficult on him? Washing the model with a damp cloth is the first step to take. Make sure the cloth is very soft to avoid scratching the finish on your horse! If plain water isn’t working a mild dish detergent can typically used and not damage the paint of the model. If you suspect that the finish is delicate its a good idea to test a spot that isn’t visible before you use the soap all over the horse. Sometimes soaking the horse in warm water  (Not hot!) can loosen a difficult mess but use caution and don’t let them sit too long or get too much water in the vent hole!

Remember, this is only for Original Finish models. Custom models are much more delicate and require much more gentile care. Water can ruin custom models!

Whether packing your models up for the next Golden Oak Stables show or just tidying up, you can keep your models in perfect show shape with just a little bit of care! Don’t let that dust pile up on their coats when its so simple to take care of!


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Breyer Horse New Releases: Prince Jester

October 6, 2011

New for Mid Year 2011, Breyer and Golden Oak Stables welcome a horse into the stable that is one of the most recognizable American breeds. With its unique gait and charming personality the Missouri Fox Trotter is a breed with fans beyond compare! Breyer has immortalized one of its leading sires as a Breyer so that everyone can bring a little bit of Missouri to their barn.

The Missouri Fox Trotter, as you might imagine was bred in the foothills of the Ozark mountains that sit in Missouri by settlers making their way west. Bred to be sure footed this breed developed a unique gait called the Fox Trot. This gait is unique among other breeds of horse because the front legs of the horse appear to walk while the rear appear to trot!

Its comfortable gait and kind disposition has made this breed a favorite for trail riders, endurance riders and casual riders alike! This versatile breed has even been used in driving! A new breed to the equestrian world, the Missouri Fox Trotter has nearly 100,000 horses registered and that number is growing each day!

Prince Jester was a leading stallion in the Missouri Fox Trotting world. This three time world champion created quite the name for himself lighting up the show ring wherever he could be found. His gorgeous chocolately black coloring shines and helped to make him a stand out as a show horse as well as a stallion!

Breyer has taken the Iron Medal Chief mold, another famous Fox Trotter and immortalized Prince Jester with his own model for 2011. Prince Jester was also to be a featured guest at Breyerfest 2011 but sadly he passed away in April of 2011. Leaving behind a legacy, many offspring to live on and now a Breyer model to be remembered by, Prince Jester is surely a horse that will live on for many years to come!

A sweet reminder of a kind breed that helped shape America, Prince Jester was a wonderful representation of this breed and you can help him live on for many years to come!


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Breyer Horse Events: New England Fall Live Is Almost Here!

October 3, 2011

Cool air is blowing in and holidays will be slowly approaching but you have one more chance this year to get out to Golden Oak Stables to show off your models and compete with others for top honors!

New England Fall Live celebrates its third year and as the only all Breyer show in New England its the perfect chance to bring your Breyer collection out to show how versatile and wonderful Breyer horses really are! Performance classes are always popular and there’s a myriad of them! Use your creativity to bring a realistic scene to the show ring! English , Western, Harness and Costume, they are all there for you to enter as well as an “Other Performance” class that always gets creative!

The custom classes are sure to be filled with astonishing creations from entrants and artists alike and the extensive classlist gives you specialized classes to enter your customs in, so bring one and all! Another great part is that there will be two judges for the Custom division! One judge will be judging on Breed standards and another will be judging on Workmanship. A Workmanship judge evaluates horses on a different set of standards as the breed judge and will place the horses based on how well done the customization, paint and prepping was done on the model, not how realistic or well the horse fits the breed. It makes classes very interesting and rewards horses on two completely separate levels!

In the Original Finish classes, which tend to be the largest, you’ll see new and old alike showing Breyer’s wide range of horses from the past 60 years! Part of the most interesting part is that, like custom, there will be a second judge that evaluates the Original Finish Classes. The Collectibility judge will also be judging on a different set of criteria that ranks models by how rare and desirable they are! So, while a horse might not be the most realistic, it might just be the rarest and end up with that coveted blue ribbon!

All the classes are NAN Qualifying meaning that any horse that places 1st or 2nd is qualified for the North American Nationals in 2012 and 2013! Don’t miss your chance to compete with the best of the best and spend a wonderful day of fun with Golden Oak Stables!


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