Breyer Horse Collecting: Keeping Your Models Clean

Just like a real horse, all Breyers get a little dirty from time to time. Breyers are very durable but properly caring for them, including washing them when they get dusty or dirty, can help preserve them for decades longer!

All Breyers are going to get dusty no matter how careful you are. Dust can be very easy and yet still very difficult to remove. Sometimes a very soft clean brush can get all of the dust off a model and leave it just as it left the box! Other times dust can settle in spots that are difficult to get to like in between ears, inside of a detailed mane or in nostrils. Smaller scale models can be difficult to dust as well. These little spots can be eliminated with a quick bath in luke warm water. Its important to remember that almost all Breyers have a hole in the edge of their mouth or nose so that the plastic can breathe. If you submerge your horse it may get water inside of it. A little shouldn’t hurt but be careful not to let a great deal of water get in your horse.

Dust finds its way to almost every Breyer, but what if your model went out and rolled in the mud or got something else a little more difficult on him? Washing the model with a damp cloth is the first step to take. Make sure the cloth is very soft to avoid scratching the finish on your horse! If plain water isn’t working a mild dish detergent can typically used and not damage the paint of the model. If you suspect that the finish is delicate its a good idea to test a spot that isn’t visible before you use the soap all over the horse. Sometimes soaking the horse in warm water  (Not hot!) can loosen a difficult mess but use caution and don’t let them sit too long or get too much water in the vent hole!

Remember, this is only for Original Finish models. Custom models are much more delicate and require much more gentile care. Water can ruin custom models!

Whether packing your models up for the next Golden Oak Stables show or just tidying up, you can keep your models in perfect show shape with just a little bit of care! Don’t let that dust pile up on their coats when its so simple to take care of!


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