Breyer Horse New Releases: Theodore Roosevelt’s Little Texas

Galloping into Golden Oak Stables from the Wild West, Little Texas is a horse that made his way into the history books for helping one of the United States Presidents to make history of his own!

Little Texas rode the cavalry charge under Theodore Roosevelt in the Spanish American War. Showing a lot of courage for a little horse, Little Texas’s legacy lives on through his courage and bravery. Leading the charge in one of the most dangerous and fiercest battles of the entire war, The Battle of San Juan Hill, this chestnut gelding showed bravery beyond compare. The First U.S. Volunteer Calvary, nick named The Rough Riders, rode to the front of The Battle of San Juan Hill with Roosevelt and Little Texas making history forever!

Theodore Roosevelt gave Texas a fitting and happy retirement at his estate on Long Island where he lived with a menagerie of other animals and was doted on by his children. One of Roosevelt’s most beloved mounts, Little Texas was buried there and the grave can still be found today.

Bringing history to your stable, Breyer has created a stunning recreation of this little pony with a lot of courage. Created on the Flash mold, Little Texas is a sport type pony might not be as big as a horse, but his courage is certainly just as big. The stunning dark, firey chestnut color shines with amazing shading and a firey mane and tail. His three socks show bright and white with shell colored hooves and a confident and brave attitude bring him right to the forefront of battle!

You might not be ready for battle, but Little Texas can sure bring a lot of heart in a little horse! Stunning as he is brave, he’ll light up your stable. This patriotic hero stands out in a stable full of stars. A little bit of courage and history can go a long way!

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