Breyer Horse New Releases: Prince Jester

New for Mid Year 2011, Breyer and Golden Oak Stables welcome a horse into the stable that is one of the most recognizable American breeds. With its unique gait and charming personality the Missouri Fox Trotter is a breed with fans beyond compare! Breyer has immortalized one of its leading sires as a Breyer so that everyone can bring a little bit of Missouri to their barn.

The Missouri Fox Trotter, as you might imagine was bred in the foothills of the Ozark mountains that sit in Missouri by settlers making their way west. Bred to be sure footed this breed developed a unique gait called the Fox Trot. This gait is unique among other breeds of horse because the front legs of the horse appear to walk while the rear appear to trot!

Its comfortable gait and kind disposition has made this breed a favorite for trail riders, endurance riders and casual riders alike! This versatile breed has even been used in driving! A new breed to the equestrian world, the Missouri Fox Trotter has nearly 100,000 horses registered and that number is growing each day!

Prince Jester was a leading stallion in the Missouri Fox Trotting world. This three time world champion created quite the name for himself lighting up the show ring wherever he could be found. His gorgeous chocolately black coloring shines and helped to make him a stand out as a show horse as well as a stallion!

Breyer has taken the Iron Medal Chief mold, another famous Fox Trotter and immortalized Prince Jester with his own model for 2011. Prince Jester was also to be a featured guest at Breyerfest 2011 but sadly he passed away in April of 2011. Leaving behind a legacy, many offspring to live on and now a Breyer model to be remembered by, Prince Jester is surely a horse that will live on for many years to come!

A sweet reminder of a kind breed that helped shape America, Prince Jester was a wonderful representation of this breed and you can help him live on for many years to come!


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