Breyer Horse Collecting: Marking the Mold

For nearly 60 years now, Breyer has been creating model horses for horse lovers around the world! One of the easiest ways to recognize a Breyer is by its iconic mold mark that generally sits on the leg of the horse. There are a myriad of different mold marks you might find on your horses, here’s a few of them you might find in your collection.

The oldest Breyer mark is over 50 years old and has appeared ever since! This round mark features a large C and states “Breyer Molding Company”. It can generally be found in the inner leg of traditional and classic scale molds that are earlier than 1990.

In the 1990’s Breyer started using a new mold mark. This is a two line mark that sits in the inner leg of traditional models that reads “Breyer Reeves” and can be found on many molds created in the 1990’s.

In early 2000 a new round Breyer stamp began appearing. Much like the earlier round stamp, this one is created in a similar vein but reads “Breyer Reeves” with a copywrite C. It comes in a larger size that can be found on traditionals and a smaller one that can be found on classics.

Stablemates have special stamps that can be found on the stomach of their molds. Most Stablemates carry a stamp that states “Breyer Reeves” and may or may not carry the year that the mold was first produced.

So next time you get a new Breyer from Golden Oak Stables, take a second to check out what mark it has! You’ll never look at your models quite the same!


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