Breyer Horse Events: New England Fall Live Is Almost Here!

Cool air is blowing in and holidays will be slowly approaching but you have one more chance this year to get out to Golden Oak Stables to show off your models and compete with others for top honors!

New England Fall Live celebrates its third year and as the only all Breyer show in New England its the perfect chance to bring your Breyer collection out to show how versatile and wonderful Breyer horses really are! Performance classes are always popular and there’s a myriad of them! Use your creativity to bring a realistic scene to the show ring! English , Western, Harness and Costume, they are all there for you to enter as well as an “Other Performance” class that always gets creative!

The custom classes are sure to be filled with astonishing creations from entrants and artists alike and the extensive classlist gives you specialized classes to enter your customs in, so bring one and all! Another great part is that there will be two judges for the Custom division! One judge will be judging on Breed standards and another will be judging on Workmanship. A Workmanship judge evaluates horses on a different set of standards as the breed judge and will place the horses based on how well done the customization, paint and prepping was done on the model, not how realistic or well the horse fits the breed. It makes classes very interesting and rewards horses on two completely separate levels!

In the Original Finish classes, which tend to be the largest, you’ll see new and old alike showing Breyer’s wide range of horses from the past 60 years! Part of the most interesting part is that, like custom, there will be a second judge that evaluates the Original Finish Classes. The Collectibility judge will also be judging on a different set of criteria that ranks models by how rare and desirable they are! So, while a horse might not be the most realistic, it might just be the rarest and end up with that coveted blue ribbon!

All the classes are NAN Qualifying meaning that any horse that places 1st or 2nd is qualified for the North American Nationals in 2012 and 2013! Don’t miss your chance to compete with the best of the best and spend a wonderful day of fun with Golden Oak Stables!


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