Breyer New Ponies Horses have Arrived – Jasmine, Dixie, and Chloe

September 18, 2007

Jasmine, Dixie, and Chloe are best buds who have known each other since they were foals. While Jasmine is trendy, fasjionable and always knows what is going on, Chloe is the pretty athlete and insatiable curiousity and a knack for solving mysteries. Dixie is a fearless smarty pants who is usually seen bailing out jasmine and Chloe out of trouble! Each Pony Gals model comes with a blanket, bell boots, championship award, mane and tail brush, pony treat, and tack trunk, and is beautifully packaged in a window box.

Holiday Snow Globe and Glass Globe Ornament Cancelled by Breyer

September 11, 2007

Breyer announced today that it has cancelled the 2007 Holiday Snow Globe (#700227) and the 2007 Holiday Glass Globe Ornament (#700407).  Neither item met Breyer’s quality control standards and will not be available for purchase this year.

Breyer Fall Releases on the way!!

September 7, 2007

Breyer has just announced it’s fall program, which includes 5 new traditional horses; Prancer, Belle and Starlight – all saddle club models; Earth – first in a series of four Collector’s Edition; and Rags to Riches. We expect to be shipping by 9/22/2007.

Holiday Merchandise Update

September 6, 2007

Breyer is now expected to ship the Holiday Horse and the Halloween Horse no later than 9/22/2007. The remaining Holiday items will be delayed until mid to late October.

Rest Assured Breyer is Safe!!

September 4, 2007

Breyer® Safety Statement (Pequannock, NJ – Aug. 31, 2007) As a result of recent media coverage regarding toy safety, Breyer®, along with many other toy companies, has received inquiries from concerned retailers and consumers about our products.  Please be assured that Breyer products are tested by accredited testing labs to ensure compliance with the safety guidelines of State and Federal Regulatory Agencies in conjunction with Toy Safety and the Consumer Product Safety Commissions of the United States, as well as all relevant European Union Directives and Standards. Safety is a top priority for Breyer and we remain vigilant in enforcing the quality and safety of our products.

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