Breyer Horse Events: Golden Oak Stables End Of School Model Horse Show

May 30, 2013

The end of school is near and summer break is on the minds of so many! If you’ve got some time in your summer break you’ll want to make time to head to Golden Oak Stables for their End Of School model horse show and fun day!

The perfect way to start off your summer is of course, with Golden Oak Stables. For years Golden Oak Stables has been host to some of the most exciting events in the model horse world. On June 29th you can experience the competition and fun of a Breyer horse show with Golden Oak Stables. The End Of School show is a show devoted to  youth and novices in the hobby making it a fun and easy time to give model horse showing a try! This fun event is friendly for those new to the hobby and those who haven’t ever given live showing a try. There are division for your Breyer horses, custom horses, performance classes and even some fun classes giving you the experience of a big model horse show in a easy format.

Also going on concurrently is a Breyer fun day with Stablemate painting, games and everyone’s favorite, shopping! It’s a day full of horses that is sure to please any horse lover!

If you’re nervous about trying live showing, take a moment to go through the Stable News archives for articles for articles on all kinds of Live Show subjects, from packing for a show to what to expect when you get there, Stable News can guide you through!

Don’t be afraid to jump in, live showing is a wonderful way to get involved with your horses and to meet new friends! Give it a shot and experience just what fun model horse showing really is!


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Real Live Breyer Horses: Honoring Memorial Day With Breyer

May 27, 2013

Memorial day is the day each year that Americans honor those who we have lost in service. The last Monday in May marks the day where we honor their memories and remember the great sacrifices that have given us as Americans the freedoms that we have today!

New for 2012, Breyer has decided to honor one of our Equine veterans, Sargent Reckless. In modern society it may not be more than an afterthought, but many animals serve in Amercia’s armed forces, including horses! These soldiers face the same risks as their human counterparts and sacrifice in their own way for the freedom of our country.

Sargent Reckless was one of those horses that sacrificed for our freedom! This little mare who was small in stature but not in courage, fought her way through the Korean War with her Marine division. She became a hero to the wounded soldiers she transported to safety and to many more whom she transported supplies and ammunition for.

Standing only about 14 hands tall she was truly a little mare with a lot of heart. This little chestnut mare may have been small in stature but she certainly wasn’t small in heart. She spent many years on the battlefield helping our troops and for her time in the military she was honored by the Marines with nine awards including two Purple Hearts. Sargent Reckless spent her retirement at Camp Pendleton in California! With her own Breyer she’s sure to live on through another generation and remind us all of the sacrifice that our military give.

Golden Oak Stables brings you a way to honor those who have fallen and those who are still serving with a Breyer that is sure to remind you of all of the sacrifices of the hard working men and women who have made our country what it is today!



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Breyer Horse Collecting: The Stories Of The Wind Dancers

May 23, 2013

A magical and fanciful line of horses, the Wind Dancers have found their way to Breyer collectors and have captured the imagination of those young and young at heart. These lovely little horses are full of spirit and life and have stories that will captivate you from the first page!

Summer is right around the corner and summer vacation and days at the beach are also ready and waiting for many. You can fill those days with the stories of the Wind Dancer horses. These four small horses found their way into the world one day when they burst from a dandelion seed and began exploring the world around them. Kona, Sirocco, Sumatra and Brisa are four winged horses that are small in size but not small in adventure. Their stories of adventure and exploration give us all a bit of fantasy to our imagination and bring the fanciful world of four winged horses to life.

With so many stories there’s no end in sight for the adventures of the Wind Dancers! Golden Oak Stables also brings you figures that are just as fanciful as the stories told of the Wind Dancers. Standing approximately 5 inches high you can bring home Wind Dancers Sirocco and Sumatra to re-create your own adventures with two of your favorite Wind Dancers! You can also add a set of four foals to your collection that are more adorable than you could imagine. Their fluttery wings and magical colors are sure to fill you with delight and fill your collection with a bit of excitement!

The Wind Dancers are a fun, fanciful and enchanting group of horses with stories that will have you just as enchanted! Take a chance and get to know the Wind Dancers!

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Real Life Breyer Horses: Preakness Stakes 2013

May 20, 2013

This Saturday the world watched as Orb tried to make history, hoping to win the second gem in the Triple Crown, the Preakness. With baited breath America watched to see what would happen in what is one of America’s most famous races. Did you?

The Preakness Stakes is held on the Third Saturday in May at Pimlico Race Course in Baltimore Maryland. The first Preakness was held in 1873 and in 1932 became the second race in the Triple Crown competition! This race has long been a favorite for horse racing fans drawing the second largest crowd for any race behind only the Kentucky Derby! The speed record for the Preakness is still held, 40 years later, by Breyer alumni Secretariat. Another Breyer alumni holds the length’s record, Smarty Jones, winning the Preakness by 11 lengths in 2004. Rachel Alexandra who Breyer lovers know and love so well also holds a record on the track being one of only five fillies to win the race and having won it from the outermost post, #13!

The 138th Preakness held nine horses in the race, most recognizable from a few weeks ago at the Kentucky Derby. Most people had Orb as an easy winner in the field and hopes of a Triple Crown were on the horizon. As the race started Orb took a strong middle position in the pack after breaking from the #1 rail position. Sadly, he never could make a break for it and couldn’t make it to the front of the pack. Oxbow was able to break early and set the pace for the group and showed his strength by holding onto his lead fall the way to the finish line. Atop him was Gary Stevens, who at 50 set the record for the oldest jockey to win the Preakness!

There may not be a Triple Crown this year, but there’s always the future to look forward to. There’s one little colt that everyone is waiting with baited breath for. Maybe 2015 will be the year of Zenyatta’s colt Cozmic One. Here at Golden Oak Stables, we’ll be waiting with anticipation!

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Breyer Horse Collecting: Jumping Into The Classic Saddle!

May 16, 2013

Breyer produces models in scales from Mini Whinnies that stand just about an inch tall to Traditionals that stand about 10 inches tall. In the middle of those scales are the Classics horses that are an easily collectible size standing about 6 inches tall and still packed full of detail! This scale has long been a favorite of collectors for being fun and easy to collect but also beautiful as can be! Classics collectors have something new to be excited about though, two sets that will have you jumping straight into the saddle and galloping off on your favorite horse!

English riders can get excited for a lovely Chelsea Show Jumping Set that can have you leaping over a jump for joy! This set has everything you need to have your horses competing in show jumping events and other English events with a little creativity! It starts off with Chelsea herself dressed in the iconic red coat of show jumpers. Her white breeches and tall field boots give her all the details of show jumpers you see at all the top events! She brings along a bridle and English saddle as well as a red and white saddle pad that matches her just lovely!

Kaitlyn Cowgirl Set will have Western riders excited for the rodeo with her spunky and bright looks! Kaitlyn comes dressed in her best Rodeo Queen outfit with a bright pink metallic shirt, fringed chaps, a cowboy hat and even a large prize belt buckle! She brings along a set of tack ready to put onto the star horse of your stable! A brown western saddle and matching bridle will make any of your horses shine in the show ring and a pink saddle pad is the perfect finishing touch to round out this exciting set!

Classics are sweet, realistic and fun to collect! Head over to Golden Oak Stables to start, or continue your Classics collection with a little bit of Cowgirl or Show Jumping fun!

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Breyer Horse Collecting: Breeds From Around The World

May 13, 2013

One of the most exciting things about collecting Breyer horses is the sheer diversity of the models that you can collect! Collecting Breyer horses makes it possible for collectors to bring breeds from all around the world into their stable. The Breyer stable is full of all kinds of breeds, from the rare to the very common.  The fun part is that you can experience horses that you might never get a chance to in real life and you can fill your stable with them! With Golden Oak Stables and Breyer you can learn about some of the most interesting breeds in the world, here are just a few of them!

The Marwari is a rare breed from India. These horses are unique in their own right with their inward curling ears! Unlike any other horse, this breed of horse is renowned by the people of India and some are even seen as holy! The Marwari comes in just about every color of the rainbow and is used as an everyday riding horse in India. A few Marwari’s live in the United States but they are generally a rare breed. You can see a couple if you visit Breyerfest this year at the Kentucky Horse Park or you can add one of Breyer’s Marwari‘s to your collection!

One of the more popular breeds in the United States and around the world is the Quarter Horse. This breed originated in the Western United States in the 19th century and has quickly become on of the most popular horses in the world! Known for it’s ranch work, the Quarter Horse can perform in nearly any arena and has proven its self as a versatile and strong breed that commands any arena. Breyer has released dozens of Quarter Horses over the years and now you can add the famous Topsails Reinmaker to your stable for a bit of Quarter Horse action!

The Chincoteague Pony is a breed that has long captured the imagination of horse lovers all over the world. So many of us have read the Marguerite Henry stories of Misty, Stormy and the journey they take to living with a family and now know of this rare pony breed. The Chincoteague Pony is a breed that lives off of the coast of Virginia and every year the wild ponies are rounded up and a few are auctioned off to keep the population of the herd in check just like the story of Misty and Stormy! You can have a pair of famous Chincoteague ponies of your own with a Misty and Stormy of your own that celebrate this adorable and beloved breed!

No matter what your favorite breed is, there’s always more to learn about and more variety to add to your stable. So spice it up and bring a new breed into your stable today!


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Breyer Horse Collecting: Current, Discontinued, Retired and Vintage Runs

May 9, 2013

For over sixty years Breyer has been creating horses that have captured the hearts of the world. In those sixty years, thousands of horses have been made and just as new ones are made, some are taken away. There are a lot of different words that are used to describe a Breyer horse and when it was produced. It’s easy to figure out what these mean so you can understand the language of Breyer horses!

Current runs are the easiest to explain, they are horses that are currently available in the Breyer catalog. Horses when they are currently available are typically open run, which means there isn’t a set number of models they will make before ending the run. Current runs are released throughout the year and can be discontinued at any time. There is no telling how many of a horse was ever made unless Breyer has used the horse as a limited edition and the number made doesn’t determine how long a horse will be a current run for. It all depends on Breyer!

Horses that have been taken out of the Current run category will become Discontinued or Retired runs. These horses are ones that stopped being produced by Breyer for one reason or another. Special Runs are considered discontinued when they have sold out at Breyer and Current runs are considered discontinued at the same time. Discontinued runs can be very desirable for collectors depending on a variety of factors. A popular horse that was quickly discontinued can become a collectors prize and be desired by many.

Vintage runs are a Discontinued runs that have been discontinued for a number of years. The number of years that collectors consider Vintage varies from one collector to another, but after a number of years horses will fall into this category and become hard to find, sometimes in any condition!

Golden Oak Stables has a stable full of Discontinued and Vintage models to fill your own stable with! Check them out and add a rare horse to your collection!

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Real Life Breyer Horses: Kentucky Derby Winner Orb And His Breyer Connections

May 6, 2013

This past Saturday over 150,000 people from all over the world came to Louisville Kentucky to watch the best three year old Thoroughbreds in the world race. They braved rain and cold for their chance to catch a glimpse at horses that had a chance to make racing history in just two minutes!  The winner of the prestigious 139th Kentucky Derby was a colt by the name of Orb who was one of the favorites to win and  when you see who’s in his pedigree, you’ll understand why!

Orb is a Kentucky bred Thoroughbred that in his short career has found his way to success. With 8 races now under his belt, winning five of them, Orb has found his way to the winners circle much more than could be expected of a horse his age. Orb is a stunning dark bay horse that might look a little unremarkable without large white markings on the track but he certainly has a way of making you notice him.

This powerhouse of a horse is a horse that traces his lines back to some of the most famous horses in history, including a few Breyer models. Racing fans will recognize the name AP Indy, and they’ll also know that if he’s in the pedigree, you could easily have a winner. Orb traces back to AP Indy on his father’s side and through him, one time Breyer model, Seattle Slew! He also traces back to the well known Secretariat! On his mother’s side Thoroughbred royalty is also abundant in the forms of Unbridled and Mr.Prospector! If nothing else, Orb is truly a well bred horse of some of the best Thoroughbreds the world has seen!

We’ll have to see if Orb can make history like his Breyer relatives Seattle Slew and Secretariat and take home the ever coveted Triple Crown, but Golden Oak Stables will be there the entire way with you, rooting on Orb!

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Real Life Breyer Horses: 2013 Kentucky Derby

May 2, 2013

The field is set, the track is ready and everyone is getting ready for the most exciting two minutes in sports! The 139th running of the Kentucky Derby is upon us and with that is the growing excitement of who will become the next horse in the record books! For two minutes the world stops to watch the most promising Thoroughbred race horses compete to win the most prestigious race in horse racing!

Twenty colts have made their way to Churchill Downs in Louisville Kentucky to compete on the world’s stage of horse racing in the first leg of the triple crown. Known by many as the most important race of the year, the Kentucky Derby is where horse racing elite come to make history! Horses like Secretariat and Barbaro have all gotten their name in the record books at this race and a select few have gone farther to win the elusive Triple Crown! Only one horse will have a shot at the Triple Crown this year, the winner of the 2013 Kentucky Derby!

This year changed things up a bit for horses allowing entry by a points system. Horses were awarded points for the races that they have won and qualified based on that. Now the top 20 horses in the nation are in Kentucky to show who can take the track fastest! There’s long shots and favorites but really, no one will know who will win until that first nose crosses the finish line!

You can celebrate Thoroughbred race history with Golden Oak Stables with Breyer horses that commemorate some of the most famous winners. Well known winners like Secretariat have found fame in the Breyer family as have newer winners like Zenyatta and Black Caviar. We’ll just have to wait and see if Saturday’s winner finds their way into horse racing history and who knows, maybe onto the shelves of Breyer collectors!

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