Breyer Horse Collecting: Breyer Horse Holidays

November 24, 2014

The holidays are right around the corner and getting into the spirit of the season is something so many of us are thinking about. But something you might not be thinking about is bringing you Breyer horses into your decorating.  Breyer and Golden Oak Stables make it easy to bring a little touch of your collection into your holiday decor and bring an equestrian touch to the season.

Each year Breyer releases a Holiday Collection that is filled with special horses, ornaments, snow globes and other special little creations that are specially made with Breyer collectors and horse lovers in mind. These make it easy to bring a little holiday spirit into your collection and make your decorations a little more equestrian styled.

Some collectors also use this time to get creative with their models. Decorating with your collection can easily be done with a little creativity! Adding a bit of holiday decorations to your models or setting them up around your home decorations can make your decorations unique and beautiful. A winter scene with a beautiful Breyer at the head of the sleigh is sure to make any Breyer collector smile. Even making costumes for your horses or re-purposing Stablemates and Mini Whinnies into ornaments is a fun holiday craft that will have your decorations uniquely yours and beautiful as can be! A little ribbon, tinsel and glitter can get you some amazing results!

So, what can you do to bring a little Breyer love to your holiday decorations? Get creative and the results are sure to be stunning!

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Breyer Horse Collecting: What Is On Your Holiday Wish List?

November 20, 2014

Gift giving season is here and while we shop for others, hoping to make holiday wishes come true, there’s sure to be a few folks looking to help bring your holiday wishes true! It can be overwhelming for a non-collector to buy a Breyer for a loved one, but you can make their job so much easier with just a little time!

Many collectors have wish lists in one form or another. A wish list is nothing more than a list of horses that a collector would like to add to their collection. They can be written, typed or maybe yours is only in your own mind, but a list is a list none the less!

If you don’t have a wish list, this is a great time to start one! By making a list of models that you would like to add to your collection, you can ensure that only your favorite horses are brought into your stable and that no duplicates come along the way (unless you’re hoping for twins!). This is also a great way to manage your collection! Keeping track of your collection is important for documenting purposes and keeping track of new arrivals, and those who you’d like to arrive is the first step in a well documented, organized collection!

Lucky for collectors, Golden Oak Stables has you covered for all of your wish list needs! You can sign into your Golden Oak Stables account and easily add all of the models you would like to your wish list which you can then show to others!

What are you waiting for? It’s time to start a wish list of your very own and the possibilities are endless! Who is going to be the first horse on your wish list?

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Breyer Horse Activities: Putting Together The Puzzle

November 17, 2014

As the weather gets colder and the thought of snuggling up by a warm fire seems all the more appealing, we all look for things to do to while the snow fall outside. Thankfully, Golden Oak Stables has so many different ways to fill any Breyer lover’s free time with fun activities that will have you excited for a snowy day!

Breyer has long created the most realistic and amazing model horses in the world, but did you know how many other fun things they make? From painting kits and coloring books to puzzles and games, there’s something special for whatever you like to do in your spare time.

If you’re dreaming of a warm sunny day, the Fun In The Sun Puzzle is perfect for you! This 500 piece puzzle will have you thinking and working hard to complete it and reveal the image of a beautiful paint mare and foal that stand on a warm beach! You’ll be dreaming of sunny days right along with these two! The fun doesn’t stop there though, an adorable matching paint horse Stablemate is included to add to your collection!

Stablemates fans will have a blast with The Exciting World of Stablemates Puzzle. This 1000 piece puzzle will have you busy for hours as you work to complete the picture of the perfect Stablemate horse town full of barns, riding centers and a vet’s office. Then once you’re done, there’s a roan Stablemate Warmblood for you to take into your own Stablemate horse town!

Want to have a little more fun the next time snow rolls in? A puzzle from Breyer is an almost certain way to enjoy the next quiet day!

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Breyer Horse Collecting: Variations Everywhere!

November 13, 2014

Breyer horses are some of the most beautiful horses in the world, and for so many reasons! Breyer horses are sculpted by some of the world’s most talented equine artists and then painted by hand down to the last little detail. With that kind of artisan touch comes something that has taken the model horse world by storm, variations!

Variations are commonly referred to as any detail on a Breyer horse that are different from what the majority of that horse’s run is made to look like. As you can imagine, variations are pretty common, but can also can be pretty incredible all in one.

Some common variations are socks painted on a model on the wrong leg or in varying height. Sometimes details like a star, eye detailing or hoof striping will be missed creating a variation. Body shade and color can vary from one horse to another but sometimes it’s drastic enough to create a variation. Many collectors like to collect light and dark version of their favorite models. Sometimes the finish of a model is even varied, with matte horses being painted withe semi-glossy or glossy finishes or the opposite, matte horses being made when they are supposed to be glossy.

Collectors find that collecting variations can be a fun way to add to their collections. Some collectors find great joy in collecting dozens of variations of their favorite model, or sometimes just one or two that catches their eye in a special way. With some models being made for decades, it’s very easy to collect variations and exciting when you find a new variation on your favorite model!

Do you have any variations in your collection? The next time you get a horse from Golden Oak Stables take a good look over him and pay attention for anything that might make him a variation, you might be surprised by what’s in your hands!

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Breyer Horse Collecting: What Does Your Collection Look Like?

November 10, 2014

Big or small, varied or similar, each collection is different, and each is uniquely you! Collectors all around the world collect much differently from the next, so what does your collection say about you?

Breyer collectors agree, if you have more than one Breyer horse, you’re a collector, but from there, your collection can say a lot about you. Quantity is probably the first thing that collectors notice about their collections and others. Collections can range in size from 2 to 2000, or even more! It doesn’t matter how long you’ve collected, the size of your collection helps to define your collecting style. Some people strive for quantity or want to collect them all, and others collect what they like. Some collectors have an idea of how big they would like their collection and some just let it develop naturally.

Scale is another defining feature in collections. With four main scales of horses (Traditional, Classic, Stablemate and Mini Whinnies), collectors often develop a favorite scale or two and their collections tend to reflect that. Some collectors only collect models that are small and some only large, and even more collect a little bit of everything!

With so many breeds, types and colors of Breyer horses, it’s no wonder collectors choose their favorites time after time. Breyer makes horses that have been stars, famous horses, horses of rare breeds and every day horses. All of them are beautiful as can be! What types of horses are in your collection probably tell a little bit about what kind of real horses are your favorite too.

So, take a look at your collection, what does your collection say about you? It might help you pick your next herd member from Golden Oak Stables if you have an idea of the direction your collection is headed in!

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Breyer Horse Collecting: 2014 Retired List

November 6, 2014

There may be a few months left in the year but it’s the time of years that Breyer collectors know all too well. It’s the time of the year when Breyer decides which horses will be retired for the year as they make way for new horses for 2015.

With dozens and dozens of new horses each year, there’s only so many different horses that can be made. In the fall of each year, Breyer makes the choice of which models will stop being produced to make room for new ones. Each year is different, and there’s no telling which horses will be chosen. Sometimes the choices are surprising, and some are more predictable like Limited Edition horses that were only produced for the year.

Here is the list for 2014:

Traditional Series Horses
1225 Cloud’s Legacy 4-Horse Set
1391 Cloud: Challenge of the Stallions 4-Horse Set
1433 Padré
1437 Appaloosa Foals Gift Set
1446 Overo Pinto Mare and Foal
1485 Guy McLean’s Nugget with DVD
1490 Zenyatta’s First Colt – Cozmic One
1493 Sgt. Reckless – Korean War Hero
1494 Northern Dancer – Legendary Thoroughbred
1496 Ballou – Champion Hunter Pony
1498 Lusitano
1499 Sshameless++ – Champion Arabian
1701 Trooper – NAPEC Winner
1704 Lindsay’s Faith – Mustang
1715 Year of the Horse – ltd 2014
1717 Mu Wen Ma — Woodgrain – ltd 2014
715005 Black Caviar
Traditional Series Tack and Accessories
285 Cavaletti Set
1388 Summer Turnout Set
2020 Winners’ Circle Accessory Set –
2032 Dressage Arena
2035 Metal Livestock Corral
2039 Shipping Set
2040 Quilted Blanket and Hood Set
2452 Western Riding Set
Activity Sets
4113 Deluxe Model Horse Sculpting & Painting
4135 Learn to Draw
4158 Mare & Foal Painting Kit
934 Silver Bay Mustang
936 Grullo Morgan
942 Colorful Foals – Bay Pinto & Chestnut
61019 Doll and Accessories 6 pc Asst
61045 Eva, Saddle Up
61047 Pet Sitter
61057 Barrel Racing
61058 Show Jumping
61062 Horse Blankets & Halters 6 pc Asst
61076 Show Grooming
61079 Plank Jump
62040 Horse and Foal 6 pc Asst
62114 2014 Horse of the Year – Amelia, Appendix Quarter Horse
66003 Singles 12 pc Asst
Horse Stories
6146 Chico’s Challenge
61125 War Horse Joey
Little Bits
6501 Big Red Barn
6502 Big Bounce Pony
5365 Farmyard Friends
5366 Ranch Friends
5376 Horse Crazy Create & Color Barn
5413 Horspital
5414 New Arrival
5422 Horspital & New Arrival 4 pc Asst
5423 Farmyard & Ranch Friends 4 pc Asst
5908 Singles 24 pc Asst
5933 Country Fair Wagon
5979 Polka Dot Parade
5980 Show Stoppers
5991 Gift Pack 6 pc Asst
Wind Dancers®
6131 If Wishes Were Horses – A Kona Story
6140 Heads Up Horses! – A Kona Story
6141 Horses Her Way – A Brisa Story
6142 A Horse of Course! – A Sumatra Story
6143 Hungry As a Horse – A Sirocco Story
6149 A Horses Best Friend – A Kona Story
6150 Merry-Go-Horses – A Brisa Story
6151 Horsey Trails – A Sumatra Story
6152 Magic Horses – Or Not? – A Sirocco Story

Are there any horses on there that are on your wish list? The time to act is now! Head on over to Golden Oak Stables to complete your wish list before it’s too late. Once a horse is put on the retired list, there will be no more made. So, once it’s gone, it’s gone! Don’t miss the chance at your dream horse!

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Breyer Horse Accessories: Barns and Stables!

November 3, 2014

The winds are getting chilly and snow is starting to fall in so many places! Real horse owners are starting to think about winter and the needs their horses have. Most horses will be spending a little more time in their stables in the winter, especially during rough weather, will your Breyer horses have a place to go when it gets chilly?

Stablemates, the second smallest Breyer scale, has lots of options for barns and stables to keep your little guys warm all winter.  The first is the Little Red Stable, this barn is the perfect place to stable your Stablemates with three stalls and a tack room! If you live on the brighter side of life, the Horse Crazy Barn might be the right one for you. This bright pink and purple barn is perfect for your Horse Crazy models, or your more realistic ones. The Stablemates Pocket Barn is a barn for the little guys in your collection, and even comes with a foal of its own. If you are serious about your riding, the Riding Academy might be the perfect place for your models to go over the winter. Your horse can stay in show shape all winter!

If Classics are more your scale, the Three Horse Barn is perfect for you! This beautiful pink and white barn features three stalls that all open and close and windows for your horses to watch out of. It even includes a plank jump so your horse can keep on training through the winter.

Traditional horses can choose between the Red Two Stall Barn and the Deluxe Wooden Barn. The Red Two Stall Barn has a beautiful removable roof, sliding doors and functional Dutch doors. It is painted a lovely bright shade of red with a beautiful grey roof. The Deluxe Wooden Barn is made of beautiful natural wood with a high roof and open windows. It features two spacious stalls, sliding doors, feed bins and tack racks!

Golden Oak Stables has all you need to get your models ready for winter! Where do your horses stable up for the cold season?

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