Breyer Horse Accessories: Are You Ready For Winter?

September 29, 2014

Just like us, horses have to prepare for the chilly weather that will soon be here. Horses may have once been hearty wild animals that lived off the land, but domestication has made them a little more susceptible to the elements. So, just like real horses, you can bundle up your Breyer horses for the upcoming chilly weather and do it in style!

As cool fall and winter air starts to move in, real horses will start getting a little help from their owners to stay comfortable. Most horses, like most mammals, grow a thicker winter coat as the air gets cool, but when the air gets frigid, most need a little more help to stay comfortable. It also helps keep horses clean as they go out to pasture, which something all owners can agree on!

Just like real horses, Golden Oak Stables and Breyer bring you realistic blankets that can keep your models warm and clean in the chilly winter air that’s ahead. You can start out with the Hot Colored Blanket and Boots Set. This bold and beautiful blanket is made of bright pink and blue fabric, meaning you’ll never lose your horse in the herd. If you’re a bit more conservative, there’s a lovely blue Blanket and Boots Set that is sure to keep your horses warm and a Red one as well. If you’re looking for something a little more heavy duty, you might want to try the Rambo Blanket. Made in stunning likeness to the blankets worn by real horses, this miniature version is sure to please!

Ready for winter? Bundle your horses up and get ready as the chilly air moves in!


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Breyer Horse Collecting: Old Molds and New

September 25, 2014

Something that so many collectors have come to fall in love with is the wide variety of models that Breyer makes. For the last 60 years, Breyer has made some of the most realistic and beautiful model horses in the world, and even still today, some of those earliest models are still used.

Collectors refer to a Mold as the sculpture of the horse, and it generally gets it’s name from the first model that it was released as. So models like Zippo Pine Bar may have been released as many different horses over the years, but it was first introduced in 1999 as Zippo Pine Bar and still carries that mold date and name today.
Most collectors refer to older molds as molds for model horses that were made before 1990. This means that the first time the sculpture was produced, was before 1990. This makes any models made after 1990 to be generally considered to be newer molds. This isn’t an exact rule, but one most collectors agree on. This is because in the 90’s sculpting techniques and sculptors changed pretty drastically. Breyer began employing more hobby artists to create molds and models, bringing a new breath of air into the Breyer world.

Many old molds are still very beloved today and each year we see older models finding their way into Golden Oak Stables with stunning new paint jobs.  The Foundation Appaloosa, Secretariat, and John Henry molds (among many others) are currently standing proudly along side many newer models with just as much beauty!

How many older molds do you have in your collection? You might be surprised to see how many ‘oldies, but goodies’ there are in the Breyer world!

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Breyer Horse New Releases: Are You Ready For The Holidays

September 22, 2014

Fall starts today and with that cool weather finding it’s way to you, comes thoughts of holidays and winter. Just in time, Breyer and Golden Oak Stables are expecting the arrival of the much anticipated 2014 Holiday Collection. This year is filled with lovely little horses that are sure to spice up your holiday season as well as your collection!

The 2014 Holiday Horse is a lovely Spanish stallion named Bayberry and Roses. This stunning rose dapple grey horse makes in place in the Breyer lineup with a gorgeous costume fitting for the season.

Also in the Breyer Holiday Collection are a myriad of ornaments just waiting to help you deck the halls. This year brings back additions to the Carousel Horse Series, the Beautiful Breeds Series, and the Artist Signature Series. All beloved by collectors, these are sure to be favorites for so many. There’s also a few other ornaments that have found their way into the 2014 Holiday Collection that are unique, beautiful and celebrate not only the beauty of the horse, but also the amazing artistry of Breyer.

Are you ready for the holidays? There’s still plenty of time to add the entire 2014 Breyer Holiday Collection to your holiday celebration. Ring in the holidays with Breyer and celebrate the beauty of the horse!

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Breyer Horse Wind Dancers: Kona’s Tree House

September 18, 2014

Any horse lover might wonder what a horse is doing in a tree house, but when it comes to the Wind Dancers it makes complete sense. These lovely little fantasy creatures have become part of Breyer’s world and become a favorite for so many young and old.

The Wind Dancers are horses unlike any other. These little winged horses come from a land of fantasy and bring their magic to not only the young but the young at heart as well. Their fun fanciful designs and colors make them unique and their gossamer wings make them all the more magical.

New for 2014, Golden Oak Stables brings you Kona’s Tree House, a fun new playset that will have you making adventures of your own. Kona is a gorgeous little black filly with a touch of shimmer to her coat. Her wings are light and airy letting her float on air like you’d imagine of a Wind Dancer. Her tree house is a dream for any little filly. It’s beautifully decorated and the perfect home for Kona. It comes with a bunch of accessories making it a blast to play with including a treasure chest and every horse’s favorite toy, a jolly ball.

Ready to add a little fantasy to your life? Why not bring a Wind Dancer home to your stable?

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Breyer Horse Collecting: 2014 Limited Editions

September 16, 2014

Each year Breyer creates special models that are only available for a limited time. These models often become prized by collectors for their rarity and collectible value. With fall in the air and the retired list fast approaching, there’s only a short time for you to add this year’s models to your collection!

Golden Oak Stables brings you the two 2014 Limited Edition horses so that you can add these special horses to your stable!

2014 in the Chinese New Year Calendar marks the year of the horse! This special year is celebrated only once every 12 years, and this year, Breyer has chosen to honor it with a special model! Those born in the Year Of The Horse are said to be logical, inspirational, intelligent, and friendly, yet restless, and high-strung. They’re also said to be energetic and always racing towards new goals!

Breyer is also celebrating the year of the Wooden Horse with Mu Wen Ma! This year on the Chinese Zodiac Calendar lines the year of the horse up along with the element of wood. For those born this year wood will add strength and flexibility to a person. Breyer created the first traditional woodgrain horse in over 30 years to celebrate this model! Collectors have been going crazy for him since setting eyes on him!

Ready to celebrate 2015? Not too fast! Don’t miss out on these lovely models!

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Breyer Horse New Releases: Have You Met Harley D Zip?

September 11, 2014

A new mold is always an exciting event for model horse collectors. A few times a year Breyer and Golden Oak Stables brings us a new mold that always seems to show the artistry and realism of the artists that create the amazing model horses, new for mid-year 2014 comes Harley D Zip, a Quarter Horse that’s sure to have you excited!

Not only does the real Harley D Zip have a pedigree and show record that is unlike no other, but his new model already has collectors clamoring to get their hands on one. This beautifully sculpted stock horse canters his way into collector’s heart with a kind expression.

Sculpted by Sommer Prosser, who has created many favorite Breyer models over the year, this beautiful stock horse is ready to be put under the saddle and to work. His high action pose is perfect for just about any event and has collectors excited about the show possibilities too! His versatility can take him from the halter ring and into the performance ring in both English and Western, just like so many real quarter horses.

Harley D Zip has been created in perfect likeness to his portrait horse, in a lovely glowing bay color, with a black mane and tail and one lone sock. He’s been finished with a touch of sheen giving him that show ready look.

Ready to add a new champion to your stable? Even if he never hits the show ring, Harley D Zip is sure to shine in your stables!

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Breyer Horse Collecting: Where Do Your Models Live?

September 8, 2014

Model horse collectors can all tell you that one of the most satisfying parts of collecting is displaying your collection. For some this means rows of perfectly dusted and organized models but for others stables and paddocks are the only way for a model horse to live!

One of the most amazing parts of model horse collecting is the ability to create a world all your own. The sky is the limit with model horses, nothing is stopping you from creating an Olympic level dressage barn or a ranch that is all your own. Some collectors find that one of the most exciting parts of collecting is finding a way to not only display, but enjoy their models by creating realistic worlds of their very own.

Breyer and Golden Oak Stables makes it easy to start your own world with not only a myriad of horses and accessories, but also fun things like a realistic Red Barn that your horses can call home. No details were spared on this amazing barn, from stall doors that open just like the real thing to it’s wooden construction will have you feeling like you’re in a real barn!

So, where do your models live? Are you a collector that lines your models up and displays them in an organized way? Or do you let your models live in a barn and create a model horse world of your own? Or, do you have a unique way of displaying them?

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Breyer Horse Collecting: Vintage, Retired And Everything In Between

September 4, 2014

There’s a lot of different terms that collectors use for Breyer horses, from terms like LSQ ( meaning Live Show Quality) to SM (meaning Stablemate scale), there’s a term for nearly everything out there! Today, we’ll look at some collecting terms that help us define the models in our collection.

Breyer has been making models for over 60 years, and if you’re a collector, you’ve probably noticed some special horses throughout your time collecting. Sometimes a horse will be marked limited, or maybe you’ve wandered into the Vintage section of Golden Oak Stables and wondered what that means. Just like any other term, collectors have defined these terms for us.

Vintage is a term used most often to refer to older Breyers. There is really no standard in the hobby as to how old vintage horses are, some collectors agree that just a few years makes a model vintage and some only feel like the oldest Breyers are truly Vintage. Either way, this term refers to a model that has not been produced in many years.

Retired or Discontinued is a term that collectors use for models that have been taken out of production. Each year Breyer releases a “Retired” list for the year that states which horses will be ending production, once they are gone, they are gone, and often become difficult to find.

Limited Edition horses are a bit like Retired or Discontinued in the way that, once they are gone, they are gone. Models are produced in a limited number and only in that number. Some Limited Editions are produced in very low numbers and others in higher numbers, it all depends on the horse.

So, what kind of horses are in your collection? Do you have any Vintage, Retired or Limited Edition horses?

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Breyer Horses Classics: Canterwood Crest Chasing Blue

September 1, 2014

Breyer always brings exciting new adventures to collectors of all ages and now Golden Oak Stables brings you the second installment of the Canterwood Crest series which will take you on an adventure like no other and into the world of horses like you’ve never seen before.

Sasha Silver began her journey at boarding school in the book Take The Reins, where she learned how to become part of the equestrian team and proved just how talented she was! In the second book, Chasing Blue, Sasha continues her journey at Canterwood Crest and starts to get into the swing of things. With her new found respect from the riding team she embarks into the world of an elite boarding school.

Sasha faces frustrations when she finds out her new riding partner is none other than Heather Fox, the queen bee herself. Sasha has to figure out how to work together with Heather and find a way to work with her partner inside and outside of the riding arena!

Included with Chasing Blue is a model of Heather’s horse, Aristocrat, a red chestnut horse that’s lovely and elegant as can be!

Don’t miss the second installment of the Canterwood Crest series, Sasha’s adventures are just starting!

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