Breyer Horses Holiday: Musical Snow Globe Holiday Surprise

November 25, 2013

New for 2013 is a fun new addition to the Breyer Holiday collection that will have you excited for the holidays in so many ways! Golden Oak Stables and Breyer bring you the most beautiful horses each and every day, but for only a few chilly winter months can you add some very special holiday items to your collection!

The Breyer Holiday Collection has long been a favorite among collectors since it’s debut in 1997. Over the years the collection has grown from a holiday horse each year to include ornaments, giftware and even a special snow globe, perfect for your holiday decorating!

The Musical Snow Globe Holiday Surprise is a fun and beautiful way to bring Breyer and some horsey fun, to your holiday celebration! This adorable snow globe is ready to deck your halls with it’s beautiful design. The base is fully sculptural with a beautiful winter scene that wraps around it entirely. A snowman, and his woodland friends, and Rudolph, are featured on the front with a beautiful red banner reading “Happy Holidays”.

Inside the snow globe every horse lover’s dream waits for them. A beautiful bay foal stands by a Christmas tree, as a surprise to a lucky horse lover on Christmas morning. He’s dressed in a sweet reindeer costume complete with antlers and a red bow. In his mouth he holds a stocking just waiting to be stuffed and around his feet sit the other presents to be opened on that magical morning! The snow globe is topped off with it’s final touch, it plays “We Wish You A Merry Christmas”, which is sure to be true with a present like that little bay foal!

Bringing the joy and fun of the holidays to your home, Golden Oak Stables makes the season magical for collectors all over the world! What is on your list?


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Breyer Holiday: Beautiful Breeds Ornament Warmblood

November 21, 2013

Each year Breyer brings us a myriad of fun and festive holiday items to bring the holidays to our collections. Now, with Golden Oak Stables, you can deck your halls and trim your tree with so many fun new items your horses will be singing for the holidays all year round!

Breyer has brought a festive touch to the holidays for collectors and horse lovers alike. With their fun holiday series, Breyer has made it even more fun to decorate and celebrate the holidays along with the beauty and elegance of the horse! Each year Breyer brings new additions to their limited holiday collections, only available for a short time each year. This year, the Beautiful Breeds Ornament series welcomes the Warmblood to it’s collection.

The Warmblood has been a long standing favorite breed of eventers and sports men alike for hundreds of years. This incredible type of horse excels at sports throughout the world and is the king of the Olympic stage. Wambloods are best known for their show jumping, dressage and cross country aptitude and win big whenever they compete. Wambloods are a hearty type of horse coming from Europe that have been bred over the years to be the pinnacle of the equestrian athlete.

The Beautiful Breeds Warmblood Ornament features a lovely chestnut Warmblood who is calm and collected like the breed is known for. This lovely little guy is ready for his moment in the show ring! His wide blaze and four socks give him a fun and bold look that makes him stand out in a crowd. Around his neck he wears a lovely tri-colored ribbon around it’s neck that gives him a festive touch and makes him a winner in the show ring!

Celebrating the season along with a beautiful new horse and ornament is the perfect way for any Breyer collector to celebrate!



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Breyer Horses Holiday: Artist Signature Ornament

November 18, 2013

Breyer has started the tradition of honoring it’s beloved artists and sculptures during the holidays with the Artist Signature Ornament. This ornament is a fun way to celebrate one only the season, but also the beauty and artistry of Breyer horses and of your favorite artists with Golden Oak Stables.

This year, Breyer has chosen one of it’s most beloved artists to showcase, Kathleen Moody. Kathleen Moody is the artist behind so many favorite horses, Gem Twist, Big Ben, Huckleberry Bey and more recently Brishen! These models have always been collectors favorites and long stood as the pinnacle of the artistic touch of Breyer. Kathleen Moody is an artist known for the touch of fantasy she brings to her models. There’s always a bit of fantasy and sometimes even a bit of fairy tale in her work, which makes them unlike any other.

This year, you can deck your tree with the Artist Signature Ornament and bring Kathleen Moody’s fanciful designs to your home. This white glass ornament has been hand blown out of white frosted glass giving it the look of a freshly fallen snow. Each side of the ornament features a lovely painting of Kathleen’s work. The first side features a dapple grey pinto Goffert draft horse skipping through the snow. The other features one of her newest releases, Brishen scampering on a winters day.

There’s no better way to celebrate the season than with a touch of Breyer, and now you can bring that together with an artist for the ages and deck your tree and halls! Kathleen Moody has been a cornerstone of Breyer artists for over 20 years now, celebrate the love of her art today!



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Breyer Horse Collecting: Variation Appaloosa Indian Pony

November 14, 2013

Breyer has brought a collector favorite back from the vault that is sure to thrill collectors young and old. Plus, there’s a twist to this fun model that true collectors will be excited as can be about!

The Appaloosa has been a favorite for so many collectors over the years. This model may not look like the Appaloosa horses of today, but looks a lot like Appaloosas from not so long ago. Commonly called the “Foundation” Appaloosa, these horses had a different look than most Appaloosa’s today. The most significant difference is the tail of the Foundation Appaloosa is much more sparse than the Appaloosa horse today. The body of the Appaloosa was also different, being a bit less refined than their counterparts today.

Collectors have long loved Breyer’s Foundation Appaloosa and now Breyer and Golden Oak Stables bring this beloved model back with a twist! The Appaloosa Indian Pony is a new release for Fall 2014 and a variation that collectors are scrambling for. The original Appaloosa Indian Pony is a beautifully shaded sandy bay blanket Appaloosa with perfect dappling and an Indian feather in it’s mane. The variation of the Appaloosa Indian Pony not only carries all of those beautiful features but also war paint of his own! On top of that, he’s been painted with a collectible chalky finish like so many of the original Breyer Foundation Appaloosa models! A chalky finish is a collectors favorite and called that for the chalky appearance that a white basecoat gives the model. Collectors have long been in love with these models, and now you can add one to your collection!

Bringing the perfect mix of collectability and beauty to a model, the Appaloosa Indian Pony is the perfect piece of equine art, history and Breyer history all wrapped up into one model!



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Breyer Horse New Releases: New Arrival At The Barn

November 11, 2013

It’s always exciting to celebrate a new addition to a stable, and with Golden Oak Stables your classics can celebrate not only a new arrival, but a new arrival to the Breyer lineup for 2014!

There are lots of new exciting models that are making their way into the Breyer lineup for 2014, included in that are a whole handful of new Classics that are sure to make anyone’s stable whinny with excitement! Classic models are 1:12 scale model that stand approximately 6 inches tall. This scale was introduced in the mid 1970’s and has become a favorite among collectors because of their size and their realism. There’s also a ton of accessories, barns and riders that make this size a blast for kids and adults alike!

The New Arrival At The Barn Set is a fun way to bring the joy of a new foal to your barn with everything you could need! This set features a beautiful red chestnut mare created on the Jet Run mold. Her foal is a spunky chestnut foal created on the Trotting Stock Horse Foal mold and is fun of energy. They come along with their beloved owner, a brunette rider dressed in a casual outfit who’s ready for barn chores. The foal wears a little blue blanket to keep him warm on chilly nights. Their owner comes with a set of tools all her own to keep their stable spic and span  for the new arrival. A shovel, fork and watering buckets will keep this pair happy and healthy while the new addition grows up.

This fun new set is the perfect way to bring a new little bundle of joy to your barn, or to bring some fun to a new collector, with two horses, a rider, and all the accessories you can imagine, there’s hours of fun just waiting to be had!


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Breyer Horse New Releases: Classic Appaloosa and Foal

November 7, 2013

A breed with a long history and a  lot of fans, the Appaloosa horse is a breed beloved by millions for it’s working horse attitude and beautiful looks. Now you can add two new classics to your stable with the help of Golden Oak Stables.

Thought to be created by the Nez Perce Indians, the Palouse horse, or Appaloosa was discovered in the late 1800’s and by the 1930’s there were several breeders that were working to keep this breed alive and a breed organization was formed in 1938. The Appaloosa is an extremely popular breed today and is a favorite of countless horse lovers all around the world.

Appaloosas are known for their leopard spotted coat which is the preferred spotting pattern. Beyond the leopard spotting pattern, other pattens include the Snowflake Appaloosa with the appearance of frosted spotting. The Blanket Appaloosa is a pattern that creates a white “Apron” across the hindquarters that contains spots within it. Other patterns include, Frost, Few spot Leopard and Varnish Roan.

Typically Appaloosas were known as stock horses that were active in Western disciplines including cow work, barrel racing, and rodeo work. Recent years have found the Appaloosa horse many new facets including English Riding. Appaloosa’s are quickly becoming mounts for any type of work or discipline.

The Classic Semi-Leopard Appaloosa Stallion and Foal are a lovely new set that is sure to make a stir in your barn. This pair is brand new for 2014 and ready to gallop onto your shelves! Both stallion and foal are stunning shades of chestnut with appaloosa patterning. The stallion shows his age with more white and roaning in his coat while the foal still carries chestnut hairs on the front half of his body.

This pair is sure to liven up any stable they find their way to and it’s sure to brighten up your stable with a new colorful pair of horses!


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Breyer Horse New Releases: Morgan Mare And Foal

November 4, 2013

One of the quintessential American breeds of horse is that of the Morgan horse. This beloved breed has a long history dating back to colonial times! Golden Oak Stables brings you a new incarnation of this breed that is sure to inspire and become a fast favorite for collectors!

In Colonial New England, a horse that could go to town and carry the family was important to many. From Springfield Massachusetts, the Morgan horse was born. Useful for riding, competing and as an overall family horse, the Morgan horse is a compact and agile riding horse that now finds its home as a family horse and competitive riding horse. The Morgan is quick to learn and adapts well to just about anything thrown at it! This breed has become a favorite among so many as a riding horse, a driving horse and a partner in the show ring. There’s little that can stop a Morgan!

Breyer has a new pair of Morgans ready to start 2014 off with a bang. The Classic Morgan Mare and Foal set is the perfect way to get to know the breed or to add to your collection. The set starts off with a dark raven black mare who has been created on the new Mariah mold! Her foal is a sweet red bay cantering foal with a blaze and three socks. The pair are beautifully matched and ready to head into your stable or collection!

Bringing a bit of American history together with a new set of horses, Breyer has brought out the beauty of this historical and beloved breed. Known for it’s versatility and hard working nature, the Morgan horse is a favorite in the real horse world and model horse world alike. If you haven’t gotten to know the Morgan yet, here’s your chance. You’re sure to be a fan!


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