Breyer Holiday: Beautiful Breeds Ornament Warmblood

Each year Breyer brings us a myriad of fun and festive holiday items to bring the holidays to our collections. Now, with Golden Oak Stables, you can deck your halls and trim your tree with so many fun new items your horses will be singing for the holidays all year round!

Breyer has brought a festive touch to the holidays for collectors and horse lovers alike. With their fun holiday series, Breyer has made it even more fun to decorate and celebrate the holidays along with the beauty and elegance of the horse! Each year Breyer brings new additions to their limited holiday collections, only available for a short time each year. This year, the Beautiful Breeds Ornament series welcomes the Warmblood to it’s collection.

The Warmblood has been a long standing favorite breed of eventers and sports men alike for hundreds of years. This incredible type of horse excels at sports throughout the world and is the king of the Olympic stage. Wambloods are best known for their show jumping, dressage and cross country aptitude and win big whenever they compete. Wambloods are a hearty type of horse coming from Europe that have been bred over the years to be the pinnacle of the equestrian athlete.

The Beautiful Breeds Warmblood Ornament features a lovely chestnut Warmblood who is calm and collected like the breed is known for. This lovely little guy is ready for his moment in the show ring! His wide blaze and four socks give him a fun and bold look that makes him stand out in a crowd. Around his neck he wears a lovely tri-colored ribbon around it’s neck that gives him a festive touch and makes him a winner in the show ring!

Celebrating the season along with a beautiful new horse and ornament is the perfect way for any Breyer collector to celebrate!



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