Breyer Horses Holiday: Artist Signature Ornament

Breyer has started the tradition of honoring it’s beloved artists and sculptures during the holidays with the Artist Signature Ornament. This ornament is a fun way to celebrate one only the season, but also the beauty and artistry of Breyer horses and of your favorite artists with Golden Oak Stables.

This year, Breyer has chosen one of it’s most beloved artists to showcase, Kathleen Moody. Kathleen Moody is the artist behind so many favorite horses, Gem Twist, Big Ben, Huckleberry Bey and more recently Brishen! These models have always been collectors favorites and long stood as the pinnacle of the artistic touch of Breyer. Kathleen Moody is an artist known for the touch of fantasy she brings to her models. There’s always a bit of fantasy and sometimes even a bit of fairy tale in her work, which makes them unlike any other.

This year, you can deck your tree with the Artist Signature Ornament and bring Kathleen Moody’s fanciful designs to your home. This white glass ornament has been hand blown out of white frosted glass giving it the look of a freshly fallen snow. Each side of the ornament features a lovely painting of Kathleen’s work. The first side features a dapple grey pinto Goffert draft horse skipping through the snow. The other features one of her newest releases, Brishen scampering on a winters day.

There’s no better way to celebrate the season than with a touch of Breyer, and now you can bring that together with an artist for the ages and deck your tree and halls! Kathleen Moody has been a cornerstone of Breyer artists for over 20 years now, celebrate the love of her art today!



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