Breyer Horse Collecting: Variation Appaloosa Indian Pony

Breyer has brought a collector favorite back from the vault that is sure to thrill collectors young and old. Plus, there’s a twist to this fun model that true collectors will be excited as can be about!

The Appaloosa has been a favorite for so many collectors over the years. This model may not look like the Appaloosa horses of today, but looks a lot like Appaloosas from not so long ago. Commonly called the “Foundation” Appaloosa, these horses had a different look than most Appaloosa’s today. The most significant difference is the tail of the Foundation Appaloosa is much more sparse than the Appaloosa horse today. The body of the Appaloosa was also different, being a bit less refined than their counterparts today.

Collectors have long loved Breyer’s Foundation Appaloosa and now Breyer and Golden Oak Stables bring this beloved model back with a twist! The Appaloosa Indian Pony is a new release for Fall 2014 and a variation that collectors are scrambling for. The original Appaloosa Indian Pony is a beautifully shaded sandy bay blanket Appaloosa with perfect dappling and an Indian feather in it’s mane. The variation of the Appaloosa Indian Pony not only carries all of those beautiful features but also war paint of his own! On top of that, he’s been painted with a collectible chalky finish like so many of the original Breyer Foundation Appaloosa models! A chalky finish is a collectors favorite and called that for the chalky appearance that a white basecoat gives the model. Collectors have long been in love with these models, and now you can add one to your collection!

Bringing the perfect mix of collectability and beauty to a model, the Appaloosa Indian Pony is the perfect piece of equine art, history and Breyer history all wrapped up into one model!



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