Breyer Horse New Releases: Morgan Mare And Foal

One of the quintessential American breeds of horse is that of the Morgan horse. This beloved breed has a long history dating back to colonial times! Golden Oak Stables brings you a new incarnation of this breed that is sure to inspire and become a fast favorite for collectors!

In Colonial New England, a horse that could go to town and carry the family was important to many. From Springfield Massachusetts, the Morgan horse was born. Useful for riding, competing and as an overall family horse, the Morgan horse is a compact and agile riding horse that now finds its home as a family horse and competitive riding horse. The Morgan is quick to learn and adapts well to just about anything thrown at it! This breed has become a favorite among so many as a riding horse, a driving horse and a partner in the show ring. There’s little that can stop a Morgan!

Breyer has a new pair of Morgans ready to start 2014 off with a bang. The Classic Morgan Mare and Foal set is the perfect way to get to know the breed or to add to your collection. The set starts off with a dark raven black mare who has been created on the new Mariah mold! Her foal is a sweet red bay cantering foal with a blaze and three socks. The pair are beautifully matched and ready to head into your stable or collection!

Bringing a bit of American history together with a new set of horses, Breyer has brought out the beauty of this historical and beloved breed. Known for it’s versatility and hard working nature, the Morgan horse is a favorite in the real horse world and model horse world alike. If you haven’t gotten to know the Morgan yet, here’s your chance. You’re sure to be a fan!


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