Breyer Horse New Releases: 2013 Models Are On Their Way!

October 29, 2012

Each year Breyer creates new models that capture the spirit of the horse and the amazing world that they live in! This fall Breyer has released their first group of new horses for 2013 and it’s an exciting group to say the least! From real champions to collectors favorites, this group will have you galloping into Golden Oak Stables for your chance to bring them into your stable.

Breyer has long brought real stars of the equine world to collectors and horse lovers all over the world. From champion eventers to race horses, these horses come to find their way to glory through  becoming the best horses in their sport. This year is no different, Breyer brings both the racing legend Native Dancer and cow horse Topsails Rien Maker to collectors! Both of these horses have made their way into the history books and each are waiting to come home with collectors.

A horse that is no stranger to being in the history books is Sergeant Reckless. This little pony is famous for her work in the Korean war carrying ammunition and wounded solders. She may be small but this little mare was a big part of her division and shows just how close the bond between man and horse is!

Collectors will be overjoyed by the addition of an old favorite into the lineup a Western Pony! One of the very first Breyer models, this mold has long been a favorite of collectors. He’s been painted in a fun and flashy appaloosa pattern that is sure to catch eyes all over!

That’s not all though, there’s also a new classic mold for 2013, a dapple grey Morab Mariah who is the horse of 2013! Collectors will also be excited by a collection of six new stablemates in bright, bold and glittery colors!

Bringing a fun new group of models to collectors, Breyer is already making 2013 a year to remember! The only question is, where to start?


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Breyer Horse New Releases: Black Caviar

October 25, 2012

It’s no question that in the past few years, the ladies have been lighting up the thoroughbred racing world! From Zenyatta to Rachel, the fillies and mares are truly making a name for themselves! Now a lovely lady comes all the way from Australia to the world with a Breyer of her own and bringing an unprecedented 22 undefeated races with her!

Black Caviar is a six year old dark bay mare that has taken the racing world by storm! This stunning Australian bred mare was foaled in August of 2006. Unlike the northern hemisphere where all Thoroughbreds are given the birth date of January 1st, in the southern hemisphere they are all given a birth date of August 1st. Having just turned 6, this mare has caused a great stir in her time on earth. Unusually large in her field, this 16.2 hand tall mare has been taking Australia by storm for the past three racing seasons. Black Caviar finished off her third racing season in a big way, at the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Stakes where she came across the finish line by a head! It’s not clear if Black Caviar will race for a fourth season, but either way, she’s truly a mare beyond compare!

Breyer has created a portrait model of Black Caviar for racing fans all over the world. Black Caviar pays homage to the mares that have gone before her being created on the Ruffian mold. Shown in her final stretch towards the finish line, Black Caviar shows the determination that a horse needs to have a record like hers! Her deep bay color is striking with light shading throughout. Without any white markings Black Caviar is a big bold mare that is beautiful as she is eye catching!

Bringing the world of horse racing together with a truly amazing champion, Golden Oak Stables is proud to present Black Caviar. There’s truly no horse like her!


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Breyer Horse Collecting: The Golden Oak Stables Collectors Club

October 22, 2012

Golden Oak Stables has long been the place for everything Breyer related and now you can join the exclusive club to be in the center of it all!

Golden Oak Stables Collectors Club is the place to find out about everything new and upcoming at Golden Oak Stables. From new releases to special sales, Collectors Club members are in the know for all things Breyer! Collectors Club members are the first to find out about new limited edition horses from Breyer and even have the first opportunities to purchase them.

Collectors Club member benefits don’t stop there. Collectors club members are the first ones to know about all Golden Oak Stables promotions, sales and clearance events! When something happens at Golden Oak Stables you’ll be the first to know about it as a collectors club member.

One of the biggest perks of being a collectors club member is an automatic 5% savings on all purchases! From horses to saddles, stables to bridles, you’ll save five percent on all of your purchases as a collectors club member! Do you know what that means? More Breyer horses in your stable! Combined with the Golden Oak Stables rewards program where you receive a point for each $50 you spend you’ll be adding up the savings in no time!

Best of all? This lasts for a lifetime! Points never expires and neither do your benefits as a collectors club member. You’ll receive a lifetime of insider information and opportunities as well as a lifetime discount to Golden Oak Stables.

All of this and it’s free to join! What more could you ask for? For more information on the Golden Oak Stables collectors club or to sign up please visit the Collectors Club page on Don’t delay, there’s no reason not to be in the club!


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Breyer Horse Collecting: Making Your Holiday Wish List

October 18, 2012

The holidays are right around the corner and every Breyer horse collector has at least one model on their list! From Stablemates to Stables, there’s something that your collection is dying to have this holiday season! With Golden Oak Stables you can make a Wishlist of your own to send to any and everyone. The only question is, what will you put on yours?

With the end of the year comes the yearly list from Breyer of retired models for the year.  Making way for new horses, Breyer retires models each year. These models are only available until the end of the year making this your last chance to get them!

Here is the list for 2012:

If there’s anything on the list your collection needs, don’t delay! It will only be available until it is gone.

This time of the year is also a great time to add the beloved holiday horse and holiday items to your wish list. Each year Breyer creates a holiday horse that embodies the spirit of the season. These collectible horses are beloved by collectors all over the world! There are also ornaments and other holiday items that are popular among so many collectors! These too are only available until the end of the year.

Even if there isn’t anything retired or holiday that’s on your list, you can add each and every horse of your dreams to your list. Everything from Stablemates to Traditional, Barns to Tack is able to be put on your wishlist for all to see.

Creating a wishlist is the easiest and most exciting ways to let everyone know just what models you’d love to add to your collection! With Golden Oak Stables you can build the collection of your dreams!


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Breyer Horse Collecting: Sentimental Horses

October 15, 2012

As collectors every horse in our collection is important in one way or another, or else they wouldn’t be in our collections! Everyone has at least one horse, some have many,  that stands out from the rest for one reason or another. Maybe it’s a favorite real life horse or a gift from a special someone, either way, these sentimental horses have a very important place in our collections!

One of the most exciting parts about collecting is the memories our collections hold. Many  people have strong memories of their first Breyer. These horses often find a special place in our collections forever because of their sentimental memories. The first model in your collection is an irreplaceable model that should be cherished for as long as you hold it dear.

Many customizers and artists find that the first model they ever worked on is an important model to them. These are reminders of the talent we started with and what it can become! Even as artistic ability improves, it’s always important to remember where you started from as inspiration for what you can become!

Breyer makes so many world class equestrian athletes that it’s easy as collectors to bring these famous horses into our lives! With the chance to add these exceptional athletes to our stable also comes the love for the real horse. Your favorite race horse or show jumper might be out of reach but with Breyer you can bring a bit of them into your life.

Gifts are also often models that become sentimental to collectors. These tokens of esteem from friends or family are sometimes the most special horses of all. It’s easy to see why a collector would get sentimental about a gift. There’s no better way to remember the person who gave it to you!

No matter what, we all get sentimental from time to time and our horses become sentimental too! What horses make you sentimental? The next time you get a special horse from Golden Oak Stables there’s no question that you’ll be getting a little sentimental!


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Real Life Breyer Horses: Mistral Hojris

October 11, 2012

New for fall 2012 comes one of the biggest stars of the 2012 Olympics, Mistral Hojris! This British superstar has been making dressage fans take notice with his incredible record in just a short period of time! Now, with the help of Golden Oak Stables, you can bring a Mistral Hojris of your own into your stable!

Foaled in 1995, Mistral Hojris is a Dutch Warmblood that shows just how beautiful the sport of dressage can be. This chestnut gelding has only been on the competitive circuit for a short time with his rider Laura Bechtolsheimer but in that time they have shown just how much they can do! This pair was first chosen to represent Great Britain in the 2008 Olympic games in Beijing where the placed a respectable 6th place. From there the pair went on to the 2010 World Equestrian Games in Lexington Kentucky. There they won three silver medals all while representing Great Britain. They’ve also set records in Great Britain for Grand Prix, Grand Prix Freestyle and Grand Prix Special dressage! It was no question when they were chosen for the 2012 Olympic team for Great Britain and proving that this was a pair to watch, Laura and Mistral brought home the individual bronze and team gold!

Mistral Hojris can come to live at your stable with the help of Breyer. Created on the Keltic Salerno mold, Mistral Hojris has been created in stunning likeness. Shown in full concentration of his dressage test, Mistral brings the cool and collected nature that all good dressage horses are known for, to you! His striking bright chestnut coat shines brightly with light shading throughout. His four white socks help to keep your attention on his perfectly executed leg work as he makes his way through the arena. His white blaze is his final marking making this beautiful horse all the more beautiful.

Bringing yet another equestrian champion to you, Golden Oak Stables is ready to stuff your stable with the most amazing horses in the world! Bring an Olympian to your barn with Mistral Hojris!



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Real Life Breyer Horses: Learning Through Models

October 8, 2012

Breyers are some of the most realistic model horses in the world. With an intense eye for detail along with the most skilled artisans, Breyer creates model horses that are almost real enough to breathe. One amazing thing about Breyers is just what you can learn about their real life counterparts through them! All Traditional scale Breyers even come with a collectors card to teach you all about them.

Many of the horses produced by Breyer are real horses, anywhere from championship Olympic horses to a Pony Club mount, all kinds of horses end up in the Breyer lineup each year. Through these horses, collectors can experience a myriad of different disciplines! This provides a great and easy way for you to learn about all different types of equestrian sports. From reining to showjumping, there’s a Breyer that’s ready to teach you all about the sport!

There are also dozens of different breeds produced by Breyer each year. From the smallest scale to the largest, Breyers come in a huge variety of different breeds. Many people only get to experience a small number of different breeds in real life, but with Breyers you can get to experience a little bit of just about any breed imaginable!

The fun doesn’t stop there though. Breyer has found a way for collectors to experience what it’s like to have their own stable and care for their horses through their extensive line of accessories. Created in near exact likeness of their full size counterparts, everything from blankets to feeding supplies have been created in scale for your Breyers. With these, collectors can get the feel of what it really is like to care for an animal even if they never can experience it in real life.

Breyer has long been committed to creating the most realistic model horses. Collectors can experience the world through their models. The next time you get a new horse from Golden Oak Stables take a moment to remember just how close to real life your model is!


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Breyer Horse Collecting: Down On The Farm With Stablemates

October 4, 2012

Stablemates are the second smallest scale of Breyer horses and many collectors consider them some of the most collectible! Their fun three inch size and attention to detail make them easy choices for collectors! Now collectors can make an entire farm of their own with fun playsets that bring animals to your stable!

No farm is complete with at least a couple animals and with the Farm Set you can bring a whole handful to make your stable an animal lovers paradise. First up is a miniature Sicilian donkey who will be a great companion to your horses. Another farm staple is a hen and her chicks as well as a black and white milking cow. A baby calf is ready to play and a baby goat finishes out the group along with a farm hand ready to help with all of these new animals!

If you’re the type that likes to get hands on, the Petting Zoo is right up your alley. Complete with everything you need to let visitors get hands on with the animals, it’s full of fun for all! A llama, white donkey foal, a calf and a little black pig are all sure to be favorites at the petting zoo! It comes complete with fencing as well as feed for your animals!

Ready to get into some hard farm work? The Tractor Playset is what you’ve been looking for. This playset brings a big red tractor to your farm to help you keep all those animals in control. A Texas longhorn bull follows along as does a black and white border collie, a llama and a duck! Last but not least two farm hands head in along with a horse to help you keep up with all of these new animals!

Bringing more than just horses to your Stablemates collection, Golden Oak Stables makes collecting this small scale even more fun! Head on down to the farm and spice up your stable today!


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Breyer Horse Collecting: Breeds Of The Classic Stable

October 1, 2012

The second largest Breyer size, Classics are 1:12 scale and have been a favorite for collectors for nearly 40 years! These beautiful horses span the wide variety of real horse breeds just as their traditional counterparts do! Golden Oak Stables brings to you the myriad of breeds that make up the Classics Collection!

No matter what your favorite type of horse, there’s probably a classic that will have you excited to collect it. For the Arabian fans there is both a beautiful bay Arabian Stallion as well as a red chestnut Part Arabian Appaloosa Mare. Both of these lovely horses bring the world of the Arabian horse to a lovely little classic just waiting to be collected!

Sport horse fans will love the grey Selle Francais Mare. Her sweet disposition and athletic build will have her ready for a day of eventing training! There’s also a black Thoroughbred who you could see anywhere from the racetrack to the a local show. The Thoroughbred breed is a versatile one to say the least!

Stock horse fans can live out their fantasies with a beautiful metallic Buckskin Paint Horse. Ready to gallop around the barrels or through the wild west he’s the perfect mount for just about anything and with his dynamic galloping position he’s got energy to spare! You can then mount up on him and head out looking for the Silver Bay Mustang Mare. This lovely mare brings the wild mustangs of the wild west to your stable!

A popular mount for children and adults alike, the Chestnut Halflinger Mare is a sweet and lovely lady that is sure to be a favorite mount in your stable. With her calm gait and expression everyone will be excited to mount up! Stunning in both color and flash, the Grullo Morgan is a breed that is  beloved by many. With their flashy looks and wonderful personalities there’s no question as to why people love the Morgan so much!

These are just the beginnings of the many horses that make up the Classics Collection! With their fun and easy to collect size, there’s no reason not to add them to your stable! With accessories, tack and even barns you can get everything you need to complete your stable!


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