Breyer Horse Collecting: Making Your Holiday Wish List

The holidays are right around the corner and every Breyer horse collector has at least one model on their list! From Stablemates to Stables, there’s something that your collection is dying to have this holiday season! With Golden Oak Stables you can make a Wishlist of your own to send to any and everyone. The only question is, what will you put on yours?

With the end of the year comes the yearly list from Breyer of retired models for the year.  Making way for new horses, Breyer retires models each year. These models are only available until the end of the year making this your last chance to get them!

Here is the list for 2012:

If there’s anything on the list your collection needs, don’t delay! It will only be available until it is gone.

This time of the year is also a great time to add the beloved holiday horse and holiday items to your wish list. Each year Breyer creates a holiday horse that embodies the spirit of the season. These collectible horses are beloved by collectors all over the world! There are also ornaments and other holiday items that are popular among so many collectors! These too are only available until the end of the year.

Even if there isn’t anything retired or holiday that’s on your list, you can add each and every horse of your dreams to your list. Everything from Stablemates to Traditional, Barns to Tack is able to be put on your wishlist for all to see.

Creating a wishlist is the easiest and most exciting ways to let everyone know just what models you’d love to add to your collection! With Golden Oak Stables you can build the collection of your dreams!


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