Breyer Horse Collecting: Sentimental Horses

As collectors every horse in our collection is important in one way or another, or else they wouldn’t be in our collections! Everyone has at least one horse, some have many,  that stands out from the rest for one reason or another. Maybe it’s a favorite real life horse or a gift from a special someone, either way, these sentimental horses have a very important place in our collections!

One of the most exciting parts about collecting is the memories our collections hold. Many  people have strong memories of their first Breyer. These horses often find a special place in our collections forever because of their sentimental memories. The first model in your collection is an irreplaceable model that should be cherished for as long as you hold it dear.

Many customizers and artists find that the first model they ever worked on is an important model to them. These are reminders of the talent we started with and what it can become! Even as artistic ability improves, it’s always important to remember where you started from as inspiration for what you can become!

Breyer makes so many world class equestrian athletes that it’s easy as collectors to bring these famous horses into our lives! With the chance to add these exceptional athletes to our stable also comes the love for the real horse. Your favorite race horse or show jumper might be out of reach but with Breyer you can bring a bit of them into your life.

Gifts are also often models that become sentimental to collectors. These tokens of esteem from friends or family are sometimes the most special horses of all. It’s easy to see why a collector would get sentimental about a gift. There’s no better way to remember the person who gave it to you!

No matter what, we all get sentimental from time to time and our horses become sentimental too! What horses make you sentimental? The next time you get a special horse from Golden Oak Stables there’s no question that you’ll be getting a little sentimental!


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